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Manchester Chapter 7 Lawyers

Chapter 7 Lawyers

Thousands of Manchester’s hardworking families are struggling daily to meet the increasing costs of living in Manchester, CT.  They’ve strained to survive rising costs and increased credit card burdens.  Monthly payments become overwhelming and try as they do, they just can’t beat the cycle of continuing high-interest monthly credit card costs.  Most suffer in silence, feeling that no options will ever work for them.  They don’t understand the strong federal laws that Congress has long enacted to provide them a predictable path to a financial fresh start.  It’s the Bankruptcy System and it’s run by dedicated professionals with decades of experience, working every week to assure that Manchester families get full debt relief under Chapter 7 through a respectful and clear path to the financial restart that they need and deserve.

Chapter 7 is a recovery option for the complete elimination of all credit card debt without the loss of any personal assets.  Chapter 7 gets rid of what you owe and protects what you own.  The essence of all proper Chapter 7 cases is

Debt Relief and Asset Protection.  You just need to call.

Calling our office is the hardest step you will need to take.  After months and years of working to pay all their bills on time every month, our hardworking middle class Manchester clients never want to take that huge leap by calling an expert in successful family budgeting and financial recovery.

The three elements of a Chapter 7 filing – After you’ve tried everything else, call us to learn that a Chapter 7 filing will assure you:

A financial fresh start:

All credit card and unsecured debt will be gone permanently and your future will be your own.  The past is resolved and always stays in the past.  It’s a restart and it’s great.


All Chapter 7 cases need to get granted.  Perfect preparation assures perfect outcomes with perfect predictability.  It’s all math and paperwork done in advance.  There’s a straight road map, all known in advance.


You will always be treated with the full respect you deserve.  The bankruptcy system serving Manchester residents has NO IN-PERSON APPEARANCES.  It is exceedingly well run and produces fully predictable results with professionalism and the most extreme care for each case and each person who needs a Chapter 7 fresh start.

Chapter 7 cases are all done by phone or online or in-person directly with our office – all of our experienced attorneys and all of our long-term, dedicated staff.  By providing the highest level of care and services, we’ve been guaranteeing new futures in Connecticut for four decades.

Contact our office to speak with a knowledgeable, dedicated Manchester Chapter 7 attorney at 203-871-0062, or fill out a simple online contact form for a quick, informative response.

The Chapter 7 Process and Asset Protection

Pre-Bankruptcy Planning:  Expert Chapter 7 practice requires perfect preparation:  The key to all Chapter 7 cases is advanced, well-developed preparation prior to filing.  All documents are listed carefully on the first day we start your case.  Perfect paperwork carefully in advance through our office assures every case is granted and every client gets a fresh start.  Complete evaluation and the formulation of a customized plan to achieve your goals all prior to filing is the critical element to all our Chapter 7 success.  All cases are completed prior to filing so that results are predictable and all Chapter 7 discharges are granted.  There are no in-person appearances required from any of our clients.

Filing the Chapter 7 Case:  In the hands of our experienced and dedicated Chapter 7 counsel, the filing of a case is actually the final step in the Chapter 7 process.  All the work is completed and perfectly done in our office.  Properly filed, the Chapter 7 fresh start begins on the very first filing date and the client’s only further involvement is an informal and respectfully conducted one-time Chapter 7 meeting on the phone, with our attorneys that routinely takes less than ten minutes.

Chapter 7 Protects your Assets Through Exemption Law

No Chapter 7 case in our office ever results in any surprise loss of assets.  We get rid of what you owe and protect what you own. By properly utilizing all the exemptions available under state or federal bankruptcy exemption law, our clients always obtain full Chapter 7 debt relief with full protection for:

  • Home equity up to $75,000 per person, and now for debtors after 2021 – $250,000
  • Bank accounts up to $15,450 per person
  • Cars, trucks and other vehicles
  • Tools of the trade
  • Life insurance policies
  • Pension assets
  • Household belongings and other important assets
  • And more

Relieving debt while protecting personal assets assures you of the best possible financial fresh start.

To learn more about how you can obtain your financial freedom online, call our experienced Manchester Chapter 7 attorneys at 203-871-0062.  Or fill out our simple online Contact Form for a prompt response to your inquiry today.

Chapter 7 Income Qualifications in Manchester, CT

While there is thorough bankruptcy protection for any individuals or families of any income level, Chapter 7 full debt relief as income requirements. Income criteria and proper income documentation by our experienced Manchester Chapter 7 bankruptcy experts is the most important component to full Chapter 7 relief.  Income requirements are based on household size and past six months of income history.  Households can qualify by meeting Median Income levels or Means Testing.

Median Income is a set of full debt relief income levels per household.  If you’re under the median number, your income qualified for full Chapter 7 debt relief.  Social Security doesn’t count.

Median Income Levels in Manchester, CT

Family of One             –       $75,000.00+

Family of Two             –       $93,000.00+

Family of Three           –       $112,000.00+

Family of Four             –       $132,000.00+

With additional amounts for bigger families over four members.

*Subject to bi-annual adjustments.

Means Testing:  This is a customized test done on all households with higher than median income.  Means Testing assures all higher income families of relief from all types of debt.  Means testing for higher income families can produce full Chapter 7 relief just the same as lower income under median cases.  Means testing requires dedicated bankruptcy counsel with specialized experience to assure that Manchester households of any size get the maximum protection under Chapter 7 bankruptcy law, including full debt relief.

At the Law Offices of Neil Crane, we’ve been means testing for over 17 years in order to provide our Manchester Chapter 7 clients with the full relief possible in all our over-median higher income cases.  Expert means testing requires knowledge, experience and most of all a strong commitment to the fullest protection available under Chapter 7 bankruptcy.  It’s hard work, but our hardworking clients deserve nothing less.

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