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Missing payments on your home is one of the most frightening worries facing hundreds of Stratford homeowners.  After days, weeks, and months of fear, these homeowners need to seek answers from an experienced foreclosure attorney Stratford, CT residents can trust.  It is a very scary step to call the Law Offices of Neil Crane and ask for help.  But, it’s the first and most important step in every successful homeowner solution.  There are great answers and great options provided by State and Federal homeowner protection laws.

Learning your rights, understanding your circumstances, and finding legal solutions to your financial problems.

Make a great choice and call the Law Offices of Neil Crane 

Understanding and accepting that you need help is the first and most important step in any financial circumstance.  You’re a rookie novice seeking the best possible help available. We have been saving homes in Stratford, CT through specialized services, learned experience, and a commitment to all our Stratford clients for over 35 years.   We can show you all the great legal options, laws, and regulations that provide you and your family with homeowner protections and opportunities for a financial fresh start.

The Key is to get Educated:

Learn your options: 

There are numerous avenues to deal with each special individualized problem.  There are great options, dangerous pitfalls, and lots of misinformation.  You need to learn all you can about the choices that best fit you.  Make inquiries, ask questions and get your answers to your legal questions from a specialized and local foreclosure attorney Stratford, CT trusts.

Get Professional Assistance:  

You’re a novice at financial problems.  You are not an expert because you have a problem. The biggest mistake made by homeowners is not getting professional assistance or seeking it in the wrong places.    Don’t rely on yourself or an out-of-state website or a foreclosure Court employee, a mediator or a Bank attorney that is seeking to take your house in the Stratford Foreclosure System.

New Government Programs to Protect Homes in Stratford, CT

With the end of the pandemic mortgage relief granted under CARES Act, Banks, and servicing, companies can re-start old foreclosures in the Stratford Foreclosure Court and initiate new foreclosures even on federally backed loans.    In response to the end of the moratorium and the backlog of pandemic forbearance agreements, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau “CFPB” has promulgated new rules and regulations to encourage Banks to assist hundreds of Stratford area homeowners now seriously behind on their home mortgages.  These programs provide important relief and new avenues for resolving late mortgages and help Stratford homeowners even if they’re deep in the foreclosure process.  But you need to get professional help to know how to properly access the programs and how to force Banks and servicers to abide by the new CFPB guidelines and make sure you get the best resolution possible.

At the Law Offices of Neil Crane, we are up to date on all the newest programs to help Stratford homeowners in trouble.  We have experienced foreclosure defense attorneys located throughout Connecticut with an unrelenting commitment to protecting Stratford homeowners by every means possible.  To learn how to force banks to provide you with perfect mortgage modifications, make a scary first call, and get educated by the most successful foreclosure defense lawyers in CT.  At the Law Offices of Neil Crane, Attorney Crane takes every call to answer your questions thoroughly in detail at no cost to you.  He also always offers a free follow-up in-depth consultation about all the new programs and all the proven methods we have used to save Stratford homes for over 35 years.  Call Attorney Neil Crane at 203-230-2233.  He is available to take your call.  We never use voicemail.

Mortgage Modification

Mortgage Modification is a brand-new mortgage that replaces your existing mortgage, creates new terms and brings your mortgage current.  It is a critical new legal document that controls your home for 30-years or more and it needs to assure you have the best possible terms for your protection.  Unfortunately, even with new programs, homeowners without specialized legal assistance are too afraid not to just sign whatever they’re offered even though it controls their family home from that date forward.

Your modification it about to become the most important legal document you have ever signed and you need to read it carefully and seek learned legal advice to be certain it is the best modification possible under all your individual circumstances.  Be careful of predatory mortgage modifications that create permanent legal terms that will quickly threaten your family home.  Don’t just rely on your Bank or yourself.  You are a novice and your Bank is in business to make money.  Get educated and get help from a specialized mortgage modification attorney.

Foreclosure Mediation

This is a State Court foreclosure option that allows all Stratford homeowners in foreclosure to file an application to be included in mediation.  Mediation is an opportunity to ask the Bank attorney to have the Bank Stop your foreclosure and consider your application for a new mortgage.  It is not binding on the Bank but it is binding on you.  To make it worse, mediators don’t’ work for you, they work for the State Foreclosure System.  Mediators have no power to force Banks to do anything to help you.   A homeowner without lawyers who rely on mediators, are the biggest cause of lost mediation and lost Stratford, CT home.  Every month, Stratford homeowners on their own lose homes that a professional foreclosure defense attorney could have easily and successfully mediated into a solid mortgage modification at low-interest rates and a Stratford home saved.

Chapter 13 Saves Stratford Homes from Foreclosure

All individuals and families are entitled to the vast protections of Chapter 13 and its rules for reorganizing individual budgets and saving family homes.  It is the number one preventive measure for saving homes in all stages of State Court foreclosure.  As a higher Federal Court, all the bankruptcy system’s laws and provisions override State law for Banks.  Instead, bankruptcy law grants homeowners and borrowers the right to a financial reorganization and a bright financial future.  It is the most powerful and comprehensive set of financial protection laws needed for individuals and families just like you. 

To understand your rights and the legal protections available to you, call the Law Offices of Neil Crane, and speak with Attorney Crane – the preeminent foreclosure attorney Stratford, CT knows.  He and his team of dedicated, hardworking professionals can be reached at (203) 334-5555.  We do not use voicemail – Your call is too important.

Can I avoid foreclosure by negotiating with the bank?

Your lender may choose to modify the loan if you are a few months behind schedule on paying your mortgage, or if you have an adjustable rate. You may want to call and speak with the lender’s mitigation department, as they may accept partial payments as you agree to make up that difference later. As your foreclosure attorney Stratford, CT residents trust from the Law Offices of Neil Crane can explain, the lender may agree to change the terms of your loan or accept a late payment, but that’s something you will need to discuss directly with them and have your lawyer there to guide you on what to say.

Can filing for bankruptcy halt a foreclosure on a home?

Bankruptcy can help delay a foreclosure, but it may not halt it entirely. How it works is that when you file for bankruptcy, the court will enforce an “automatic stay”, which instructs your creditors to cease every collection attempted against you (including foreclosures). So if your home is heading for a foreclosure sale, this will be postponed while your bankruptcy case is pending, which may give you a few months leniency. However, if the lender gets the bankruptcy court’s approval to continue with the sale, then it may go forward sooner than that.

What if I am a renter and the property is being foreclosed?

As a renter, you may lose your lease upon a foreclosure. In most states, if the mortgage was recorded prior to a lease being signed, then the lease will be eliminated when the foreclosure happens. But this doesn’t mean that the renter will have to vacate right away, as those who reside may be given a month or longer to relocate. The new owner of the property, most often the lender, may or may not be quick to terminate the rental agreement.

What is a deed in lieu of foreclosure?

In a deed in lieu of foreclosure, you can relinquish your home to the lender and in exchange, the lender will cancel your loan instead of foreclosing. Generally, as your Stratford foreclosure attorney will discuss, a lender is permitted to file a lawsuit against you for any remaining deficiency, which is the discrepancy between what you owed on the mortgage and how much the lender can sell the home for. Prior to agreeing to a deed in lieu of foreclosure, your lawyer can make sure the lender agrees in writing to waive any deficiency that is present.

Can I sell my house in a short sale?

You will have to get permission for a short sale from the lender if the sale price you are offering is short of the amount that you still owe to the lender. Usually, a lender can sue you if the house is foreclosed on or sold to recover the difference between what you owe and the sale price. As your Stratford attorney foreclosure team may advise, it’s important to get help from a legal team before engaging in any kind of short sale, just to make sure that your best interests are protected.