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Foreclosure Lawyer Bridgeport, CT


As COVID homeowner protections expire on the State and Federal level, many Bridgeport homeowners are concerned about fixing mortgages that have been in forbearance or protected by COVID mortgage restrictions.  While these are dangerous circumstances with overwhelmed banks and unclear governmental policies, there are great opportunities for homeowners who seek the guidance and legal expertise of specialized Bridgeport mortgage relief and a foreclosure lawyer Bridgeport, CT can count on.  New pressures and new regulations issued by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (“CFPB”) beginning in September of 2021 put pressure on banks and servicers to expedite mortgage modifications and address nearly 900,000 defaulted mortgages across the United States

Understanding CFPB regulations and how to use them to your advantage is our specialized area of legal practice as Bridgeport foreclosure defense and Chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyers, saving homes from foreclosure in Bridgeport, CT since 1983.  We are a group of vastly experienced attorneys dedicated to forcing banks to deal fairly and legally with homeowners in financial trouble.  We’ve saved hundreds of Bridgeport homes under all types of circumstances.  From early defaults and late payments to the last stages of foreclosure, we have a complete working knowledge of all the options that will save your home from aggressive banks and mortgage servicers.

From Forbearance and Late Payments to Winning Mortgage Modifications

Turning forbearances and mortgage payment problems into winning permanent mortgage modifications is the key to our success.  We specialize in saving Bridgeport homes from foreclosure.  Our experience assures you the best mortgage modifications possible.

Resolving mortgage problems and foreclosure is one of the most important legal challenges faced by Bridgeport homeowners.  A fully successful mortgage modification results in a binding document that re-writes the terms of your mortgage on a permanent basis.  The mortgage modification becomes an entirely new mortgage that will control your home for 30-40 years into the future.  Mortgage modifications come in a large variety with different terms, interest rates, forgiveness, delayed back-balances, etc., and all these are important differences.  Trial modifications often come with no stated terms and just a monthly payment, and no long-term commitment from your bank or servicer.  It’s a temporary agreement with a temporary payment.  With an experienced mortgage modification and foreclosure lawyer Bridgeport, CT can count on, we know the process, the laws and the full range of options that make the difference between a perfect modification and a predatory mortgage modification.  

Foreclosure Mediation and Mortgage Modification in Bridgeport, CT

All owner-occupied homes in foreclosure in Bridgeport, CT are entitled under State law to be allowed an opportunity for mortgage mediation.  The process requires bank attorneys to accept your application for an end to your foreclosure through a new agreement known as a mortgage modification.  But you need to properly apply for Bridgeport foreclosure mediation as the time will pass in 15 days.  While this procedure allows for the best alternatives to resolve your foreclosure, no homeowners should be in a foreclosure or any mediation without the dedicated assistance of an attorney specializing in Bridgeport foreclosure mediation. The best way to assure the best outcome is to stop going it alone.  Banks prey on novice homeowners with no legal counsel and no true understanding of their rights.  Self-representation is the number one cause of homes lost to foreclosure in the Bridgeport courts every week.

Get free advice and assistance from a foreclosure lawyer Bridgeport, CT trusts as soon as possible, but also remember it’s never too late to ask for help.  It’s a scary phone call, but it’s the first step to success.  Great options exist, but you need help and that means you need to call and just ask to speak with Attorney Crane or one of our other successful, home-saving attorneys.  All you have to do is call.  It won’t cost you a dime.

How Bankruptcy Relief Under 7 or 13 Stops Foreclosure Actions

The filing of any bankruptcy under Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 creates an “automatic stay” against all foreclosure actions by stopping them in the State foreclosure Court and bringing them to a halt in the Federal Court system.  We’re specialized foreclosure defense and bankruptcy attorneys at the Law Offices of Neil Crane and we know how to utilize debt relief and federal protections to create a balanced budget that allows for successful exits from the Bridgeport foreclosure system.

Chapter 7 stops all foreclosure or mortgage collection actions and allows for federal home protection with full debt relief from unsecured bills, like credit cards, personal loans, medical bills and various types of tax debt.  This allows families the relief they need to focus their family’s monthly income on mortgage payments.  At the Law Offices of Neil Crane, we know that properly filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy petitions can clear the way for successful mortgage modifications.  The winning mortgage mediations that save homes and preserve long-term homeownership.

Chapter 13 filings also produce an “automatic stay” on all foreclosure and mortgage collection actions at any stage in a Bridgeport foreclosure court by removing all actions to the federal court for homeowner protections from all forms of debt, including mortgage payments.  Chapter 13 is specifically intended for fixing mortgages, foreclosures, and all other forms of unsecured debt, including taxes and even student loans.  At the Law Offices of Neil Crane, we are the largest provider of Chapter 13 services in the Bridgeport, CT foreclosure court.  We use every legal protection available to save Bridgeport homes from all types of foreclosure; including:

  • Mortgage Foreclosures
  • Tax Foreclosures
  • Municipal Lien Foreclosures
  • Judgment Lien Foreclosures
  • Reverse Mortgage Foreclosures
  • Condominium Foreclosures

All foreclosures are subject to the protections and reorganization rules of Chapter 13, which allows for all past due payments on any liens or foreclosures to be paid over a five-year period allowing homeowners to restart payments as current and in good standing.  We’ve specialized in affordable Chapter 13 relief to stop Bridgeport, CT foreclosures since 1983.

To learn more about saving homes through bankruptcy, call our experienced, hardworking Bridgeport foreclosure defense attorneys at the Law Offices of Neil Crane at (203) 334-5555.  We care about your family and saving your home, so we will always take your call.  We don’t use voicemail.  You can also submit our simple online Contact Form for a prompt response from an attorney who can help you save your home.