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New Haven, CT Credit Card Relief Lawyer

Credit Card Relief Lawyer in New Haven, CT

Credit Card Relief Lawyer New Haven, CTCredit card bills are the most common cause of financial problems and bankruptcy filings in New Haven, CT.  Credit cards have the highest interest rates of all forms of consumer borrowing.  Even with interest rates at historic lows, credit card rates continue to rise to the highest rates ever recorded.  Credit card debt never seems to go away as continuing minimum monthly payments produce nothing important for you or your family, and your balance due always seems to just keep rising month after month.  Over time, rising credit card debt robs your paycheck and destroys your monthly budget.  The good news is that an experienced credit card debt relief lawyer can control or even eliminate this type of debt from your life permanently.  This frees much-needed income for more important bills like food, housing and transportation.

Credit Card Debt Destroys Your Credit Score

While all of us believe that a good credit score is an important priority, credit card debt actually leads to falling scores for even perfect payers.  We’ve all been taught to maintain our credit card payments at all costs, but we haven’t all learned how your debt-to-income ratio is actually the more critical number for financial health and long-term high credit scores.  Debt-to-income is measured by your FICO score under the term “Utilization” and it now makes up 30% of your credit score.  Stated simply:  The more you use credit cards, the more you hurt your credit score – even if you pay perfectly and always on time.

Credit Card Debt Relief

There are various proven options for debt reduction and as credit card relief lawyers, we’ve been educating clients and solving New Haven credit card problems since 1983.  As experienced debt relief attorneys, we know all the avenues available to free you from the bondage of overwhelming credit card debt.  In today’s credit card economy, everyone needs to take the time to get educated about their particular credit card problem by calling a specialized legal professional.  It’s a hard call to make, but it’s free and it works.  Don’t rely on a website or an out-of-state credit consolidation or national law firm.  Seek trusted legal and local credit card relief attorneys in New Haven at the Law Offices of Neil Crane.  We know all the options for credit card debt relief and what’s proper for you:

  • Debt Negotiation
  • Debt Settlement
  • Debt Consolidation
  • Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Relief
  • Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Relief

Chapter 7 and other forms of bankruptcy relief offer the most comprehensive credit card debt relief available.  Bankruptcy is an important legal avenue for a fresh start, but only with the guidance and benefit of an experienced credit card debt relief bankruptcy attorney.  In many circumstances, it is the best and often the only method for a truly fresh start.

Credit Recovery After Bankruptcy

In today’s economy of high interest credit card debt and low interest mortgage rates, post-bankruptcy credit recovery has never been easier.  With post-bankruptcy debt relief utilization rates are corrected, debt-to-income ratios improve and credit scores rise.  No longer can it be said that bankruptcy destroys your credit score.  In fact, bankruptcy is often the first step to credit score improvement and long-term credit score recovery.  Be careful, but credit cards and car loans are immediately available within just weeks of a bankruptcy filing.

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