Protecting Your Small Business Though Personal Bankruptcy

If I File Personal Bankruptcy, Will My Business Be Protected?

 The answer is always yes, bankruptcy is a Federal legal remedy that eliminates personal debt and saves small businesses.

If you are filing for personal bankruptcy, it is our job to make sure your business is protected. Small businesses, LLCs and closely held corporations are our clients’ source of future income, and properly prepared bankruptcy filings can protect these businesses throughout the bankruptcy process. If you are filing to bankruptcy to eliminate debt, your business and your personal assets will be protected; under Chapter 11 business bankruptcy or filing under Chapter 13.. Properly utilized, bankruptcy law relieves debt and protects your personal assets and your business.

Thorough financial planning by experienced legal counsel is essential to protect yourself and your business in bankruptcy. At The Law Offices of Neil Crane, LLC, our lawyers help small-business owners throughout Connecticut take the right steps to preserve their businesses. Home foreclosure, credit card debt, tax debt and any other personal financial problems can be properly resolved without interrupting the finances of your business.

We Focus On Keeping Your Business Open and Profitable

Your business is your livelihood, and our lawyers can help you protect your business and help it flourish. We can help it to prosper despite a variety of difficult financial situations. Even if your best debt resolution option is filing for bankruptcy, your business assets and the well-being of your business will be protected. Your bottom-line revenue will improve as a result of a properly implemented business or personal bankruptcy.

A solid bankruptcy plan and dedicated legal representation can protect your business without risk of loss or business interruption. In the hands of our professional legal counsel, your business will not be touched by creditors or the court. Instead, it will be relieved to proceed forward and become more profitable. We know that the success and security of your business is integral to your future and that of your employees.

Our office has filed thousands of personal bankruptcies for small business owners and never once lost a business under Chapter 7 or Chapter 13.  In fact, personal bankruptcies relieve personal and business debt while protecting your business and providing  you with much-needed debt relief at home and at work.

Personal bankruptcy saves small businesses and their owners.

Filing for bankruptcy with our guidance and representation will not jeopardize your business. Personal debt can be eliminated so that high-interest consumer borrowings used for your business will no longer threaten your personal or business finances.

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