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As New Britain, CT residents continue to struggle and fight to keep current on their bills and obligations, many people don’t know that financial problems have legal solutions.  We know the solutions as bankruptcy attorneys serving New Britain CT individuals and families since 1983.  As an experienced bankruptcy attorney New Britain, CT knows and trusts, Attorney Neil Crane has a full working knowledge of all the available federal bankruptcy law protections for New Britain residents seeking a financial fresh start.  Bankruptcy is a powerful set of federal laws that forces creditors to immediately stop all collection actions and present their claims through our attorneys in a forum controlled by federal bankruptcy laws that favor hard working New Britain families and their homes and their wages.  

Bankruptcy Protections for New Britain Residents and Their Families

Most people struggle every day for months or years with their finances without ever learning that there is an active legal system dedicated to solving every type of financial problem, no matter how simple or how complicated.  The bankruptcy system was established in the late 1800s and continues to this day to save homes and financial futures for families in trouble throughout the United States.  It’s a full set of federal laws, rules and regulations that protects families from losing assets and financial ruin by protecting their belongings and giving them strong legal protections while providing a path to a prompt and solid financial future.

Battling Myths About the Bankruptcy System Since 1983

Attorney Crane is an experienced bankruptcy attorney New Britain, CT can count on and he has been battling big banks and big stories from the first day we began practice as bankruptcy lawyers in New Britain, CT.  We proudly represent hundreds of New Britain area individuals and families who work hard every day, but just can’t get by without legal assistance and debt relief.  They’ve struggled for months and years to pay high interest credit card debts and unsolvable financial obligations.  They need new answers and help from specialized New Britain bankruptcy attorneys at the Law Offices of Neil Crane.  We respect our clients, we admire all our clients and we appreciate the trust they put in us everyday as we work with them to produce superior results and fresh starts for all our New Britain residents.

We are a scary last resort but we are the experts and we are the answers and we’re just a phone call away.  Call and speak directly with New Britain bankruptcy attorney Neil Crane at 203-686-1080, or complete our simple online Contact Form for a quick and informative response.

Bankruptcy Protects Assets from Creditors and Lawsuits; Bankruptcy Exemptions

The founding principal underlying all chapters of personal bankruptcy is the protection of assets from creditors through the creation of a federal “automatic stay” on all collection actions, lawsuits, foreclosures, levies or garnishments immediately upon the filing of an individual or family bankruptcy under Chapter 7, Chapter 11 or Chapter 13.

All bankruptcies protect personal assets from creditors by excepting or preserving and protecting all of the following assets through exemptions:

  1. Homes with equity of $75,000 per person and up to $250,000 per person;
  2. Pension accounts, 401Ks and IRAs
  3. Disability payments
  4. Cars
  5. Bank accounts up to $13,900 per person
  6. Worker’s Compensation claims and payments
  7. Social Security
  8. Personal injury claims
  9. College accounts
  10. Life insurance policies
  11. Tools of your trade
  12. Various other assets under federal and state law

The clear purpose of all debt relief and bankruptcy filings is the protection of assets and financial futures from bills, creditors, collectors, lawsuits, and all foreclosures.  As full service and experienced bankruptcy attorneys, we create affordable and customized solutions backed by years of successful cases battling the full range of financial problems; including:

  • Overwhelming credit card debt
  • Lawsuits
  • Mortgage defaults
  • Mortgage modification
  • Foreclosure defense
  • Chapter 7 bankruptcy
  • Chapter 13 bankruptcy
  • Chapter 11 bankruptcy
  • Tax problems, local, state and federal
  • Liens and mortgage removal

Whatever the challenges you face, no matter how tiring or hopeless it feels, financial problems have legal answers.  There is an entire legal system built and operating just to get you a financial fresh start.  It works, but you need to know about it.  Be brave – make the call and speak with Attorney Neil Crane.  He takes all calls directly.  All solutions and all recoveries begin with a first call to 203-334-5555.

What Can a Bankruptcy Attorney Do For Me?

A bankruptcy attorney specializes in the federal laws that protect individuals and their rights to a financial fresh start.  As long-term bankruptcy lawyers, we know all the laws, regulations and nuances that provide a federally protected avenue to financial recovery in an endless variety of circumstances.  Each case is special but experience, knowledge and commitment gathered from decades of specialized bankruptcy practice assures you the best legal representation and the certain best results you deserve.

When things become overwhelming, you need to seek help to learn and understand your options.  Bankruptcy law was established to deal with all types of debts; including:

  1. High-interest consumer debt like credit cards
  2. Personal loans
  3. Co-signed and joint debts
  4. Guarantees
  5. Deficiencies
  6. Business debt
  7. Foreclosure
  8. Local, state and federal taxes
  9. Repossession and more

Many hardworking New Britain residents have had their lives restored by the bankruptcy system.  They now enjoy solid financial futures, homes, cars and even higher credit scores.  Past problems are fixed and positive new habits are learned.  With the proper bankruptcy counsel, many families have learned that getting relief from unpayable credit card debt and high-interest bills now allows them to more comfortably pay necessities like food, shelter, rents, mortgages and car payments that are now far more affordable.

With the assistance of an experienced debt relief lawyer and a bankruptcy attorney New Britain, CT residents trust, you can address and solve all types of financial problems with proven legal powers created for your protection and recovery.

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It’s a hard call, but it’s the first step to financial recovery.  We provide fresh starts to our New Britain clients starting with a free initial consultation directly with Attorney Crane.  Call the Law Offices of Neil Crane to get started on the road to financial recovery.  It’s life-changing, and it’s free.  Call today at 203-686-1080.