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Foreclosure Lawyer Meriden CT

foreclosure lawyer Meriden, CTIf you’re behind on your mortgage payments or facing foreclosure, you need the best possible foreclosure attorney in Meriden, CT.  Hundreds of Meriden homeowners face foreclosure each year.  But with the best advice of specialized foreclosure defense attorneys, Meriden homes are savable and foreclosures are fixable.  The most important step is to make that scary first call to a foreclosure defense lawyer to learn all your options.  Don’t experiment with your family’s home by going it alone and risking your house without getting free advice from a specialized Meriden foreclosure attorney.  We’ve saved hundreds of Meriden area homes from foreclosure with our knowledge and experience in forcing resolutions from late mortgage payments to the last scary moments of the foreclosure process.

Never rely on:

  • Just yourself – you’re a novice.  Get help from a pro.
  • Out-of-state companies with big promises
  • Bank representations that change daily and lose paperwork
  • Court mediators who get paid by the foreclosure courts and almost always agree with bank attorneys
  • General legal practitioners or lawyers who do everything and don’t specialize in home foreclosure prevention.

Whether you’re in foreclosure in Meriden, CT courts or just starting to fall behind on your payments, our fully qualified and experienced foreclosure defense attorneys have decades of experience and success.  We can save your home as we’ve done for hundreds of Meriden area homeowners.  Don’t rely on the advice of non-qualified “experts,” out-of-state companies, court mediators or “friends” who have limited knowledge and experience.  Your situation is unique to you and it needs to be treated with an exact solution that fits your exact problem.  Don’t despair!  Call the Law Offices of Neil Crane for immediate answers and a free consultation with Attorney Neil Crane.  Attorney Crane has been saving Meriden homes from foreclosure since 1983.  Call and speak with him directly.  Your phone call is too important to us – We never use voice mail.  Call us to learn more at 203-686-1080.

Options for Saving Homes from Foreclosure in Meriden, CT

The key to saving homes is knowledge and experience.  There are a variety of options that can fit your problem.  We specialize in all the available avenues for saving your home from foreclosure in Meriden, CT:

Mortgage Modification:  This is an out-of-Court negotiated process wherein you seek to have your overall mortgage modified in a manner that prevents or cures problems with your monthly mortgage payments.  A quality mortgage modification can solve past due payments, threats of foreclosure and get you a lower interest rate.  While these are solid goals, the process can often be harrowing and dangerous without the assistance of our specialized foreclosure defense and mortgage modification attorneys in Meriden, CT.  We’ve saved hundreds of Meriden homes so we understand all aspects of the process and how to avoid the pitfalls of banks that just seem to promise a lot but deliver too little.  Don’t experiment with your own home.  Get specialized and experienced legal help and avoid these dangerous pitfalls.

  1. Mortgage modifications are often slow, as bank representatives change constantly and are renown for losing paperwork.  Every wasted day leads to bigger back balances and a greater probability of ending up in foreclosure.
  2. Mortgage modifications are often denied.  The bank has full say in whether or not to grant your modification.  They are under no obligation to consider or grant your modification.  They make all the rules – many of which don’t fit the self-employed, overtime, seasonal work, government benefits or other forms of income.
  3. Trial Modification.  Even when granted, mortgage modifications are usually on a temporary basis.  These are called “trial modifications.”  They usually involve three-to-six payments, solely on a trial basis at a fixed monthly amount that often bears no resemblance to the eventual permanent modification amount.  This means that your trial payments can be a teaser – a fraction of your ultimate permanent modification and you won’t know in advance.  It’s a temporary fix for a problem that really needs a permanent solution.
  4. Creating a strangulation modification.  Nearly all mortgage modifications are based on spreading out payments over 40 years or creating an often unpayable balloon payment due in full at some time in the life of your modified mortgage.  This can mean decades of lost payments and endless interest payments as amortization schedules favor the bank and give you a loan that you’ll never reduce or finish paying.  The vast majority of inexperienced unrepresented borrowers will sign these strangulation modifications and essentially become tenants in their own homes with outstanding mortgage debt that never goes down.  The average modification for borrowers in their 40s, 50s and 60s will pay off in their 80s, 90s or 100s – not a good idea for you, but a great result for your bank.

To avoid a strangulation modification, get advice from an experienced foreclosure attorney in Meriden, CT.  AT the Law Offices of Neil Crane, we’ll review any modification agreement for free.  It’s our commitment to Meriden residents who seek our free and experienced advice on all aspects of foreclosure and debt relief options.  Get educated by making that scary first call for free advice and a free consultation from our specialized foreclosure defense attorneys by calling our office at 203-686-1080.  Your call is important to us.  You’ll always speak with an attorney – We don’t use voicemail.

Foreclosure Mediation in Meriden, CT:  Every residential foreclosure in Meriden, CT is entitled to court-sponsored mediation where mortgage banks can entertain your modification request if they choose to.  While mediation is mandatory, modification is solely a bank choice, regardless of how much you deserve a successful solution.  While the process is slow and stressful, it can be a great avenue for success if you get help from an experienced Meriden, CT foreclosure attorney.  Don’t ever go into a Court alone.  Mediators and bank attorneys are experts at foreclosures, not home retention or modification.  You need to get specialized help from a long-term, successful mortgage foreclosure attorney at the Law Offices of Neil Crane.

Forbearance Agreements:  A forbearance is a voluntary agreement by your bank to not require mortgage payments for a limited amount of time.  It’s a temporary relief from making payments, but it doesn’t stop interest or back payments from accumulating or building up to large amounts while you have a temporary moratorium on payments.  The big issue is what happens next.  When the forbearance comes to an end, how do you catch up on what you haven’t paid?  Bank promises to resolve that problem are not required, and no agreement means the bank must resolve it short of foreclosure. 

There are no laws that require forbearances to lead to permanent solutions and many homeowners who have been promised deals are now finding themselves drastically behind with no savings to solve broken bank promises to “work it out later.”  The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) is attempting to create guidelines for solving forbearance problems but they’re not laws or mandatory requirements for banks.  To learn more about CFPB guidelines and making forbearance work for you, contact the Law Offices of Neil Crane and get free advice from a foreclosure attorney serving Meriden, CT homeowners since 1983.  Call 203-686-1080 and speak directly to us.  We never use voicemail.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy stops all foreclosure actions at whatever stage and provides you with a forum to save your home.  Chapter 13 is the number one method to stop any and all foreclosures in the State foreclosure court in Meriden, CT.  Chapter 13 is a federal law available exclusively to individuals for the protection of homes from loss to foreclosure throughout the United States. It overrides all other courts or mortgage collection efforts by any creditor, from phone calls to auction signs.