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Foreclosure Lawyer Norwalk, CT

foreclosure lawyer Norwalk, CT home with for sale foreclosure signsForeclosure Lawyer in Norwalk, CT

As economic conditions change around Connecticut, many Norwalk homeowners are struggling to keep current on their bills.  Missed mortgage payments and foreclosure are some of the most important worries Norwalk families face as they seek to pay their bills and avoid foreclosure.  At the Law Offices of Neil Crane, Attorney Neil Crane has been saving homes as a bankruptcy and foreclosure lawyer Norwalk, CT residents have trusted since 1983.

At the Law Offices of Neil Crane, we understand all the options available to save homes even in the final stages of foreclosure.  Never go it alone.  Failing to get prompt experienced help from specialized foreclosure defense attorneys in Norwalk, CT is the leading cause of home loss in the Norwalk foreclosure court every week.  Never has there been better options and new programs from the federal government all aimed at stopping foreclosure and saving homes.  You just need to learn what’s available and how to use it to your best advantage.  Your home and family deserve the most experienced and affordable foreclosure defense team in Norwalk, CT.  

Whether you’re just falling behind, struggling with other debt, or deep in foreclosure, you need the foreclosure defense specialists and debt relief lawyers at the Law Offices of Neil Crane.  You just need to make that tough first call to ask for help.  Attorney Neil Crane takes every call directly.  He knows how hard it is to call and how to educate you on all the true proven options to save your family home.  Call for a free consultation at 203-334-5555.  We never use voicemail.

New Post-Pandemic Programs and Solutions

Over the past many months, hundreds of Norwalk homeowners have taken advantage of state and federal mortgage moratorium protections.  These laws allowed struggling borrowers to stop making mortgage payments and prevented federally backed mortgages from going into foreclosure.  The federal foreclosure moratorium and the State of Connecticut foreclosure moratorium left many borrowers behind on ever-increasing mortgage delinquencies by preventing banks from foreclosing homes.  The moratoriums created forbearance agreements and other temporary agreements to create back-payment arrearages for nearly 16 months.  With the end of those protections, there are now hundreds of Norwalk homeowners seriously delinquent and wondering what’s next.

In response to nearly 900,000 seriously delinquent mortgages throughout the U.S. due to the moratorium, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, (the “CFPB”) originally created in response to the great housing meltdown, has tried to address this very serious situation through the passage of various federal rules and regulations intended to give homeowners a chance to get current with Banks and servicers that are no longer subject to forbearances or foreclosure moratoriums.  These are great regulations but only theories if you didn’t know how to make them work for you.  If inexperienced homeowners don’t get help to force banks to fix broken mortgages, these new regulations will remain unknown and underutilized by rookie homeowners in trouble.  To make these new protections work for Norwalk homeowners, they need to get quickly educated by a knowledgeable foreclosure lawyer Norwalk, CT can rely on to know the rules, regulations and nuances necessary to force banks to work with borrowers to produce first rate mortgage modifications.  There have never been better options or more pressure on banks if you have the specialized experience and commitment of the foreclosure defense attorneys at the Law Offices of Neil Crane fight for you and your home.

You just need to make a call for help.  It’s scary but it’s free and worth the time to understand what laws create new low-interest mortgages and protect your home from foreclosure.  If you’re behind on your mortgage, dealing with your bank or even deep in foreclosure, call 203-334-5555.

In addition to new federal programs, there are existing options for resolutions that we make directly with your Bank and programs available in both state and federal courts.  The first choice is mortgage modification:

Mortgage Modification is a new written agreement between you and your bank that creates new terms for your mortgage. It often creates a lower interest rate and absorbs missed past payments.  Most mortgage modifications start as trial modifications, which is often a three-to-six-month interim payment that isn’t permanent or a full rewrite of your mortgage so you need to be careful – it’s just a temporary agreement with no final terms.  Get professional help and assistance to assure that your trial modification becomes a permanent modification with the best possible terms.  Be wary of predatory modifications – they’re a quick fix that leads to a long-term disaster.  To get a solid long-term modification with great rates and the best possible terms, call the Norwalk mortgage modification professionals at the Law Offices of Neil Crane.  We’ll review any modification for free to be certain you’re getting the best deal possible.  Call us at 203-334-5555 to know what you’re signing.

Foreclosure Mediation in Norwalk, CT   Any homeowner served with a foreclosure in Norwalk, CT is entitled to file prompt pleadings to get enrolled in the Norwalk foreclosure court mediation process.  This is a great option for avoiding the loss of your home but you can’t go it alone.  Mediation is a good, well-intended program, but it’s not a level playing field.  Bank attorneys and mediators paid by the foreclosure system don’t represent you or your interests.  Without specialized foreclosure defense attorneys fighting for you – you’re a novice with no experience fighting with experts.  You need to immediately level the playing field.  Get an affordable, specialized foreclosure lawyer Norwalk, CT can count on to fight for you.  We use our decades of knowledge and experience to make the foreclosure mediation system work for you.  Don’t go it alone.  Every month we see dozens of savable homes go down the tubes with self-represented homeowners mishandling their own cases by experimenting with their own homes in a foreclosure system that takes possession of thousands of Connecticut homes every year.

Get free answers and free advice from the Norwalk foreclosure defense and home saving attorneys at the Law Offices of Neil Crane.  Fill out our simple online Contact Form for a prompt response, or call Attorney Crane directly at 203-334-5555.

Chapter 13 Saves Norwalk Homes in All Stages of Foreclosure

Chapter 13 is a comprehensive set of debt relief laws provided by the federal government and protected by the Federal Bankruptcy system that gives all individuals the right to reorganize all their finances, stop collections or foreclosures and save their homes.  At the Law Offices of Neil Crane, we’ve been using the strong federal provisions of Chapter 13 to protect Norwalk homes and create financial free starts for our Norwalk clients since 1983.

Chapter 13 creates an automatic stay on all lawsuits and stops foreclosures, even after the sale date.  It is a powerful group of federal protections that provide laws to benefit homeowners and an entire court system dedicated to individual homeowner recovery.  It prevents banks, servicers and other collectors from taking any steps against you or any of your assets while providing you a three-to-five-year plan to reorganize and get a financial fresh start while protecting all of your household income and your home.  It’s a great law if you know how to use it properly.  But you need to learn about it from an experienced Chapter 13 and foreclosure lawyer Norwalk, CT can trust.  

At the Law Offices of Neil Crane, we’re the largest provider of successful Chapter 13 relief in Connecticut.  We’ve saved homes every month through Chapter 13 for the past 35+ years.  To learn how we do it, you just need to make a simple free first call to Attorney Neil Crane.  He knows how scary it is to ask for help, so he takes each call directly himself, welcoming you into a whole new world of protections and success.  Call him at 203-334-5555.  We never use voicemail; your call is too important.