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Foreclosure Lawyer Milford, CT

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Milford Foreclosure Lawyer

Milford, CT homeowners are still struggling with the financial upheaval of the past few years, and they worry about making mortgage payments on their Milford homes.  Despite low-interest rates and recovery in Milford home values, many homeowners don’t know how they can survive the increasing cost of living and still prevent their homes from going into default or foreclosure.  Homeowners are up all night, worried about their finances, but they’re too scared to seek help and contact a mortgage modification attorney and foreclosure lawyer Milford, CT residents trust.  At the Law Offices of Neil Crane, we understand how scary it is to worry endlessly about your financial problems, and how hard we try not to ask for help.  If you’re struggling with your bills and worried about your family home, you just need to call for professional help.  Attorney Neil Crane has been saving homes and providing professional solutions for Milford, CT homeowners since 1983.  And he’ll take your free call directly himself.

You just need to take that first, hard step and call for help.  Great options produced by great, specialized lawyers at the Law Offices of Neil Crane are a phone call away.  Contact the dedicated, successful Milford foreclosure defense attorneys at the Law Offices of Neil Crane for your free consultation.

Government Programs to Help Homeowners Avoid Foreclosure

As State and Federal mortgage foreclosure moratoriums end, the Milford foreclosure courts have now reopened to allow banks to recontinue foreclosures that were pending during the pandemic moratorium.  It also allows banks and mortgage companies to demand back mortgage payments and start new foreclosures against Milford homeowners.

Most importantly, the Federal government has also passed new rules and regulations to help homeowners assure that they don’t lose their homes as a result of the pandemic mortgaged advantage moratorium and homeowners coming out of forbearance protections.  This provides critical advantages through much-needed new laws instituted by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, (”CFCP”).  Effective in the fall of 2021, the CFCP has empowered properly applying homeowners to take advantage of streamlined mortgage modification procedures.  It also pressures banks and servicers to speed up the modification process and help borrowers with applications that were once considered too incomplete to be reviewed by bank processors.

Despite the good intentions of these new regulations, there are no concrete rules or mandates that control banks or their willingness to comply with new guidelines or dedicate sufficient resources and bank personnel to properly handle a flood of mortgage modification applications from Milford homeowners seeking foreclosure protection.  The poor history of Banks helping homeowners has been long documented as a serious disaster for homeowners seeking accommodations from banks or mortgage servicers. All too many Milford homeowners know the pain and frustration of trying to get help from banks as they work to keep their homes, get help and stay current on their mortgages.

Pushing banks or servicers to promptly address your right to seek a workable solution that solves overdue back payments and stays foreclosure requires a specialized and experienced foreclosure lawyer Milford, CT counts on to force banks to provide prompt solutions and solid mortgages that assure long-term homeownership.  At the Law Offices of Neil Crane, we’ve saved hundreds of Milford area homes over our 35+ year history of first-rate services and specialized foreclosure defense knowledge.  We’ve been representing Milford homeowners and saving Milford homes from foreclosure since 1983.  

Never go it alone.  Learn how we can fix your financial problems and force banks to provide you with new low-interest mortgages that assure you and your family long-term financial recovery.  Learn more about how to save your home by calling the Milford foreclosure defense attorneys at the Law Offices of Neil Crane at 203-230-2233, or complete our simple online Contact Form for a quick, informative response.

Fixing Broken Modifications

It’s unfortunate, but many people with earlier modified mortgages can fall on hard times and once again struggle with late payments, mortgage defaults and even foreclosure.  It’s very scary, but it’s very common and it’s very fixable.  We’ve saved hundreds of homes with broken modified mortgages.

Homeowners who have unfortunately defaulted on already modified mortgages have new options and avenues under governmental programs as well as tried and true foreclosure prevention laws that we’ve used to save Milford homeowners from foreclosure and provide new financial lives to hundreds of Milford’s hardworking residents.

Solving Mortgage Problems

The final fix for all mortgage problems is to obtain the best mortgage modification possible.  The goal of all foreclosure defense and mortgage relief attorneys is a new mortgage with a low-interest rates and terms that assure the new mortgage document will result in your long-term ownership.

Mortgage Modification:  Every mortgage modification is a critical document that needs the negotiation and review of a qualified Milford foreclosure defense and mortgage modification attorney.  Mortgage modifications come in all shapes and sizes, but each one is dictated by your Bank, written by your Bank and presented as a “take it or leave it” offer.  Not surprisingly, scared homeowners in foreclosure or threatened with foreclosure working on their own without the help of an experienced professional will sign anything to get out of their problem – fast.  Mortgage modification is a complicated process with lots of rules, regulations and hidden agendas that are different with each mortgage, bank or servicer.  To take advantage of your best option, you need to get educated and understand the positives and the negatives of the mortgage modification process.  At the Law Offices of Neil Crane, we’ve been fighting for homeowners in Milford, CT since 1983.  We’re specialized in foreclosure defense and home-saving attorneys.  This is all we do and we’re immediately available to review your problems, your mortgage modification, or just answer questions through a free first call and a free consultation with Attorney Crane.  With over 35 years of legal defense for homeowners, we’re the masters of mortgage modification.  Call us at 203-230-2233 and speak directly with Attorney Crane.  We never use voicemail.

Foreclosure Mediation:  All Milford homeowners served with foreclosure are entitled to foreclosure mediation if you promptly file the proper pleadings for inclusion in mediation.  While all defendants in foreclosures should file a proper and timely application for mediation, no homeowner should participate in any court action without experienced legal counsel specialized in foreclosure defense and bankruptcy law.  You’re a homeowner but you’re also a defendant in a lawsuit where they are trying to take title to your home with specialized and aggressive factory foreclosure lawyers.  You’re a novice risking your most important asset – your home.

In the hands of an affordable specialized foreclosure lawyer Milford, CT residents have relied on for over 35 years, mediation is a huge opportunity to force your bank to promptly provide you the best possible mortgage modification and withdraw the foreclosure.  This is the world we work in and the courts we work in every day.  At the Law Offices of Neil Crane, we know exactly how to make the mediation system work for our clients.  Call us.  Ask questions, get answers for free at 203-230-2233.

Chapter 13 Saves Homes in Milford, CT

Chapter 13 is a federal system for the protection of homeowners in any stage of a home problem, it also stops all Milford foreclosures.  It’s a federal system built strictly for individuals just like you.  It’s created to prevent home loss and reorganize all types of family financial problems.  Chapter 13 is the best, most comprehensive federal mandate to create relief for anyone facing home loss under any circumstances.  At the Law Offices of Neil Crane, we’ve used Chapter 13 to save hundreds of Milford and New Haven County homes from foreclosure.  It’s your right to file Chapter 13, stop everything and create a brand-new financial future for you and your family.

If you’re facing any type of foreclosure or family financial problem, get honest and learned answers from the personal financial attorneys at the Law Offices of Neil Crane.  You’ll be amazed at how much you’ll learn within one phone call to Attorney Carne.  Speak with him directly at 203-230-2233.  Your call is important – We never use voicemail