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Middletown Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyer

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyer Middletown CT

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyer, MiddletownAt the Law Offices of Neil Crane, we know that thousands of hardworking Middletown residents have done their best to withstand the social, health, and economic problems caused by our post-pandemic lives.  Work and personal lives have been altered in many important ways, including job loss, income breaks, and income reductions.  They now find themselves struggling with the economic hangover of years of upheaval and uncertainty.  Many Middletown families face new debt challenges and rising costs of living throughout the State.  Try as they might, these problems often seem unsolvable, no matter how hard our Middletown, CT clients fight to make ends meet.

At the Law Offices of Neil Crane, we’ve been providing professional solutions, including Chapter 7 bankruptcy relief, to our Middletown clients since 1983.  We’ve helped thousands of residents withstand a history of Middletown economic problems and come out strong, debt-free, and economically healthy.  We’ve been using the Chapter 7 Bankruptcy System and other debt-relief options to provide financial fresh starts to hundreds of Middletown families just like yours.

All our clients know it starts with a difficult and often scary first phone call to Attorney Neil Crane.  Attorney Crane knows that the call is tough and also knows that we can provide relief within minutes of the first call, so he always takes each call free and directly himself.  No voicemail, no recordings, just solid, prompt personal and experienced advice from Connecticut’s leading expert on middle-class financial problems, and more importantly – solutions.  Call us today at 860-721-6700.

Process for Finding Financial Solutions to Each Individual Financial Problem

The first indication of financial problems is usually increased worry – a feeling that things aren’t within your control.  You’ve tried really hard to cut back, work extra hours, you’ve done everything within your control to try to stem the tide but it’s just not getting better – It may even feel like it’s getting worse.  When it comes to the silent world of debt troubles, where we all have them but we don’t discuss them, if you’re ready to seek help and answers, you truly do need the advice of an expert.  We all work hard and you’ve done all you can, but you need to take that big leap to seeking help.  Most people don’t ever know that help is out there and an entire system dedicated to recovery for good, hardworking people just like you who need help.  It’s a full-featured recovery system that’s there because you deserve a clear, swift path to a fresh start for you and your family.

Making Contact With Our Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Expert

The path to all perfect Chapter 7 Bankruptcy filings starts with a careful examination of the facts that cause people to seek our expert help and the creation of the proper solution for each individual’s problems.  While clients often have a variety of problems, all our hardworking clients have tried every possible solution before they ever reach to call our office.  If their problems could have been fixed by hard work and sacrifice, they would never need to call our office.  But they’ve reached a dead end and no amount of their own worry or effort can fix it.  A call to our office seems like a last resort, and it’s the hardest step to take in any financial recovery.  It’s the moment we admit that we just can’t do it on our own – But it’s the gateway to freedom.  Answers, solutions and a financial fresh start always begin with a desperate first call.  No one can believe that they’re not alone, and they’re not at fault, and they’re not unfixable.  Trying every day and every night to solve overwhelming debt problems often in secret takes financial bravery.  The solution takes just a phone call to our expert Chapter 7 Bankruptcy lawyer Middletown clients recommend.

Chapter 7 Full Debt Relief in Middletown, CT

Chapter 7 is the number one method to obtain federally granted complete forgiveness from high-interest consumers and unsecured debt.  It’s the Federal government’s Chapter of Bankruptcy that allows for full credit card elimination, protection of all assets, and a fresh start!  It is the perfect answer to today’s unpayable credit card bills.  Regardless of how it happened, how debt was built over years, and how hard you tried to pay, Chapter 7 is the answer and the source of full relief for individuals and families who have been unable to save themselves on their own.

To determine if bankruptcy relief is the right answer to solve your credit card problems, you need to understand your Debt-to-Income Ratio.  It’s the most important score in your financial life – It’s your real life, your real score, not some made-up credit score.  It’s the key to your future and you need to know it, control it, and understand when it can’t be fixed – when you alone can’t fix it.  This is when you need help and advice.  Don’t feel bad, everyone could use some better understanding of the importance of their Debt-to-Income Ratio – it’s your financial heart rate.  As experts, it’s the first and foremost thing we look to in your first free call with Attorney Crane.  Call him at 860-721-6700.

As a first step, we always make a full examination of our client’s debt load in comparison to household income.  This provides us with your Debt-to-Income Ratio.  Ratios over 1 to 10 begin to worry us, since higher ratios mean no money for other things and quickly leads to a cycle of debt that you can’t fix alone.

We examine the overall amount of your debt and also examine the number of creditors and each individual creditor.  Families with lots of creditors have lots of deadlines, making it more difficult to deal with on their own, and more likely, they’ll start to miss payments.  All individuals with high Debt-to-Income Ratios and multiple creditors will also have dying credit scores, no matter how hard they try to pay everything on time. We see clients in all different stages of overwhelming credit card debt. Many of our clients have never missed a payment, while some are beginning to miss payments.  Others may be deep in default, with phone calls, collection letters, and even lawsuits or Court Judgments.  In all these cases, our Chapter 7 Middletown Bankruptcy lawyers know the proper solutions for each individual circumstance.

At the Law Offices of Neil Crane, we always examine all your bills and a true history of your income.  We look at two-week income, yearly income, and past years to get a full picture of your budget for required items like gas, groceries, rent, and mortgages and the cycle of your credit card debt.  Most often, we see that credit card debt and other consumer debt payments aren’t lowering balances, but are clearly affecting the ability to pay other more important life expenses.  Credit card balances aren’t going down and other more important bills are beginning to suffer.  All our clients have spent months and years alone, on their own, doing their best.  They just need advice and some help.  Seeking advice and making a call to our Middletown, CT Chapter 7 Bankruptcy office is a scary proposition and most people put off that first call for months or years.  It can be a frightening first call to Attorney Neil Crane, but it’s likely to be the best call you’ve ever made and you’ll know it within minutes as Attorney Crane takes all calls directly.  He wants to welcome you to a whole new world of solutions and financial fresh starts – all done confidentially, respectfully, and promptly with guaranteed successful results.  He’ll take the time to fully examine your specific issues and use the knowledge he’s gathered over 37 years of experience solving problems for Middletown residents.

To learn more about the options for financial security that are available to you, call Attorney Neil Crane at the Middletown Chapter 7 Bankruptcy law firm at (860) 785-1000.  He will personally answer your questions and advise you on your rights for free in your first brave call to the office.

Chapter 7 Protects Your Middletown, CT Assets

All properly filed Chapter 7 cases protect your assets in full and fully eliminate all forms of general unsecured debt – credit cards and other loans.  It protects all of what you own through special laws that make sure that all you own stays with you free from the claims, lawsuits, or liens of any creditors.  The Federal Bankruptcy System laws that protect your assets are called Bankruptcy Exemptions and they apply in every case under any Chapter of Bankruptcy.  Creditors, Banks, and others who get rich from your debt load misery want you to believe that Bankruptcy relief will cost you your assets, but the reverse is actually the truth.  Powerful Bankruptcy Exemptions give special protective status to your every asset forever.  Exemptions protect:

  • Houses
  • Cars
  • Wages
  • Cash up to $14,000
  • Social Security
  • Household goods and belongings
  • Pensions, 401Ks, and others

After nearly four decades of practice in Middletown, CT we understand all the written and unwritten laws that make sure all Chapter 7 cases prepared at the Law Offices of Neil Crane result in full debt relief, with full assets protection guaranteed.

To learn about Chapter 7 full debt relief and full asset protection, speak directly to Attorney Crane at (860) 785-1000.  He’ll be happy to discuss your personal situation and offer the best options available to resolve your financial problems.