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Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Lawyer New Haven, CT

Financial Futures through Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in New Haven, CT

chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyer New Haven, CTWhile some government programs have partially addressed mortgage problems for homeowners, many New Haven families still struggle with mortgage problems that can be solved with the assistance of an experienced Chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyer in New Haven, CT.  As the largest, most experienced provider of Chapter 13 bankruptcy relief in New Haven, CT, the Law Offices of Neil Crane, LLC, know how to make Chapter 13 work to transform your financial future.  Many people face a daily battle to keep afloat and can often become overwhelmed by missed payments, phone calls, collection actions and other problems that can only be properly addressed through experienced legal assistance.  With our expertise and over 35 years of experience, Chapter 13 bankruptcy allows you to stop all monthly bills and collection actions and create an overall affordable repayment plan that addresses all bills in accordance with their importance to you and your family.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Relief in New Haven, CT

Chapter 13 bankruptcy stops all collections and foreclosure immediately upon filing through a federally ordered Automatic Stay.  Chapter 13 bankruptcy is often the best method for solving mortgage problems, saving homes from foreclosure and eliminating or reducing other less important bills like high interest credit cards and other revolving debt.  Expertly prepared Chapter 13 Plans force all creditors to be treated through a budget that fits your income and expenses.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Saves Homes

All State Court foreclosure actions or mortgage defaults are automatically stayed from proceeding by the filing of a Chapter 13 bankruptcy petition.  All collections on mortgages and past-due payments are reorganized over a 3-5-year repayment plan and regular payments on your home recommence immediately.  All of these home saving protections occur without foreclosure court or bank approval and at any stage of a foreclosure.

Chapter 13 Provides Relief to All Individuals, regardless of income or assets.  All assets are protected from creditors under Chapter 13.  Chapter 13 Bankruptcy law is the supreme jurisdiction for all consumer debts and collections, stopping all actions and controlling all other courts, every kind of bill – no exceptions – automatically upon filing.

Chapter 13 Controls All Debts

No debt is excluded from the protections of Chapter 13.  Tax debt and even student loan debt can be controlled by Chapter 13 protections.  Chapter 13 works without restrictions.  It was created for the hardworking New Haven middle class, and it delivers predictably and reliably.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a powerful but somewhat complicated set of Federal laws that provide you with rights and rules for the elimination and alteration of your debt.  Proper Chapter 13 practice requires a full understanding of all the nuances, guidelines and unwritten rules for your successful Chapter 13 bankruptcy reorganization.  Creating the perfect Chapter 13 Plan with the most experienced Chapter 13 attorney in New Haven and all of Connecticut is critical to your success.  Your financial future demands the best possible Chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyer in New Haven, CT.

The Chapter 13 Process in New Haven, CT

The key to a successful Chapter 13 case is expert Chapter 13 counsel with knowledge of the law and all the procedures and unwritten rules of the Chapter 13 process in New Haven, CT.  Our preparation of the perfect Chapter 13 plan assures that you reach all your individual needs and goals. Chapter 13 plans reorganize all your most pressing financial concerns while reducing or eliminating low priority debts and bills in favor of living expenses and higher priority expenses. Properly done, the Chapter 13 bankruptcy process involves four basic steps:

Plan Formulation:  This phase is our thorough evaluation of all your expenses to determine a match between priority/important debts and your individual income and monthly expenses.  This empowers us to create a customized reorganization plan that fits your immediate and long-term goals.  It’s all done in our office with a known result to you prior to any case filing.

Filing:  This is the court submission of a properly prepared Chapter 13 petition and the best Chapter 13 plan possible given your customized income and expenses.  We also submit properly prepared documentation we’ve created to lead to approval on the Chapter 13 Plan filed for you.

Confirmation:  This is the official name for a successfully completed Chapter 13 filing.  It’s a hearing that we attend on your behalf without your needing to ever be in court.  At the Confirmation hearing, we obtain a binding, federal court order approving your customized Chapter 13 Plan of Reorganization.

Discharge:   After the completion of payments under your plan, a formal discharge order from the Court is entered. The Chapter 13 case is closed and your recovery is fully completed.  


Time and time again, we hear from our clients that filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy was the best decision they ever made.  Their finances were out of control, they were at a dead-end with no answers in sight.  By taking that first scary step to contact our office, they free themselves from unrelenting financial burdens and get on a guaranteed road to recovery with no direct contact or approval from any of your creditors.  In fact, in Connecticut there is no need to ever appear in Court.  You have a legal right to file Chapter 13 bankruptcy and reorganize your debt in a meaningful and successful manner.  Many clients report that after their Chapter 13 bankruptcy filing their credit score increased! Even during their bankruptcy plans, clients can be pre-approved for vehicle loans, mortgages and credit cards from credit recovery that began on the first date of their Chapter 13 filing. 

As skilled Chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyers in New Haven, CT we’ve confirmed hundreds of Chapter 13 cases with the best results possible for our clients. We’ve created and confirmed the highest number of successful Chapter 13 Plans throughout New Haven County since 1983.

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