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foreclosure lawyer New Haven, CTThe Law Offices of Neil Crane, LLC is the leading home retention and foreclosure defense attorney in New Haven, CT.   With over 35 years of experience, we have the expertise to solve our clients’ mortgage problems and defend against home foreclosure.

Despite years of promises from banks and the government, the foreclosure process continues with dozens of new foreclosures in New Haven, CT each month.  Don’t leave your family home to be lost to bank delays and false government promises.  Bank help and government efforts are uniformly insufficient, misleading, and they often provide a very dangerous false sense of hope for homeowners who need serious legal assistance.    

Home saving options exist, but you need an experienced and specialized foreclosure lawyer that knows how to make the system work for you. 

Legal Alternatives That Can Save Your Home

  • Chapter 13 Bankruptcy: Chapter 13 is one of the best ways to save homes and provide comprehensive debt relief. It allows for repayment of mortgage arrearages along with reduction or elimination of unsecured debt. Additionally, Chapter 13 allows for removal of second mortgages under certain circumstances. The comprehensive legal protections of Chapter 13, which the combine elimination of unsecured debt and payment programs for past due mortgages is proving to be the most successful means to long-term home ownership.
  • Court Mediation: Connecticut has instituted mandatory foreclosure mediation during the initial phases of foreclosure. Mediation can be an invaluable opportunity that should never be squandered. Don’t go it alone, The Law Office of Neil Crane, has been the number one foreclosure lawyer in New Haven, CT for over three decades, and has participated in hundreds of successful mediations.  Successful mediation requires experienced, specialized legal counsel, financial documentation, a well-constructed hardship letter, and a full understanding of what the banks and mediators need to force them to properly modify your mortgage and save your home from foreclosure.  Without the knowledge and expertise of a foreclosure lawyer on your side, novice homeowners who go it alone or just rely on mediators are quickly overwhelmed by experienced Bank attorneys.  New Haven homeowners lose valuable opportunities to modify mortgages that we can properly modify as experienced New Haven foreclosure defense attorneys in a meaningful and financially appropriate manner.
  • Government Programs:  While government programs for banks can be a valuable option, they are often complicated, slow and ultimately unsuccessful.  Many government programs have now been cancelled and are no longer available to homeowners.  This leaves the homeowner at the mercy of Bank attorneys and their individual mortgage company. Even when available, government programs have conditions that are hard to meet or terms that offer no real lasting financial relief.   To save your home or modify your mortgage, you need the assistance of an experienced foreclosure lawyer in the New Haven, Connecticut Court systems.  At the Law Offices of Neil Crane, LLC, our attorneys use their years of experience, along with thorough preparation and in-depth knowledge to save your home and stop your foreclosure action. 

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