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Milford Bankruptcy Lawyer

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Many Milford, CT residents are struggling with the continuing drain of monthly debt payments as they try to pay rising monthly household expenses.  Following large upheavals in our lives personally and at work, many Milford residents are unable to keep their budgets balanced, no matter how hard they work.  If you feel like you’re collapsing financially and won’t be able to pay your bills, you’re not alone.  Thousands of Milford households just like yours are facing serious economic challenges and they often feel like they’re just not winning.  They’re all worried, often embarrassed, and don’t know how to make the first scary call to a Milford, CT bankruptcy attorney at the Law Offices of Neil Crane.  Our Milford bankruptcy and debt relief attorneys have decades of experience, expertise, and solid answers for each and every type of financial problem faced by overwhelmed Milford homeowners and residents.

Bankruptcy law is a comprehensive set of federal laws carefully interwoven into sections or Chapters that provide legal relief for all Milford, CT individuals, homeowners, and small businesses.

All Bankruptcy law is created to protect what you own and reduce or fully eliminate what you owe.  Protecting your assets from creditors is the purpose of all Bankruptcy laws.  Whether you are an individual with credit card debt, a family facing foreclosure, or a small business seeking relief and reorganization, Bankruptcy law is a federal protection that assures you a fresh start and long-term financial success.

Bankruptcy Goals and Solutions

All Bankruptcy law is written with the express purpose of saving what you own through strong exemption laws and getting you relief from overwhelming debt through debt elimination or personal reorganization.  It is a branch of the Federal Justice Department dedicated to granting you strong federal legal protections from your creditors through an efficient, prompt, and well-run federal system that operates daily to create permanent relief for individuals just like you.  All Chapters of bankruptcy law contain powerful provisions that stop creditors dead in their tracks through the immediate imposition of an Automatic Stay on all collections actions wherever and whenever while discharging your debt and protecting your assets through bankruptcy exemptions that preserve and safeguard your assets based on a comprehensive set of liberal exemptions.  Exemptions are items and belongings that can never be touched by creditors or taken from you.  These laws assure that you begin your new life with all that you own while also granting relief from what you owe.

All bankruptcy law classifies different types of debt and eliminates unnecessary debt to assure that important payments like household expenses, mortgages, and car loans get paid first and foremost.  Other less important bills like credit cards and old debts go to the bottom of the list and receive no payment or limited payment so that your resources are preserved for life’s real and important priorities.  Common legal standards found in all Chapters of bankruptcy guarantee an immediate stop to all actions against you, laws that preserve your assets, and a well-coordinated, federally empowered legal system that promptly prioritizes and eliminates all the negative impacts of overwhelming debt.  In the hands of our experienced and specialized Milford bankruptcy counsel, bankruptcy law has been a godsend for our Milford, CT area clients.  With the proliferation of new forms of borrowing and the explosion of high-interest credit card debt, never has bankruptcy law been more important or more helpful.  All of our hundreds of Milford, CT clients will tell you that bankruptcy law worked for them as the bankruptcy lawyers at the Law Offices of Neil Crane stopped their nightmare and turned it into financial recovery – promptly, efficiently, and respectfully.  All without ever going to Court, ever.

To learn more about how the different Chapters of Bankruptcy can work for you, call our experienced devoted Bankruptcy lawyer Milford residents trust at 203-230-2233 and speak directly with Neil Crane.

Stops all Collections Actions Through an Automatic Stay

The filing of a bankruptcy petition under any Chapter brings an immediate halt to all phone calls, collection actions, lawsuits, foreclosures, and any legal actions against you anywhere.  This Automatic Stay assures you the time and protection to correct and improve your financial condition.  This is a very powerful tool that protects our Milford clients from all creditors and any legal action anywhere in the country.  Without exception, calls stop, foreclosures stop, and tax collections stop.  Anyone who violates this federal automatic stay is subject to reversal of any action, penalty, and sanctions.

All Chapters of bankruptcy provide protection for your assets through exemption law.  Exemptions under every Chapter of bankruptcy permanently protect:

All Chapters of bankruptcy safeguard your belongings:

  • Your home is now up to equity of $250,000 per person;
  • Bank accounts up to approximately $14,000 per person
  • Retirement accounts in full
  • Your car
  • Social Security
  • Workers Compensation awards
  • Alimony and child support
  • Household items
  • Personal belongings, jewelry
  • Other assets

All of the essential items are permanently protected from your creditors and are not subject to any loss to the Bankruptcy System.  In fact, the Bankruptcy System was created to work for you to safeguard your assets and belongings, and prevent them from being taken from you by angry creditors, lawsuits, liens, or seizures.  The Bankruptcy System provides these safeguards to ensure your fresh start begins with all your belongings – Your family home, your cars, pensions, and everything else that maximizes your opportunity for future success.

All Bankruptcy Chapters Have a Smooth Prompt System Dedicated to You

All Chapters of bankruptcy have a specialized legal system created and efficiently run to make your recovery as swift and painless as possible.  Within the Bankruptcy System is a well-organized group of long-term bankruptcy attorneys paid to run the United States Bankruptcy Trustee system and the Bankruptcy Court system for your protection.  They are all long-term specialists on your federal legal rights and protections.  They are there each day to ensure the proper, smooth and efficient success of the entire Bankruptcy System for all residents of Milford, CT.  At The Law Offices of Neil Crane, we’ve worked together with these long-term professionals to build a relationship of respect and hard work that assures your financial success.  We have all worked together for decades in a system that is dedicated to you and your recovery.  We believe it’s by far the best-run Court system anywhere in Connecticut, and it doesn’t even require your attendance in Court.  All your recovery is completed by our experienced attorney in our local office without you in Court.  Facing your financial problems and seeking help is a very scary spot for all our clients.  They all want to fix it on their own without help – but it just can’t be done.  They need help.  Fortunately, recovery and answers are just a phone call away.  Attorney Crane has been practicing bankruptcy and debt relief for Milford families since 1983.  He knows what you are going through and perhaps more importantly, how to fix it.

To speak with him and tap into his understanding and expertise, all you need to do is call the office at 203-230-2233.  He takes all phone calls directly with comforting answers and prompt advice.  We never use voicemail – we will always take your call immediately and in person.

Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Milford, CT

The two most common Chapters of individual bankruptcy are Chapter 7 and Chapter 13.  Both Chapters allow for the elimination or reduction of unsecured, high-interest debt like credit cards and personal loans.  Chapter 7 is the most widely sought personal relief for the full elimination of all credit card debt and unsecured obligations.  It doesn’t affect your house, your car, or your pay.  Chapter 13 is an expansion of Chapter 7 protections that include laws that allow the restructuring of secured debt like home mortgages and car loans.  Chapter 13 is the primary method for fixing Milford, CT foreclosure and stopping home loss throughout the United States.  It empowers our specialized Milford, CT Bankruptcy lawyers to reorganize any form of debt to our client’s advantage while providing protection of all assets in full.   Neither Chapter of personal bankruptcy interferes with your regular life, allowing you full control of all of your finances and spending decisions.  In addition, neither Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy require your presence in Court.  Everything is prepared and completed by our bankruptcy attorneys without any appearance before a Court or a Judge.

Both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 allow us to fully eliminate or reduce all forms of general unsecured debt.  This includes credit card elimination, personal loans, garnishments, lawsuits, and all the types of debts that direct income from more important household costs and expenses.  Chapter 13 provides additional coverage.  It allows for unsecured debt protection while also allowing the restructuring or elimination of secured debts like mortgages and car loans.  Both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 provide immediate relief from debt and a fresh start on Day One.  Your future is your own without directive or involvement by the Court system or past creditors and it’s permanently fixed from Day One forward, forever.

Bankruptcy law is a powerful federal relief system built for you.  It puts banks and creditors in the past, allowing you the financial fresh start you deserve.

To learn more about your best options under Chapter 7 or Chapter 13, call us and speak with a knowledgeable Milford bankruptcy lawyer.  Attorney Crane will be happy to discuss your questions and share his knowledge directly at 203-230-2233.


If you are facing financial hardship, it may be in your best interest to discuss your situation with a bankruptcy lawyer Milford, CT residents and their families can rely on to provide an exceptional level of service and guidance.

Many Milford residents struggle daily to make minimum monthly payments on high interest credit card debts.  Despite continuing monthly payments, these debts never seem to go down and instead continue to threaten and undermine the ability to make more important payments like mortgage payments or other regular monthly costs of living.  For many families, bankruptcy relief is the only means to obtain much needed debt relief and a financial fresh start.  Relief from overwhelming unsecured debt under Chapter 7 assures that monthly household income will meet or exceed basic monthly living expenses.  At the Milford bankruptcy lawyers office of Neil Crane, we have assisted over 15,000 residents to get rid of their financial burdens and back on track to financial health by discharging their debts in bankruptcy.  You probably have many questions about bankruptcy.  Here are many of the common concerns expressed to us by prospective clients:

If I file for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, will I lose what I own?

No, bankruptcy law protects what you own and gets rid of what you owe.  No properly filed Chapter 7 case should ever result in the loss of any assets.  Chapter 7 bankruptcy law creates powerful protections for all your assets.  These protections are called exemptions.  Under 11 USC 522 they are set out in specific detail to protect:

  • Homes
  • Cars
  • Bank Accounts
  • Tax Refunds
  • All forms of Pensions
  • Social Security
  • Worker’s Compensation

Will my job find out if I file for Bankruptcy?

No, under Chapter 7 bankruptcy, your Milford case won’t ever be part of the Milford Court records.  Bankruptcy filings only give notice to your creditors and even lawyers are restricted from learning about Milford bankruptcy cases.  There is no notice online or in the newspaper.  Your Milford bankruptcy filing won’t appear to anyone other than your creditors and the three credit reporting agencies.

If I file for Bankruptcy under Chapter 7 or Chapter 13, will I lose all control of my finances, my decisions and my checkbook?

No, in any personal bankruptcy case under Chapter 7 or Chapter 13, you continue to run your life as you had before.  The only difference is protection from creditors.  No one reviews your decisions or how you run your life going forward.  Your recovery is the entire goal of your Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy, and your recovery is all your own – with no interference from Courts or creditors.

If I file under Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 in Milford, CT, will people make me explain why I ended up in Bankruptcy?  Will I be judged or belittled for having to file Bankruptcy under Chapter 7 or Chapter 13?

The reason for your bankruptcy is not what’s important to the Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy system.  Their only role is to assist and help you have a full and healthy recovery.  It is a respectful and well-run system that focuses only on the future with no Court hearings or inquisitions under Chapter 7 or Chapter 13.  There is no Court for clients.  There is a one-time phone conversation with you, our office and your Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Milford Trustee that starts with, “Thank you,” and ends under 10 minutes later with, “Good luck to you.”

If I file for Bankruptcy will I lose my chance to ever borrow money again?

No, borrowing money after filing for bankruptcy is actually quite easy.  Credit cards will be sent to you all over again – at regular rates.  These days the problem isn’t too little credit after bankruptcy, it’s too much credit after bankruptcy.  Credit cards and car loans are available immediately after a bankruptcy filing.  In fact, they are more available than they were even before your bankruptcy.  Lenders love post-bankruptcy customers because they have no debt and rising credit scores.  Be careful after any Bankruptcy – Build your credit but not your debt.

At the Law Offices of Neil Crane, we are the area’s largest provider of Chapter 7 bankruptcy relief.  Our Milford Chapter 7 lawyers have helped hundreds of Milford families perfectly navigate the bankruptcy process and regain their financial health.

To learn more about debt relief under Chapter 7, and the benefits of Chapter 13, call the experienced and knowledgeable Milford Bankruptcy lawyers at the Law Offices of Neil Crane at 203-230-2233 or toll free at 1-888-249-3027.  You will always speak with an attorney – We don’t use voicemail.