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Where can you find a bankruptcy attorney in Waterbury, CT?

Filing for bankruptcy is something you should never do on your own. Federal bankruptcy law is complex and requires a seasoned bankruptcy attorney to navigate it perfectly on your behalf. The Law Offices of Neil Crane has provided dedicated bankruptcy and debt relief legal guidance to Waterbury families and companies for over 35 years.

Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about searching for bankruptcy lawyers. If you are looking for a bankruptcy attorney, here’s how to find one who is correct for you:

The best means to obtain the right attorney for your needs is to ask for references or go online to see the most experienced legal office that specializes in your specific needs, has an attorney that speaks to you directly on the phone, offers a free, in-depth consultation, and has an abundance of great testimonials.

  • National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys: Perhaps the best online resource for bankruptcy lawyer listings is the NACBA website. This association is exclusively for lawyers who practice Chapter 7 and 13 bankruptcy law. Do your own research. Make your pick, but good Bankruptcy lawyers have numerous associations and are usually NACBA members.
  • National Association of Consumer Advocates: NACA is a trade association of lawyers who practice consumer law, many of whom also practice bankruptcy law.
  • Online Referral Services: There are a number of online paid legal referral services that make recommendations for bankruptcy attorneys. These are referral services, not bankruptcy experts. Referral services are not based on legal knowledge but instead are leads sold to attorneys with no guarantee for you.
  • The Bankruptcy Court: While they can’t pick your attorney, they can give you a list of three or four top practitioners in your immediate area.

Bankruptcy Mills vs. Solo/Small Firm?

A bankruptcy mill is a legal office that relies on high amounts of national advertising and a national internet presence, with clerical workers and a few attorneys who may stand in and cover your case in a local jurisdiction like Connecticut.

You will spend little or no time with “your” lawyer and may never meet with anyone until you appear and they locate you at a First Meeting of Creditors. This is not the proper approach to expert bankruptcy representation.

At the Law Offices of Neil Crane, we are a small boutique firm specializing entirely in the area of debt relief, bankruptcy, small business reorganization, foreclosure defense and tax relief. Five lawyers and 8 additional staff have a long-term dedication to providing full service to middle class debt relief.

We all have a long history with our office. We offer personalized service with a total commitment to success at affordable rates. We are a Connecticut law firm working hard for Connecticut residents since 1983.

How Much Does It Cost to File Bankruptcy?

All cases have a court-ordered filing fee, which is a flat fee set by the Court system. Then, there are your lawyer’s fees, which may vary but all bankruptcy legal fees, and your payment schedule are set by the Bankruptcy Court system here in Connecticut.

All legal fees for bankruptcy cases should be set in advance and in writing with your attorney. They need to be approved by the Bankruptcy system which sets rules and regulations on all bankruptcy fees and payments for legal services.

The exact amount will depend on the details of each case and the Chapter of Bankruptcy. To find out how much The Law Offices of Neil Crane charges, you can book a free consultation.

The Waterbury location of The Law offices of Neil Crane is located on Holmes Ave close to Hayden Park. Our lawyers go to this location by appointment only. Please call us to book an appointment before coming to this location.

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What is Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy is a Federal legal protection for citizens struggling with financial problems anywhere in United States. It is the legal term used to describe a situation where an individual or organization is no longer able to pay their debts.

When you petition for bankruptcy under Chapter 7, you are released from your unsecured debts, while protecting your assets like cars, homes, bank accounts and other exemptions.

Under Chapter 13, you are able to eliminate or reduce unsecured debt. It also provides you with the power to alter secure debts, like mortgages. Both Chapters, expertly prepared and properly filed, enable you to make a fresh start financially within days or weeks.

What is Consumer Bankruptcy?

Consumer bankruptcy, as distinguished from commercial bankruptcy, refers specifically to bankruptcy filed by individuals or families, rather than companies. In the United States Bankruptcy Code, consumer bankruptcy is dealt with in Chapters 7 and 13.

Do I need a bankruptcy lawyer?

The simple answer is yes. Like many others in your situation, you are obviously concerned about your finances and looking for ways to improve your future, but you want to achieve this goal as affordably as possible.

However, Bankruptcy is a very specialized area of the law, and you need the best possible attorney, always at an affordable rate agreed to in advance. Hiring the perfect expert will always save you money in the end. Don’t experiment on your own or trust a general practice attorney. Find a specialist.

Working with an expert bankruptcy lawyer will provide you with numerous necessary benefits:

  • Perfect analysis in accordance with all applicable procedures and customs
  • Full advance planning from start to finish
  • Representation at hearings without the need for you to be present
  • Properly addressing and explaining all issues before the case is ever filed
  • Solid post-bankruptcy advice at any time in the future

If you are filing for bankruptcy in Waterbury, CT, contact The Law Offices of Neil Crane and book a free consultation with one of our bankruptcy attorneys.

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