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Foreclosure Lawyer Bristol, CT

Save your home from foreclosureForeclosure Lawyer in Bristol, CT

Bristol Homeowners continue to worry about their financial futures and struggle to stay current on their mortgages and save their homes from loss to foreclosure.  Even with record low interest rates and increased home values, too many homeowners in Bristol, CT have experienced significant financial set- backs that can happen to anyone.  Even the hardest working Bristol residents can find themselves continually concerned about their finances and the increased costs of living in Connecticut.

Struggling with mortgage payments is one of the scariest predicaments you may ever face.  Much as you try on your own to solve it, financial problems and home worries can keep you up at night as you see no solutions in sight.  Fortunately, there are great options and legal avenues created to provide you financial relief and long-term home ownership.  At the Law Offices of Neil Crane, you will find a specialized debt relief attorney and an experience foreclosure lawyer Bristol, CT residents have trusted since 1983.  We understand your worries, just how many ways we can help you and how to get you on a firm financial plan with a positive long-term financial future.  

Mortgage Modification to Stop Foreclosure 

As experienced modification and financial recovery attorneys, we have a proven approach for success:

Affordable Services.   We know that our clients have very little money – that’s why the call us.  We have offered affordable services and payment plans to all our Bristol clients since 1983.  We never wait for full payment to get your case done in full.  We immediately treat every case and every client as fully paid.  We do all of our work within a low and affordable initial retainer – all after an in-depth free consultation with Attorney Crane’s complete explanation of your case prior to any charges.

Customized Evaluation.  Each client’s circumstances are critical, important and unique.  No two cases are the same.  Everyone needs a customized approach with a thorough analysis of all household issues, income and expenses.  Each case is our most important case.

Smart Proposals.   Every unique problem requires an accurately-crafted individualized proposal.  We understand what Bank servicers need to see to grant your mortgage modification request.  We don’t rely on Banks or servicers.  We author and create the perfect solution that fits each individual problem.  

Bristol residents have been hard hit by the recent financial upheaval and rising costs of living throughout CT.  Attorney Neil Crane is a 35 plus years experienced foreclosure lawyer Bristol, CT residents can trust. The Offices of Neil Crane is fully knowledgeable and experienced in all forms of mortgage assistance and how to create lower monthly mortgage payments through Bank and servicers.  Our proven process focuses on a complete commitment to each and every client and their individual needs and concerns.  We have seen it all.  Over our decades of foreclosure defense in Bristol, CT, we have developed a tried and proven procedure that succeeds for you.

Fully Supported Documentation:  Banks and servicers rely on paperwork pleadings and numbers.  The numbers need to work and the documentation needs to fully support the proper numbers.  We know exactly what Banks need to see in your mortgage modification request.  Each household is different – some are employees, some have two incomes, self-employed, seasonal changes overtime – it all matters and it’s all going to be reviewed so it needs to be fully documented and tell a perfect story.

Strong Advocates:   At the Law Offices of Neil Crane, we use our successfully proven industry practices and our 35+ year reputation to fight for you and your family.  We know how to beat Banks and press Courts to accept the best alternatives in every case.  They all know us and respect our history of advocacy and success for every client we’ve represented in Bristol, CT since 1983.

At the Law Offices of Neil Crane, we use every proven method and options available to save Bristol, CT homeowners through modification, foreclosure defense, mediation and mortgage modification.

Mortgage Modification: is an agreement with your Bank that fixes defaults, changes interest rates and alters other important terms of your mortgage through a voluntary negotiation with your Bank or servicer.  As a result of recent pandemic created mortgage defaults, there has never been a better time to use old and new laws and regulations to create low interest long-term modifications.  At the Law Offices of Neil Crane, we know all the latest regulations written by the federal government, State Foreclosure Court solutions and how to make each option work for you.  We have been working on mortgage modifications since 1983 and never have there been better new options to create great, low-interest mortgages and long-term affordable home ownership.

Mortgage Mediation:   All Bristol homeowners in foreclosure are entitled to apply for foreclosure mediation under CT State law.  It’s your right if you request it properly.   Each proper request for mediation in Bristol needs to be backed up by the full amount of documentation that supports your particular mediation request.  It is a great process but you should never go it on your own or experiment with your own house without specialized foreclosure defense lawyers.  

At the Law Offices of Neil Crane, this is what we do.   We have been producing successful mediations in Bristol throughout CT since the state foreclosure mediation program first began in 2009.  We also know all the up-to-date rules and regulations that we use to solve foreclosures as the foreclosure moratoriums end under State and Federal law.  There has never been a better time to force a successful Bristol foreclosure mediation but you need to get educated.  Self-representation and delay are drastic for homeowners.   Make a free call to Attorney Neil Crane – he will speak with you directly for free.  Attorney Neil Crane, a foreclosure lawyer Bristol, CT has trusted for year, has been saving Bristol homes since 1983.  It’s a free call and a free in-depth consultation with Attorney Crane.  Just call 203-230-2233 – we are here to listen and solve your concerns.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is the oldest and strongest federal protection from mortgage delinquencies and mortgage foreclosures in Bristol, CT.  This is set of powerful federal laws that controls all Banks, all debt and stops all home delinquencies or foreclosures through an automatic stay on all actions against you.  It provides comprehensive laws and comprehensive relief from all forms of debt, lawsuits or foreclosure.  At the Law Offices of Neil Crane, we are the largest most successful providers of full Chapter 13 reorganization in CT.  We have save thousands of homes from foreclosure through our experience and expertise in all of Chapter 13’s homeowner protections.  

If you are a Bristol homeowner who is worried and up at night, you need to make that scary first call for help.  Get educated.  Learn and understand the oldest and the newest options for fixing your foreclosure worries and getting the financial fresh start you deserve.   Call Attorney Neil Crane at the Law Offices of Neil Crane and speak with him directly at 203-230-2233.