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Can I save my home?

Can I save my home?

Every week hundreds of Connecticut families are sued for foreclosure. But they don’t realize that there are solutions to be able to save their home....

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Call us to see how our Connecticut mortgage attorneys can help you solve your mortgage problems and prevent home loss foreclosure. Learn about saving homes through Chapter 13 bankruptcy.  We offer a free consultation. Please do not hesitate to call us today at 203-230-2233, toll free 888-249-3027, or complete our online contact form to discuss your questions and concerns with an experienced New Haven attorney. We help clients with home mortgage problems throughout Connecticut.

Stop Foreclosure and Confront Debt Problems the RIGHT Way

Given the government’s and the banks’ unwillingness to properly address the needs of hardworking homeowners in trouble, and the government’s willingness to bail out the banking industry without addressing the needs of homeowners, many homeowners in trouble feel lost and abandoned. Despite the highly publicized “help for homeowners,” mortgage modification and mediation have been uniformly judged as a colossal failure for Connecticut homeowners in need. Many experts agree that these so-called helpful programs run by banks for banks have increased the foreclosure problem through a lack of effort and colossal delays. Delays are deadly for homeowners in trouble.

These “fake solutions” have been used to keep people away from the legal advice and representation they need. Don’t go it alone. Solid and experienced legal advice can save your home and modify your mortgage.

False promises under the guise of modification may be the single greatest contributors to foreclosure in America.

Obtain Effective Debt Relief Through Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Chapter 13 is a composition for all creditors that protects you and provides for the proper handling of all types of creditors’ claims, be they secured, unsecured, priority, or just general unsecured claims. Chapter 13 encompasses all creditors of any kind by prioritizing repayment and debt elimination in a manner which properly addresses your individual needs as a homeowner. Chapter 13 repayment plans pay homes before credit cards. Repayment plans focus on first mortgages and tax claims prior to general consumer debt.This assures that homeowners catch up on mortgage payments and eliminate or reduce other less important other debt over the course of a three- to five-year repayment period. Chapter 13 saves homes and at the Law Offices of Neil Crane, we’ve used Chapter 13 to save thousands of homes throughout Connecticut. Don’t let bank delay jeopardize your chance to save your home.

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