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Foreclosure Lawyer Danbury, CT

Foreclosure Lawyer, Danbury house with the word Foreclosure in red across itForeclosure Lawyer in Danbury, CT 

If you’re a Danbury homeowner worried about making mortgage payments, threatened by foreclosure or deep into the foreclosure process, you need to learn all the available options for saving your home by contacting an experienced Foreclosure Lawyer Danbury, CT trusts for a prompt, free consultation.  It’s a scary first phone call, but you owe it to yourself to learn about all of the proven legal alternatives and changing new government rules and regulations to limit housing loss and re-save homeowners in trouble.  

Federal agencies and government sponsored enterprises like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have taken important steps to avoid increased foreclosure and home loss to Danbury residents and borrowers across the country.  To understand all the options and what best fits your needs, you need to call our specialized and experienced home-saving attorneys at the Law Offices of Neil Crane for a free and informative consultation.

Many federal options have become available to reduce default risks and address forbearance and other foreclosure risks.  These programs provide important relief for the 75% of all mortgages that are backed by Federal agencies through insurance, guarantees or direct loans to homeowners.  Never since the 2007-2009 financial crisis have there been more protections for Danbury homeowners facing home loss and foreclosure.  Unfortunately, most homeowners at higher risk of default and home loss have not yet taken advantage of many of these home-saving protections.  These homeowners simply don’t know about proven available programs or how to access them to fix defaults and save their Danbury homes from foreclosure.  The Government Accounting Office, (“GAO”) continues to report that those in greatest need are often the least informed and the least likely to access home-saving programs.

To learn all the options available, you need to turn to an experienced home loss prevention and foreclosure lawyer Danbury, CT trusts at the Law Offices of Neil Crane. We’ve focused all our firm’s efforts and experience on saving homes in Danbury, CT and the surrounding area since 1983.  We always stay current on all the latest government programs as well as all the tried-and-true answers that we’ve used to save Danbury homeowners in foreclosure trouble for nearly four decades.  We are specialized and experienced foreclosure defense attorneys with an unrelenting commitment to fighting Banks and protecting homeowners by every means possible.

We offer you all our knowledge and experience in a free, in-depth consultation directly with Attorney Neil Crane.  His veteran team of foreclosure defense attorneys and the experienced professionals who provide the backup needed to take on Banks and win.  Call us at (203) 907-4100.  We’ll take your call and answer your questions for free.  You’ll speak directly with Attorney Neil Crane – We never use voicemail.

Turning Mortgage Problems into Successful Mortgage Resolutions

The goal of all homeowner mortgage solutions is to turn mortgage problems at any stage of default or foreclosure into successful mortgage modifications and cure defaults by any legal means necessary.  The essence of our legal practice is to provide debt relief and restructured, quality mortgages for all our Danbury, CT homeowners.

We’ve saved hundreds of Danbury area homes through our specialized knowledge of all the available legal options and our commitment to every Danbury client.  It all starts with a simple but scary phone call to our office.  We understand all the latest government programs and use every option available to service our Danbury homeowners and stop home loss to foreclosure; including:

Mortgage Modification

This is the written alternative of your existing mortgage to cure defaults by changing your original mortgage terms in a manner that allows you to commence regular monthly payments and stay current on your newly written mortgage.  This mortgage modification means an entirely new mortgage that will control your family’s home far into the future.  Getting the best terms for a mortgage modification is the essential element to avoiding foreclosure and assuring long-term home ownership.

It may be the most important legal matter and legal document you ever face, and you need expert and experienced legal advice to be sure you obtain a mortgage modification that is the best modification possible under your particular circumstances.  Mortgage modifications come in all shapes and sizes, from low-interest rates with forgiven back-balances to predatory mortgage modifications that are a quick fix that breaks and results in your home being unaffordable and even lost to foreclosure.  The process, the rules and the range of options means you need to get educated assistance and expert legal advice from local, specialized Danbury foreclosure defense attorneys like the Law Offices of Neil Crane, where we understand all the laws and all the most recent governmental programs.  We can assure that you’ll get the best modification possible, even in last stages of a Danbury, CT foreclosure.

Foreclosure Mediation

All single-family homes in Danbury, CT are entitled to mortgage mediation in the Danbury foreclosure court if you properly request inclusion in the mortgage mediation programs.  These programs are an excellent option for Danbury homeowners in foreclosure, but they have strict deadlines and significant rules and regulations.  Don’t go it alone.  Self-representation is the largest reason for home loss in the Danbury, CT foreclosure courts.  The way to assure success in the foreclosure mediation system is to get affordable, experienced and specialized Danbury foreclosure defense counsel, and stop relying on yourself, bank attorneys, or foreclosure court mediators.  None of these people have the expertise or commitment to saving your home.  You’re a novice – get free advice and help as soon as possible.  It’s one scary but simple call to make.  At the Law Offices of Neil Crane, we’ve saved homes in Danbury, CT since 1983, and we’re committed to given you the best free advice in one simple free consultation.  We come to work every day to save homes and we know how to save yours.  It’s what we do.

Chapter 13 Saves Homes and Stops Foreclosures in Danbury, CT

Any Danbury, CT homeowner in foreclosure for mortgages, taxes, condo fees or any other reason has a federally mandated right to utilize Chapter 13 bankruptcy protection to stop any threat against your Danbury, CT home.  At the Law Offices of Neil Crane, we’ve used Chapter 13 foreclosure and debt collection protections to reorganize hundreds of Danbury, CT homeowners in trouble.  Chapter 13 bankruptcy filing creates an automatic stay or federal protection that stops all Danbury, CT foreclosures and any lawsuits at any stage in the Danbury, CT foreclosure process.  It is the best, most comprehensive relief for anyone facing home loss and never requires the vote or approval of your Bank or other creditors – It’s your right under federal law to put a stop to financial ruin and reorganize all of your debts in order of importance with mortgage payments first and foremost.

If you’re facing any type of foreclosure or financial problem, seek out our honest legal solutions that work from a foreclosure lawyer Danbury, CT can rely on.  Learn about the laws created for your protection.  You need to take the first scary step and call Attorney Crane to speak with him directly.  He’ll be able to open your eyes to all the options available for you – the right course of action and the perfect execution for you.  Call us at (203) 907-4100 today to schedule your free consultation.