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Debt Lawsuits in  Connecticut

Debt Lawsuits in Connecticut

If a debt of yours remains unpaid, it can become a collections lawsuit in Connecticut State Court, usually in the county you live in.  This means that a...

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What Is A Default Judgment?

What Is A Default Judgment?

Default judgments are when people fail to act on a debt collection lawsuit brought against them.  All the creditor is required to show is that there was a...

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Debt Collection Help

People with financial problems continue to press on and do their best to pay what they can and soldier on.  But there will come a point when it is just too overwhelming.  Things begin to break down and you can find yourself in a legal process that is stacked against you and in need of professional debt collection help.

The Debt Collection Process starts with your defaulting on a credit card debt that leads to phone calls and default letters from the Collection Department of your creditor.  Eventually, your bank or card issuer will utilize the services of a Debt Collection Agency. They will then begin to harass you by phone and through the mail.  It is their job to collect on the debt and they receive a fee from any money they collect from you. If the debt collection agency is unable to collect, they return the account to the original creditor, who then decides whether to:

  • Sue you directly through a specialized group of law firm collection mills who bring suit on behalf of the original creditor; or
  • Package the debt with many other defaulted debts and sell it to a Debt Buyer who choses from a list of local collection law firms, who then brings suit in bulk on behalf of the Debt Purchaser.

In either of these two scenarios, you end up served by a sheriff and the law firm moves the case into the local court to pursue the suit through the Connecticut collection process.  Unfortunately, the ordinary consumer usually makes the mistake of representing themselves or ignoring the lawsuit.  Both choices will likely result in a court judgment for the original creditor or the debt buyer for the full amount plus costs and attorneys’ fees.  In fact, most of those suits go undefended and become default judgments.

The creditor is then able to enforce the Court Judgment against your pay by a wage garnishment, attachment or a lien on your real estate.

Don’t let this happen to you. It’s entirely avoidable.

Why Should I Hire an Attorney If I’m Threatened with Debt Collection?

  1. Respectfully, you’re a novice, you’re not a lawyer, so you aren’t trained in how to properly defend yourself. You’re not knowledgeable in the rules of legal collections or evidence, and you’re up against specialized legal collection attorneys.
  2. The process of defending a debt is a full-time job and you don’t generally have the time in your life to learn the law and draft all the detailed documents and comply with all the detailed court rules and procedures. It is not your job, you’re unlikely to get it correct the first time, and it’s very stressful.  You’ll be held by the Court to the same standard as a lawyer.
  3. An attorney will get you a far better result that you can on your own. An attorney will save you money in the end.  They will also save you time and prevent the suit from taking over your life or becoming a judgment against your paycheck, your bank account, or your house.

It’s not too late to free yourself from debt 

If you are being sued for a debt, contact the Law Offices of Neil Crane for a free consultation.  We provide expert legal services at affordable rates with payment plans that fit your situation.  We will quickly examine your suit to develop defenses and fight for you to get your case dismissed or settled at a significant discount.

Don’t ignore credit card collections, calls, letters or lawsuits, and don’t go it on your own.  Get the answers you need for free by calling the Law Offices of Neil Crane at 203-230-2233.

If you have been contacted by a debt collector alleging debt in your name, contact our team for debt collection help, TODAY!

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“Neil Crane was everything I needed in an attorney in my time of need. Bankruptcy is an overwhelming place to be financially and emotionally. Neil’s knowledge, professionalism, and level of communication from beginning to end were above and beyond !! I am so very grateful!! His entire staff treated me with dignity and respect throughout the entire process. I highly recommend the law offices of Neil Crane to handle all of your bankruptcy needs.”
Stephanie Schuler
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Debt Collection Defense Resources

What Are Debt Buyers?

What Are Debt Buyers?

Debt buyers are companies that purchase defaulted debt in bulk from your creditors, often for pennies on the dollar.  Also called junk debt buyers, these...

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Let's be honest. Bankruptcy and home foreclosure are unpleasant and stressful, affecting those involved very personally and deeply. However, the experience doesn't have to be defeating, and Neil Crane and his entire staff offer a very real, manageable, (and affordable), path through the entire process. ... You will not find a better law office, or a better group of people anywhere. Tighten your belt, take a deep breath, and sign on with Neil...There is life after bankruptcy, and these people will open the door to it.

Tom B.

When I first came to Attorney Neil Crane, I was scared because of the trouble I got myself into with credit card debt. That fear disappeared when I sat down with him and he explained how he was going to help me. Not only did I resolve and get discharged from my case but I also learned how important it was to be more responsible with credit cards and saving. With Neil Crane's guidance and that of his firm, you will be in GREAT hands!

Sean A.

My husband and I have had a great experience with everyone at this office. I had a good friend recommend Mr. Crane to me. He helped us save our house. I’m so greatful of that. Thank you! I have recommended a Friend and I will continue to recommend anybody that is in need. Thank you again for saving our home!)

Kimberly C.

I came to Neil Crane's office after my business closed and I was left with a mountain of debt. From day one Neil sat down with me and explained the process and what I could expect. When my case hit an unexpected snag he and his team of lawyers worked hard to make sure that I would not have to pay anything back to the bankruptcy court! Thank you! JM


I would like to thank Neil Crane and his associates for the way they handled my case. I was at the end of my ropes and didn't know which way to turn,and the way everyone at this law firm handled my case put my mind at ease. It was the best move I made hireing NEIL CRANE. Iwould like to thank everyone for being so professional and freindly. If anyone is in need of a top notch law firm this is the one to call. CHARLIE SMITH


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