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Foreclosure Lawyer Middletown, CT

Foreclosure Lawyer Middletown, CT Home with for sale Foreclosure sign in front yardForeclosure Lawyer in Middletown, CT

Worrying about your mortgage payments can be one of the scariest dilemmas faced by homeowners threatened by foreclosure in the Middletown, CT state foreclosure court.  Most homeowners have never faced these problems, and no one teaches you how to owe money or what to do about it.  Middle class Middletown homeowners just want to work hard, pay their bills and not be worried about mortgage problems or foreclosure courts.  They don’t know where to seek help and don’t realize that financial problems and foreclosure problems have legal solutions.  Your financial and foreclosure problems need a specialized foreclosure lawyer Middletown, CT residents can trust like the attorneys at the Law Offices of Neil Crane.  We’ve saved hundreds of Middletown area homes over our 37 plus year commitment to prompt actions and superior results.

All our consultations are free and our solutions are affordable and guaranteed.  You just need to make the very scary first call and ask for help.  Great lawyers and great options await you in your first call and discussion directly with Attorney Neil Crane.  We always take all calls by hand, no voice mails, no messages, just solid answers and the best possible options from specialized Middletown foreclosure defense attorneys.

Great Options for Solving Middletown Foreclosures

Following recent government studies and reports on the post-pandemic defaulted mortgages there have been a number of new regulations and initiatives to try to prevent home loss to foreclosure in Middletown, CT.  These new national programs developed by the Consumer Financial Protect Bureau (“CFPB”) are intended to supplement existing federal laws under Chapter 13 bankruptcy and state programs intended to limit home loss and pressure Banks to offer meaningful mortgage modifications.  Created during the great housing meltdown, the CFPB is charged with regulating banks and servicers who have otherwise been slow to respond or failed to respond to Middletown homeowners in need.

As a result of a number of meaningful programs from the CFPB, low interest rates and increased home values in Middletown, CT, there are a variety of great options, but you need to know the choices and how to take advantage of all the legal options available.  Middletown homes are more valuable to banks and more important to homeowners than ever before, but most Middletown homeowners are entirely unaware of the laws, rules and regulations that can help them save their more valuable homes.

Get educated and don’t go it alone.  Understand that you’re not an expert and you can’t rely just on yourself.  Knowing all the options and how to force banks to fix mortgages takes focus, dedication and experience.  Attorney Neil Crane is an experienced debt relief attorney and foreclosure lawyer Middletown, CT homeowners can rely on with decades of experience and thousands of successful clients throughout Connecticut.  Don’t experiment with your own home.  Don’t ever go to a Middletown foreclosure court without an attorney that focuses strictly on solving mortgage problems.  The most important step is to start with a call for help at (203) 230-2233, or fill out our simple online Contact Form for a prompt response.

At the Law Offices of Neil Crane, we know that each person’s case is unique with special circumstances.  We understand how to customize each solution to fit your precise needs and goals.  We’ve helped a broad range of Middletown clients through all the legal avenues available; including:

Mortgage Modification:   creates newly written, binding resolutions for homeowners seeking to fix missed payments or re-write their mortgage at lower rates with better terms.  The key to success is professional representation and answers from an experienced Middletown mortgage modification attorney.  With the help of our attorneys, we assure you the best opportunity for a granted mortgage modification and even most importantly, the best mortgage terms for you and your family.  A mortgage modification is a binding document that will control your house for the next 30 or even 40 years.

Don’t sign a modification without having it reviewed by experienced Middletown mortgage modification attorneys.  We understand that Banks often give scared and unrepresented homeowners modifications that only benefit their Bank.  It’s an important legal document and you should never sign it on your own.  Be careful of predatory modifications that can actually prevent you from ever owning your home.  Banks are not on your side, they’re in business to make as much money from you as possible, and they’re in a powerful position – especially when you’re on your own.

Mortgage Mediation is a mandatory protection for all Middletown residents in foreclosure upon the proper filing of a request for mediation with the Middletown foreclosure court.  The next step is preparation of a perfect packet of documentation that presents our client’s request in a way that presses Banks and servicers to provide swift positive results that qualify you for the best mortgage modification possible.  But don’t go it alone.

Mediation without legal representation is a lost opportunity and results in homes lost by Middletown residents that could easily have been saved by an experienced mediation attorney or foreclosure lawyer Middletown, CT could trust like the attorneys at the Law Offices of Neil Crane.  Banks need to be forced to do the right thing and we know how to present your case and pressure your Bank or servicer to stop delaying and move swiftly to fix your mortgage and end your foreclosure.

Saving Middletown Homes Through Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Chapter 13 bankruptcy forces your Bank to stop delaying, stop foreclosing, and brings your mortgage current.  It immediately prevents all Bank efforts to threaten your home, even in the latest steps of foreclosure.  Our Chapter 13 lawyers force a federal solution to mortgage problems, while also relieving other debt and providing you with a three-to-five-year reorganization plan created in our office based on your individual needs, income and expenses.  

Chapter 13 also provides relief from:

  • Unsecured debt, like credit cards
  • Personal loans and medical bills
  • Real estate tax problems
  • State and Federal income tax problems
  • Lien removal from homes
  • Second mortgage/credit line removal from homes

Law Offices of Neil Crane used Chapter 13 to save hundreds of Connecticut homes and our Middletown Clients since 1983.  It’s what we do, and we’re the largest, most successful Chapter 13 lawyers in Connecticut.  To learn more, just make that scary first call.  You’ll speak directly with Attorney Neil Crane at 203-230-2233.  We never use voicemail – We’re here to help.