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Credit card bills are the most widespread form of debt in Connecticut and across America. Credit card debt has the highest interest rates of any form of consumer debt. This means it has the lowest ratio of principal reduction of any form of debt. As families begin to accumulate credit card debt, small amounts grow larger and minimum payments cause monthly hardship, which affects mortgages, car loans and other more important monthly payments.

When I first came to Attorney Neil Crane, I was scared because of the trouble I got myself into with credit card debt. That fear disappeared when I sat down with him and he explained how he was going to help me. Not only did I resolve and get discharged from my case but I also learned how important it was to be more responsible with credit cards and saving. With Neil Crane’s guidance and that of his firm, you will be in GREAT hands!

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Credit Card Debt Is The Worst Form Of Unsecured Debt

Credit card debt is the most common form of unsecured debt, and it is the type of debt that gets most people into serious financial trouble. When you cannot afford to make more than the minimum payment on credit card debt, it is time to consider the help of a qualified attorney who will meet with you in a confidential free consultation under the care of an experienced professional. Unsecured debt is one of the easiest forms of debt available, but unprofessional debt management or credit consolidation scams often make matters worse.

Credit card debt can quickly become a permanent drag on a family’s monthly income each and every month for years, as even the smallest monthly necessities are charged on a credit card. This ultimately leads to unmanageable financial stresses to other portions of the family’s monthly budget. Budget strain from monthly credit card payments causes missed mortgage payments, credit card reliance, further borrowing and other problems leading to lawsuits and home foreclosures.
True debt settlement and consolidation by local, committed professionals can be a valuable alternative to the bankruptcy process. However, it must be pursued by an experienced negotiator who has a comprehensive understanding of your budget and your family’s entire financial picture.


Seek advice swiftly. Sometimes it’s possible to avoid bankruptcy by acting quickly against mounting debt. However, bankruptcy is often the only solution if creditors have begun garnishing your wages, placing levies on accounts, attachments on property, or filed lawsuits against you.

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