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New Britain Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyer

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyer New Britain CT

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyer, New BritainWith the new economic challenges presented by the effects of the pandemic, thousands of hardworking New Britain individuals and families will find their road to recovery through Chapter 7 bankruptcy protections.  Most proud New Britain residents struggle in secret, unaware that there are thousands of other New Britain residents with similar economic struggles.  Many are totally unaware that there is an entire federal legal system created over 100 years ago specifically for their protection in times of financial hardship.  In the capable and experienced hands of our Chapter 7 Bankruptcy lawyers, we have resolved hundreds of New Britain financial problems just like yours.  We’re specialized New Britain Chapter 7 debt relief attorneys who have dedicated our careers to helping families in need.

We know that the entire Bankruptcy System was created for the express purpose of solving the financial problems you dread every day.  It’s a federally funded system entirely geared, staffed, and written to elevate the little guy.  It puts the needs of borrowers over banks and stops the endless cycle of credit card payments and financial failures.  We understand all the great options and proper procedures for swift and lasting relief.  We’ve used our knowledge and the strong powers and provisions of Chapter 7 Bankruptcy relief to deliver over 15,000 solid financial recoveries to good, hardworking people just like you.

The first most difficult step is understanding that at some point, you just can’t solve it on your own.  No amount of budgeting or sacrifice on your part works.  Every effort you take seems to lead to a dead-end – until you call the experienced debt relief and Chapter 7 Bankruptcy lawyers at the Law Offices of Neil Crane.  We’ve seen it all before and we’ve solved it all before.  Call and speak to Attorney Neil Crane today at 860-785-1000 – He is a specialist and leading Chapter 7 Bankruptcy attorney who will take your call personally.  We never use voicemail.

Critical Elements for Perfect Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Relief in New Britain, CT

The critical elements in any Chapter 7 Bankruptcy are assets and income.  These two legal factors determine who is properly eligible for Chapter 7’s full debt relief.  Proper asset protection and proper income qualifications are legal determinations that require specialized legal expertise and guaranteed outcomes.  This is especially important under Chapter 7, since no filed Chapter 7 case is entitled to be withdrawn.  Whether it’s filed correctly or incorrectly, all Chapter 7 filings are permanent and can’t be taken back.  Fortunately, at the Law Offices of Neil Crane, we know that perfect Chapter 7 preparation results in perfect Chapter 7 results.  We understand all the advantages of Chapter 7, but we also know how to avoid the dangers and pitfalls of the Chapter 7 Bankruptcy System.  Our office has lived in the Chapter 7 world delivering perfect Chapter 7 case results since 1983.  We know every written and unwritten rule through decades of hard work and commitment to our New Britain Chapter 7 Bankruptcy clients.

To learn more about how Chapter 7 can change your life and fix your finances, call a dedicated and knowledgeable New Britain Chapter 7 Bankruptcy lawyer at the Law Offices of Neil Crane at 860-785-1000.  Your call is important so we never use voicemail.  You will always speak with a live person and consult with Attorney Crane directly.

Chapter 7 Asset Protection in New Britain, CT

The purpose of all Chapter 7 Bankruptcy law is the protection of your most important belongings.  Chapter 7 Bankruptcy law provides strong federal protections for all the things you’ve worked so hard to obtain.  Contrary to Bank myths and continuing false information, Chapter 7 Bankruptcy always protects what you own and prevents creditors from ever touching your house, your car, your wages, and all the things you need to start a new beginning.  These Federal protections and mandates are called Bankruptcy Exemptions and they assure that Chapter 7 will get rid of what you owe and protect what you own.  Common Bankruptcy Exemptions include:

  • Your residence up to $250,000 per person
  • Your car or cars
  • Bank accounts up to $14,000+/- per person
  • Pensions in full
  • Retirement accounts
  • Household goods and belongings
  • College accounts
  • Joint bank accounts
  • And many other personal assets

Maximizing your exemptions and protecting your assets requires specialized Bankruptcy law training and the knowledge gained from hundreds of successful New Britain Chapter 7 Bankruptcy filings.   As New Britain Chapter 7 Bankruptcy lawyers, we can maximize your exemption coverage and guarantee the Chapter 7 protection of all your assets and belongings completely untouched by creditors or any Court.

Chapter 7 Income Means Testing in New Britain, CT

All Chapter 7 cases require proof of income eligibility.  While Chapter 7 protection used to be available to all individuals and families of any size or income, large changes in recent bankruptcy law have created strict income restrictions in order to obtain the full debt elimination provided in Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.  All Chapter 7 cases must pass strict income guidelines prior to filing or they risk rejection or conversion to Chapter 13.  Creating perfect bankruptcy options for individuals and higher-income families takes years of knowledge and specialized Chapter 7 Bankruptcy attorney experience.  This is how our Chapter 7 New Britain Bankruptcy lawyers produce the greatest amount of Chapter 7 Bankruptcy protection allowed for our New Britain clients.  We understand median income requirements and specialize in industry-leading Chapter 7 Means Testing.  To learn more about Chapter 7 income requirements and testing for full Chapter 7 protection, call New Britain’s premier Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyers at 860-785-1000.  Speak directly to Attorney Neil Crane for free.

Median Income and Means Testing in New Britain Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Median income requirements allow certain individuals and households with lower than gross median income to obtain all the full Chapter 7 debt relief.  The calculation can be somewhat complicated but perfectly done, all Chapter 7 cases filed with under-median level income from all sources receive full Chapter 7 relief.  The calculation of median income is fully regulated but remains a system of strict rules and practices that define the proper calculation of median income for New Britain households of all sizes.  Basic guidelines for median income in New Britain Chapter 7 cases are set out as follows:

Family of 1     –      $70,000+/-

Family of 2     –      $90,000+/-

Family of 3     –      $103,000+/-

Family of 4     –      $130,000+/-

Determining the family size and true median income can be somewhat challenging but at the Law Offices of Neil Crane, we’ve been qualifying New Britain Chapter 7 clients for full Chapter 7 protection under the strict income rules since 2005.  We also understand all the Means Testing rules for higher-income New Britain individuals and families.

Means Testing is a somewhat complicated process that allows experienced Chapter 7 Bankruptcy attorneys to qualify families of different sizes and income levels for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 relief.  The Means Testing process allows anyone at any income level to be tested for Chapter 7 full debt relief or a Chapter 13 Plan for debt relief.  Perfect Means Testing entitles individuals and families that are over the Median Income level for a family of their size to qualify for complete protection from the U. S. Bankruptcy System.

Means Testing compares net income from all sources to allowable expenses over a trailing six (6) month period.  Expertly done, our Chapter 7 New Britain Bankruptcy lawyers know how to get maximum Chapter 7 Bankruptcy income qualification for all our New Britain Chapter 7 bankruptcy clients.  As the state’s premiere Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy firm, we’ve qualified our New Britain Chapter 7 Bankruptcy clients for full debt relief with the knowledge gained from over 15 years of Means Testing experience since the first Chapter 7 income requirements began.  With over 15,000 successful cases over four decades, we understand all the options and how to fit them perfectly to your individual needs with precision and respect.  We’ve dedicated our careers to using Chapter 7 bankruptcy and debt relief to resolve the problems of our hardworking, struggling middle-class New Britain clients.

At the Law Offices of Neil Crane, we know that all financial problems are scary and seemingly unending, but we also know just how to fix any size financial problem.  They’re all important, they’re all stressful, and they all have a solution – You just need to look.

Stop trying to go it alone.  Let us produce a solid recovery plan for you and your family.  There are clear answers and an entire legal system solely focused on middle-class debt relief and financial fresh starts.  You just need to take that first step and contact Attorney Neil Crane.  He’s been the leading consumer debt relief and bankruptcy attorney in New Britain, Connecticut for decades and he’s immediately available for you in a free phone consultation now.  Attorney Crane takes all calls and cases directly, from the first call to the last wonderful moment of relief.  He’s an expert in fresh starts for everyone and he’s available for free to speak in a confidential and rewarding first call.  Gather your courage and call him.  According to thousands of our satisfied clients, it’s the best call they ever made.  Put an end to sleepless nights by speaking with us now.  Call 860-785-1000.  We’re always there for you and we never use voicemail.