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Small Business Bankruptcy

No Case is Too Complex or Too Small

Legal services for small business bankruptcies

If one of the underlying causes of your business difficulties is overwhelming payments on past borrowings and keeping current with debt obligations, there are a number of significant options that can assist you in returning your business to profitability.

Learning the root cause of your business’s struggling financial condition is the first step to determining the best options and alternatives to address and resolve small business financial problems.

Analyzing your business’s overall financial picture in detail will provide a clearer picture of the true nature of the problems. Many small business owners can benefit greatly from the outside advice of professionals experienced in providing solutions for small businesses with financial problems.

At the Law Offices of Neil Crane, we’ve reviewed and solved thousands of basic Connecticut small business problems. For a free consultation and review of your business finances, call us at 203-230-2233.

Analyzing Small Business Financial Solutions – Professional Guidance:

Determining the nature of your business’s specific financial problem allows you and a qualified turn-around professional to choose from the best solution alternatives available.


  • Analysis:
    of the specific causes underlying your business’s financial distress. Debt-related problems have a variety of proven solutions.
  • Listing Alternatives:
    Creating the proper alternatives for your business recovery provides options for success.
  • Choosing Solutions:
    Once the problem is evaluated, and the list of answers is available, our specialized business attorneys can assist you in choosing the correct plan of action.

Understanding the interaction between business debt, personal assets and personal obligations requires specialized legal knowledge and decades of experience.

A customized and detailed plan can return your business to financial health. With qualified and experienced professional assistance, business problems are extremely solvable.

You know your business, but may not know how to best fix it. Business financial problems are unique and specific, and best solved by professionals who specialize in business turn-arounds. We know the choices, steps and factors most critical to small business recovery. Attorney Neil Crane has a history of success with a myriad of different business debt relief options.

For a free consultation, call the dedicated small business solutions attorneys at the Law Offices of Neil Crane at 203-230-2233 for a free consultation.

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