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Foreclosure Lawyer New Britain, CT

foreclosure lawyer Great Britain, CT Home with a fore sale foreclosure sign in frontForeclosure Lawyer in New Britain, CT

Struggling with mortgage payments is one of the scariest things that can happen to any New Britain homeowner.  Fortunately, a specialized foreclosure defense attorneys know the full variety of options available and which choice works best to solve your mortgage worries.  With the recent health and foreclosure pressures, the federal government has provided additional home saving laws and programs focused on avoiding home loss.

The key to saving your home from foreclosure in New Britain is to make a call to an experienced foreclosure lawyer New Britain, CT can trust at the Law Offices of Neil Crane.  It’s a scary first call, but you need to reach out for help and get educated on all the options that can save your home and bring you a financial fresh start.

New Government Programs

In response to the Governmental Accounting Office’s (“GAO”) study on foreclosure resolution, the federal government has created new programs intended to reduce home loss to foreclosure.  New laws and regulations written by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau “CFPB” target homeowners in trouble and press Banks to create streamlined modification procedures.  This provides a rare opportunity for special foreclosure defense attorneys like the experienced attorneys at the Law Offices of Neil Crane to use the CFPB recent regulations to force Banks and servicers to provide solid, streamlined mortgage modifications to all federally guaranteed mortgages covering nearly 75% of all homeowners in trouble.

To learn more, call our experienced New Britain foreclosure defense lawyers at the Law Offices of Neil Crane, or complete our simple online Contact Form for a swift response and some immediate answers to your questions.  We have successfully specialized in saving homes across Connecticut for the past 37 years, and we can save your home, too.  

Investigate Your Options:  It’s critical that you learn all the alternatives available to help you and your family successfully save your home.  There are lots of real answers and even some incorrect choices and pitfalls.  You need to learn a much as you can about what choices are best for you and who can guide you through the process successfully.  It’s a big decision, so you need to ask questions and learn.

Get Professional Assistance:  The biggest mistake made by homeowners in trouble is lack of professional help.  Too many New Britain residents rely on themselves, out-of-state internet companies, court mediators or lawyers who don’t specialize in New Britain foreclosure defense.  Make calls and learn about who you can trust to guide your family to prompt and lasting success.

Choose the Correct Professional:  Not all lawyers or servicers are the same.  You need a specialist with the knowledge and experience of years of saving homes right here in New Britain, CT.  Seek out a qualified and competent foreclosure lawyer New Britain, CT residents trust with the largest number of successful cases over years of legal careers specialized in foreclosure prevention.

Get a Free, In-Depth Consultation:  In order to pick the perfect professional for your family’s protection, you need to have a free and thorough consultation directly with Attorney Neil Crane.  Ask questions and get answers in a prompt, comprehensive meeting to discuss all the aspects of your case from start to finish.  Attorney Neil Crane has been saving New Britain homeowners from foreclosure since 1983.

Prompt, Affordable Services:  You deserve immediate help and assistance.  Foreclosure defense legal work requires experience and a dedication to getting your case ready with all due haste.  At the Law Offices of Neil Crane, we pride ourselves on completing the initial phases of our work within three-to-five days of a first free initial consultation.  We know that prompt solutions and total preparation are the key steps to beating Banks and defending New Britain homes from foreclosure.

Using proven methods and long-term experience, we utilize all the laws and regulations available for saving homes; including:

Mortgage Modification:  A modification is a written rework of your past mortgage into a new legal document binding on you and your Bank.  It’s a critical legal document that will control your home until it’s paid or sold.  It’s not a quick fix, and you need to have it carefully created and reviewed by a specialized New Britain mortgage defense attorney educated in all the various types of mortgage modifications.

Foreclosure Mediation:  All homeowners in foreclosure are granted the state law right to foreclosure mediation by filing a proper legal pleading at the beginning stages of your foreclosure.  It’s a great opportunity for our attorneys to fix your mortgage, save your home, and get you the perfect mortgage modification.  Never go it alone.  Don’t experiment with your own house.  Get smart, get educated and learn all your options with a free call to an our experienced foreclosure lawyer New Britain, CT residents recommend.  We’ve completed over 10 years of successful modifications in New Britain, CT.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy:  Chapter 13 stops all New Britain, CT foreclosures at any stage of a foreclosure through the imposition of an automatic stay that takes all foreclosures into our Connecticut Federal Court system which immediately prevents Banks from taking your home.  Chapter 13 brings you current with your next monthly payment with no Bank permission or approval.  It’s your right under Federal Law to save your home under Chapter 13.  At the Law Offices of Neil Crane, we’re the largest, most successful Chapter 13 lawyers in Connecticut.  We’ve spent more than 35 years working diligently to beat Banks and save New Britain homes under Chapter 13.

Federal Programs and New Homeowner Protections:  Thousands of New Britain homeowners have been adversely affected by the pandemic’s lasting economic upheaval.  Households have struggled with income challenges and rising costs.  In response to homeowner problems, mortgage moratoriums and serious mortgage delinquencies, the federal government has created new rules and regulations written to force Banks to work with New Britain homeowners and reduce foreclosures.

These federal programs and governmental pressures on Banks have provide us with new avenues for resolving mortgage defaults and stopping home foreclosures.  At the Law Offices of Neil Crane, our foreclosure defense attorneys are experienced in all methods for foreclosure defense in New Britain, CT, including the latest government initiatives and how to force banks to abide by new regulations and create streamlined mortgage modifications.  We know how to cut through red tape and bank delays by using all the newest available options.

To learn more, you need to make a free first call to Attorney Neil Crane at 860-785-1000 and speak directly with him.  We never use voicemail.  It’s a scary call but it’s worth it.