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Bankruptcy Lawyer, Bristol

Bankruptcy Lawyer, Bristol

Bankruptcy Lawyer, BristolAt the Law Offices of Neil Crane, we understand that thousands of hardworking Bristol, CT residents have had huge upheaval and struggles as we cope with health, personal, and money problems.  Our work and personal lives have been altered in some predictable but largely unpredictable ways.  The only constant seems to be the rising costs of household expenses.  Our budgets are becoming harder to maintain as the weight of increasing costs, monthly payments and household debt become overwhelming.

If you feel that you’re collapsing under your monthly payments on bills, and credit card debt, you are not alone.  There are thousands of your neighbors in Bristol, CT with the same problems and the same worries.  All those struggling with debt and seemingly unending money problems are just like you – they all want to regain control and experience the financial futures of a normal and hopeful life.

Our experienced use of the Bankruptcy Code produces and assures that all of our clients have a fresh start, completely predictable results, and fully confidential and respectful treatment throughout.

Fresh starts:  Bankruptcy law was written for the purpose of providing your struggling budget with a fresh start.  Full unsecured debt elimination is assured under Chapter 7 and all debt can be reorganized under Chapter 13 in a smooth and well-operated federal system built and run to provide individuals like you with full asset protection and full debt relief.

At the Law Offices of Neil Crane, we’ve produced thousands of bankruptcy fresh starts to the hardworking residents of Bristol, CT, and throughout the State.  It all starts with a daunting but very simple call to our office and we can put you on the path to financial security.  Call us at (860) 430-4309.

Bankruptcy law is a long-standing Federal/USA laws and regulations first started in the US over 125 years ago to ensure protection for all citizens of the United States under one overall system built to preserve the belongings of individuals and their right to a financial fresh start.  While bankruptcy laws have changed over the years, they still assure protection of all your belongings and relief from overwhelming debt.

All forms of bankruptcy provide overriding Federal laws, rules, and rights to stop all forms of collection through an immediate halt of any kind of action against you through an “automatic stay,” even against court actions, taxing authorities, and foreclosures.  This provides the time to use all of the proper protections written for individuals and small businesses seeking relief.

We’ve As experienced and specialized Bristol, CT bankruptcy lawyers, we’ve been using the Bankruptcy Code to protect and recover thousands of Bristol, CT clients, individuals, families, and small businesses.  We know that the Bankruptcy Code provides the maximum amount of protection with predictable successful results.

Certain Results / Absolute Predictability

Regardless of how small or how complicated your financial mess may be, every solution is fully predictable and guaranteed in advance.  While the laws require fully specialized, experienced, and committed lawyering, they are absolute and certain.  All outcomes can be guaranteed in advance and in writing.  Once our experts prepare your case, your new start is certain – it’s all math, and it’s all clear in writing before any case even begins.

Efficiency and Respect

The United States Bankruptcy system centered in New Haven, CT assures that all Bristol, CT cases are run with the utmost efficiency and respect.  The entire process is efficient, prompt, and respectful.  At the Law Offices of Neil Crane, we provide immediate consultations and the first draft of your entire case within three to five days.  In fact, we have prepared, filed, and obtained full debt relief for Bristol, CT clients within 48 hours.  We’re perfect, not slow.

The Bankruptcy system is there for your benefit.  It’s in place to provide you with recovery and respect.  It’s your system for swift, reliable and respectful recoveries guaranteed.

There is no court presence required at any time in any bankruptcy proceeding.  Your only interaction is with our long-term affable staff and a one-time meeting with us and another lawyer by meeting or phone call once only, lasting from five to ten minutes.  All meetings start with “thank you” and end with “good luck.”

The toughest step is the first call to our office.

 A weight has been lifted to say the very least. We are beyond words thankful for this office and its amazing staff! Contacting Attorney Neil’s office was the best decision we’ve made in a long time! For years we struggled, with each attempt to make things financially easier we only made it worse until it felt completely impossible to see a way out. Filing bankruptcy seemed terrifying – even making the initial call was terrifying but as most fears, it was all in my head. Attorney Neil was understanding to these fears which were reassuring – of course, I over-worried through the whole process even though he and Attorney Buckland assured me not to – and they were right. Everything went as smooth as they assured us it would and my only regret isn’t calling them sooner! A million thanks to Attorney Neil, Attorney Buckland, and their staff for dealing with my many questions and for giving us a second chance and, for the first time in a long time, hope for the future! THANK YOU!!!  Testimonial


We’ve provided personalized bankruptcy services and customized bankruptcy solutions in Bristol, CT with expertise and dedication since 1983.

Despite all types of Bank-created myths to the contrary, hundreds of Bristol individuals and families have benefitted from the Bankruptcy System through work done by the Bristol bankruptcy lawyers at the Law Offices of Neil Crane.  Our experience, knowledge, and specialized expertise under Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy is the key to filing perfect cases with perfect results for individuals under Chapter 7 and Chapter 13.

All Chapters of Bankruptcy create an Automatic Stay on any and all collection actions, phone calls, lawsuits, federal seizures, or foreclosures.  It is an important federal mandate that requires all creditors at any stage of collection to stop and bring their claims to our local Connecticut Bankruptcy Court where you benefit from the full expertise of our Bristol Bankruptcy lawyers and an entire Bankruptcy System created to protect your right to stop creditors and create a new and better financial future.  All bankruptcy law is used to protect assets and eliminate or reduce claims and collections against our clients.  By providing an immediate Automatic Stay, Bankruptcy law allows our expert Bristol Bankruptcy lawyers to prevent any loss of assets and grants us the time to create your financial future without any interference from any type of creditor wherever located.  In our expert legal hands, every one of our bankruptcy filings provide predictable, affordable relief and a clear protected path to your prompt financial recovery.

Our Bankruptcy and Debt Relief Options Include:

  • Chapter 7 Individual and Family Bankruptcy
  • Chapter 7 Small Business Bankruptcy
  • Chapter 11 Business Reorganizations
  • Chapter 13 Bankruptcy
  • Debt Negotiation and Settlement
  • Protects Assets
  • Eliminates Debt

Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Lawyer, Bristol, CT

At the Law Offices of Neil Crane, we use our expertise and decades of experience to analyze each case on a customized basis to determine what options best fit your specific problem and exactly what will produce the results you need.  Prompt and individual legal work specifically addressed to your present problems and your future fresh start allows us to create predictable recoveries guaranteed to work for you.  Attorney Crane takes all calls directly so he can provide you swift and proper advice gleaned from over 37 years of specialized practice in bankruptcy and debt relief for individuals and families in Bristol, CT.

It’s hard to ask for help and it’s a scary first call.  Attorney Crane always takes your call directly to quickly introduce you into a whole new world of possibilities and solutions proven to work for our Bristol, CT families since 1983.  We never use voicemail, you will speak directly to our state’s premier Bankruptcy lawyer, Bristol at 203-230-2233.

Chapter 7 is the most commonly filed Chapter of Bankruptcy protection in Bristol, CT.  Chapter 7 protects all your assets while fully eliminating all forms of general unsecured debt like credit cards, lawsuits, court judgments, older state, and federal income tax, along with foreclosure deficiencies and many forms of other high-interest consumer debt.  Trying to pay these costly unsecured debts often impacts and prevents other more important payments like household expenses and mortgages.  Chapter 7 debt relief clears never-ending wasted high-interest payments in favor of essential expenses like food, rent, home loans, and car loans.

All Chapter 7 filings protect your assets and don’t require any repayment to creditors.  All creditor claims discharged in your Chapter 7 bankruptcy are permanently eliminated forever and also off your credit reports permanently.  This allows you to have a full Chapter 7 fresh start and an immediate improvement in long-term high credit scores.

Chapter 13 is a more extensive form of bankruptcy protection that involves some form of repayment on high-priority debts.  Chapter 13 has additional protections beyond those afforded in Chapter 7.  Most importantly, the additional powers of Chapter 13 allow filers to fix all home mortgage problems and foreclosures at any stage of foreclosure in the Bristol/New Britain State Foreclosure Court.  While not all individuals or families may qualify for Chapter 7 relief, all individuals with any type of income are entitled to the “super provisions” of Chapter 13.  Chapter 13 involves the approval of a coordinated full Plan of Reorganization drafted by our expert Bristol bankruptcy lawyers.  The full Plan is completed in advance by our attorney with your help and approval.  This Chapter 13 Plan controls all past debt in your pre-bankruptcy life and allows you a fresh start going forward with no interference from creditors or the Court.  Similar to Chapter 7, all court attendance, all filings, all phone calls, and all creditors will deal strictly and directly with our attorneys while you continue forward in your regular life without threats for any old pre-petition debt.  Under Chapter 13, homes get paid, cars get paid, rent gets paid and past bills go behind or get eliminated.

At the Law Offices of Neil Crane, we are Connecticut’s largest provider of Chapter 13 bankruptcy.  We know all the most detailed rules and nuances so we can create the maximum legal protections for your future.  To learn more about which Chapter of Bankruptcy will suit your needs and provide the best protection under your particular circumstances, call our Bristol Bankruptcy lawyers and speak with Attorney Neil Crane directly.  He will be happy to guide you to a debt-free future.  203-230-2233.