Small Business Financial Solutions

One of the major underlying causes of small business financial difficulties is overwhelming payments on past borrowings and keeping current with debt obligations.  Fortunately, there are a number of significant options that can assist you in returning your business to profitability.

 Learning the root cause of your business’s struggling financial condition is the first step to determining the best options and alternatives to address and resolve small business financial problems.

Analyzing your business’s overall financial picture in detail will provide a clearer picture of the true nature of the problems.  Many small business owners benefit greatly from the outside advice of professionals experienced in providing solutions for small businesses with financial problems.  They may be great at the details of their trade, but they lack the overall knowledge or experience to make the changes necessary to diagnose or resolve their financial challenges.

You know your business, but may not know how to best fix it.  Business financial problems are unique and specific and best solved by professionals who specialize in business turn-arounds.  We know the choices, steps and factors most critical to small business recovery.  Attorney Neil Crane has a history of success with a reorganizing all types of businesses and experience with all forms of debt relief.

Analyzing Small Business Financial Solutions – Professional Guidance:

Determining the nature of your business’s specific financial problems allows you and a qualified turn-around professional to choose from the best solution alternatives available.

Discerning the cause of your business’s struggles is the first step to authoring a workable solution.  As small business financial attorneys, we know how to get to the root cause of your business’s specific problems.  While all businesses are different, business financial problems often have common symptoms and common solutions.  Striking a balance between proven solutions and the specifics of your unique business takes the breadth of knowledge that comes from providing over 35 years of legal solutions for business financial problems of all types and sizes.

  • Analysis of the specific causes underlying your business’s financial distress. Debt-related problems have a variety of proven solutions.
  • Listing Alternatives: Creating the proper alternatives for your business recovery provides options for success.
  • Choosing Solutions:  Once the problem is evaluated and the list of answers is available, our specialized business attorneys can assist you in choosing the correct plan and executing that plan to a successful conclusion.


Addressing Different Forms of Business Debt

Different types of debt serve varying degrees of attention and treatment.  Understanding different types of debt and prioritizing between varying kinds of obligations assures the maximum proper use of limited resources and the maximum opportunity for future success.  Not all types of debt are created or treated equally.  Classifying and making proper choices between different obligations is critical to all small business owners in trouble.  Most business owners have little or no experience in the steps and options available to conquer often overwhelming business financial problems.  While all business owners work hard, very few are schooled or knowledgeable in the legal options and avenues existing to solve pressing small business debt issues.  Seeking qualified advice is the first and hardest step in every business turnaround.  Every business is unique, and every business problem is important.

Helping You Keep Your Eye on the Ball

In Connecticut, we put our heart and soul into our business and your business deserves the best chance for success and the best legal counsel available.  Addressing your business problems alone, without the assistance of experienced experts, is the most common mistake made by business owners in trouble.

Collection pressures, phone calls and the continued stress of “being behind” diverts attention from truly pursuing the needs of a successful business.  No business can succeed if the owner’s attention, efforts and expertise is wasted on the daily barrage of continual financial problems.  The first step in our process for successful business turnarounds is to “free” the small business owner to concentrate on the specifics and growth of their business.  We need to get your expertise back to what you do best.

Small business owners with financial problems need to work smarter, not harder.  Our knowledge and experience assure that you’ll work smarter, not harder – better, not more.  Learn how to work smart and make correct decisions.  Seek professional help from the knowledgeable, experienced attorneys at the Law Offices of Neil Crane.  We’ve been there before.

Turning Small Business Financial Problems into Small Business Financial Solutions

To understand how to resolve your small business financial problems, call the experienced small business financial solutions attorneys at the Law Offices of Neil Crane at 203-230-2233. We offer a free consultation and careful analysis of your circumstances.

At the Law Offices of Neil Crane, we’ve reviewed and solved thousands of Connecticut small business problems and turned them into Small Business solutions that work.

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