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It is rare that a business struggles and does not leave its mark on the business owners’ personal life. Because small business debt is personally signed, there is an incredible link between business debt and personal assets. Our many years of experience with small business reorganizations can be of invaluable assistance when your insurmountable business debt is threatening your personal finances.

At The Law Offices of Neil Crane, LLC, we understand that the financial problems of many small businesses have a personal component, and that finding successful debt relief solutions means being able to solve both personal and business challenges. With extensive experience in small business debt relief, our Connecticut attorneys know that successful resolution depends on our looking at the broader picture.


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At The Law Offices of Neil Crane, LLC, representing small to mid-sized businesses through all types of small business turn-arounds has been a focus of our law practice since the firm’s inception in 1983. Throughout this time, we have built a reputation for serving our clients well.

When your business is in trouble, personally dealing with your credit problems takes your focus away from your business. When you come to us for legal counsel in resolving your business debt problems, we can help you put an end to creditor calls, stop collection efforts initiated through lawsuits and deal with other business debt collection problems. This enables you to focus on the things that really matter.

Chapter 11 Attorneys Serving Businesses Throughout Connecticut

From our offices in Hamden, New Haven, Bridgeport, Waterbury, Rocky Hill, and Ridgefield, our business bankruptcy lawyers work with small to medium-sized businesses throughout Connecticut in devising solutions to overcome insolvency problems. We assist small business owners with strategies including:

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Small business bankruptcy can be the lifeline you and your business need.

Our commitment to clients is reflected in the fact that we do not utilize voice mail or answering machines. People who call us during business hours speak with a live person — not an automated answering system. Messages left for our lawyers are returned promptly, and people speak directly with a lawyer when they call.

 Debt Relief to Save Your Small Business

The backbone of Connecticut’s economy is the small business just like yours. Unfortunately, with the proliferation of easy access to consumer debt, many small businesses fail as a result of increased debt burdens that negatively affect the profitability of the business and the personal debt load of small business owners.

Serving clients from several office locations throughout Connecticut, The Law Offices of Neil Crane, LLC, is dedicated to assisting Connecticut small business owners who confront personal and business debt problems and need to obtain solid professional advice on debt relief in order to save their small business and personal finances.

Small businesses have become significantly beholden to high interest consumer debt issuers like credit card companies and personal signature loans. Unlike prior years when small businesses derived most of their capital from local banks at reasonable commercial rates, the average small business today is capitalized by high interest institutional lenders like credit card companies and big banks. These types of lenders pay little attention to providing small businesses with the right types of debt that properly fit the needs and resources of a small business.

As a consequence, it’s easy for small businesses to get access to the wrong types of credit and then falter under the weight of insurmountable monthly payments. This overburdening debt can make even the best of small businesses go bad — and when it goes bad in your small business, it plays out badly at home. The good news is that these types of debts are very negotiable.

The Good News for Small Businesses Facing Debt Problems:

  • Small business debt is often unsecured.
  • Small business debt is very negotiable.
  • Tough economic times make small business creditors even more negotiable.
  • Most small businesses are built on the reputation and expertise/knowledge of owners and key employees. No creditors can take who you know or what you know.
  • Solving small business problems gives owners a second chance and the knowledge to forever avoid similar mistakes in the future.


Small Business Reorganization Strategies

As experienced Bridgeport small business bankruptcy lawyers, we can advise you of the multitude of debt relief strategies available to small business owners, explain the advantages of each option and guide you through the implementation of these debt relief solutions. Each strategy offers unique benefits for small business owners, such as:

  • Out-of-court solutions:Allows for modifications, reduction of overall debt, and debt service without use of a court
  • Court reorganizations/Chapter 11 bankruptcy:Court protection from past bills, and monthly payments allow for modification or elimination of secured and unsecured tax debt
  • Small business Chapter 11 bankruptcy:Fast, affordable, allows you to keep your assets, allows special treatment for important vendors


Personal Solutions That Save the Business

Given the connection between personal signatures and business debt, resolving personal debt problems can often solve business problems. Modern day financing reliance on personal pre-approved debt to capitalize businesses has left experienced legal practitioners with a multitude of great options for solving small business problems linked to personal signature consumer debt. Never have more alternatives, options or opportunities been available to borrowers with experienced counsel. The combination of consumer debt and low values has made great opportunities available now with recoveries and future appreciation in values belonging solely to the small business and its owners.

Connecticut Chapter 11 Reorganization Lawyers With the Experience to Help Small Business Owners Obtain Debt Relief

Connecticut is a state of hardworking small business owners who work tirelessly to make their businesses a success. But sometimes even more working hours won’t solve the problem. We can help. We’ve assisted and reorganized hundreds of Connecticut small businesses just like yours, providing debt relief, allowing struggling businesses to return to profitability and thrive in a way that protects the jobs of employees and the lives and assets of small business owners throughout Connecticut.

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