The Connection Between Business Debt and Personal Debt

What Happens at Work Plays Out at Home for Small Business Owners

Many Connecticut small business owners find themselves faltering under the weight of credit lines, credit cards and even second mortgages that jeopardize their homes in an effort to support their small businesses. Connecticut small business owners continually use their homes or credit cards to support their small business needs. This creates a dangerous connection between business success and personal financial failure. Business debt almost always involves personal signatures that create personal liability for all types of business obligations. What happens at work plays out at home for small business owners.

It will take an experienced small business bankruptcy lawyer to resolve the problems that have already occurred in order to find a solution that works to reduce or eliminate the debt burdens of your small business.  Mistakes can happen easily. Solutions require experienced legal counsel with the knowledge and commitment to save your business and your family.

Personal Solutions Can Save Your Small Business

Given the connection between personal signatures and business debt, resolving personal debt problems can actually help to solve small business debt problems. Because of the connection between personal debt and business lending, our experienced legal professionals know how to properly utilize a variety of legal avenues to solve business problems by relieving personal debt. Never have more alternatives, options or opportunities been available to borrowers with experienced counsel. At the Law Offices of Neil Crane, we understand the problems and solutions for Connecticut small business owners.

The Good News for Small Businesses Facing Debt Problems:

  • Small business obligations are often unsecured debt, which is easily subject to elimination, reduction or negotiation.
  • In tough economic times, small business lenders don’t often seek to collect from business assets.
  • Knowledge is power: Most small businesses are built on the reputation and expertise/knowledge of owners and key employees. No creditors can take who you know or what you know.
  • Small business problems don’t often reoccur. Solving small business problems gives owners a second chance and the knowledge to avoid similar mistakes in the future.


To learn more about avoiding common pitfalls and maintaining financial success for your small business, contact the small business debt relief attorneys at the Law Offices of Neil Crane.

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