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Bankruptcy Lawyer Meriden CT

Bankruptcy Lawyer Meriden, CTBankruptcy law was created for the financial protection and reorganization of individuals and businesses across the United States.     It is a comprehensive series of U. S. or Federal laws that provide all citizens of the United States in any state the rights to protect their assets and control debt problems of all types.  It acts to stop all collections and lawsuits for all types of debt and forces all creditors to appear in a centralized spot so as to protect residents of Meriden, CT and allow them to have all money problems and bills heard locally in Meriden, CT.  The immediate creation of an automatic stay or a halt to all creditor harassment is the first step in a series of laws and protections that are created for individuals and small businesses under Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 of the United States Bankruptcy Code.

Despite myths created to the contrary, thousands of Meriden, CT individuals, families and small businesses have relied on bankruptcy law and bankruptcy advice to protect their lives, property and futures through a complete, fresh start.  It’s a strong law started over 125 years ago for the “little guys’” protection.  Your assets are protected from swarming creditors and you’re granted the laws and legal protection necessary to assure a financial fresh start.

Chapter 7 provides for the full elimination of all forms of debt other than student loans and recent taxes.  All collection actions, phone calls, letters and lawsuits are halted and eliminated through your Chapter 7 attorney and the Federal Court system without any court attendance.  The Chapter 7 Court for Meriden, CT is in New Haven, CT but you won’t be asked or required to attend.  Once you’ve contacted a Chapter 7 attorney like the Meriden, CT Chapter 7 lawyers at the Law Offices of Neil Crane, all contact and interaction is with our office experts alone.  We need your help for a few hours, but it’s all by phone or in our office.  At the Law Offices of Neil Crane, we are the number one bankruptcy lawyers in Meriden, CT and the surrounding Connecticut area.  To speak directly with Attorney Crane, give us a call at 203-686-1080 and get the peace of mind that our solutions can offer you.

Chapter 7 provides three basic essential outcomes:

  1. A fresh start;
  2. Absolute predictability – it’s certain;
  3. Respect – it’s a respectful system that treats you with the honor and forgiveness that you deserve.

Chapter 13 Saves Homes in Meriden, CT

Chapter 13 is primarily used to protect homes from loss to mortgage companies, banks and foreclosure.  Thousands of Meriden, CT homes in all states of payment trouble and fore closure have been saved from loss by the powers granted under Chapter 13 bankruptcy.  Chapter 13 immediately halts foreclosures in the Meriden, CT foreclosure court and forces Banks to wait for your past, missed payments while they accept your regular monthly payment.  Chapter 13 also controls all other forms of debt so that your home payments get the first priority that they need and deserve.  Chapter 13 is the number one method to stop home loss in Meriden, CT – and we have the office results to prove it.


There are two basic chapters of bankruptcy.  most people file under Chapter 7.  Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 have many unpublished and unwritten rules and procedures.  Chapter 13 bankruptcy is complicated and should never be filed without the benefit of local Meriden specialized and experienced bankruptcy attorney.

Filing bankruptcy under Chapter 7 without a Meriden, CT bankruptcy attorney is possible, but you need to be certain the case is very simple, since all bankruptcies utilize a specialized federal court with detailed laws and procedures.  The laws are powerful protection, but the rules are complicated and strictly enforced.  Under Chapter 7, once you’ve filed a bankruptcy petition, you can’t remove it or “take it back.”  You need to get it right the first time.  There are also unwritten customs and requirements that are not known to the public but they are necessary for a smooth and positive bankruptcy outcome.  A bad or incomplete bankruptcy filing under Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 can lead to loss of assets, lawsuits against your family or friends, and the denial of any ability to extinguish or “discharge” your debt.

In truth, no one should try to file for bankruptcy protection under the complicated Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Federal laws on their own.  Bankruptcy is a serious issue in all regards.  It deserves and requires the guidance of specialized bankruptcy counsel.  Even general practice qualified attorneys need special licensing and you should never rely upon them as a replacement for a truly experienced Meriden bankruptcy attorney. Your future deserves the best representation possible.

Here are basic areas where experienced bankruptcy counsel makes all the difference to your fresh start:

Perfect Planning:  Is a bankruptcy right for me?  Do I qualify for bankruptcy?  How do I protect my assets and other questions need to be answered in detail before any case is filed.

Perfect Preparation:  The completion of a bankruptcy case needs a petition drafted in full, reviewed and revised to be fully accurate.  Lots of paperwork and documentation will be required to complete your case after its filling so you need it all properly done before you ever file.

Legal Representation:  Properly filed, there is a one-time meeting required for Chapter 7 and Chapter 13.  Bankruptcy counsel will represent you in full at that meeting or any hearings, and this assures you don’t make a mistake on your own.  Only a lawyer is licensed to appear at any meeting or hearing on your behalf.

Properly Closing Your Case:  Once a case is opened, it will always need a proper closing, or it will be stuck in the Bankruptcy Court system with no positive result.  Assuring your case gets closed with all final documentation takes experienced bankruptcy counsel – the proper documentation needed is not in a book and it’s not online.

Post-Bankruptcy Advice:  Experienced bankruptcy counsel can advise you on how your bankruptcy will affect your credit and guide you in rebuilding it responsibly and effectively.  A specialized bankruptcy firm should always be available to answer your future questions and assist your post-bankruptcy recovery, so experts with a long Connecticut history are your best choice for expert legal representation.

The Protections of Bankruptcy Law for Meriden, CT:

Bankruptcy law is a series of laws and rules that provide concrete protections and recovery for individuals and businesses in trouble.  These laws empower borrowers or so-called debtors with powerful federal protections that will assure them the best legal path to financial recovery.  In the learned hands of experienced bankruptcy lawyers, borrowers can hold creditors at bay while the laws allow time for elimination, reduction or repayment of past due bills.  Bankruptcy law was enacted to create protections for individuals and families who stumble financially and just need help and time to regain their financial health and security.

Bankruptcy law is a specialized and complex area of legal practice so you always need the best bankruptcy attorney in Meriden, CT.  At the Law Offices of Neil Crane, we’ve been producing fresh starts in the Meriden, CT area since 1983.

In expert hands, bankruptcy works to provide predictable and affordable relief for individuals under Chapter 7 or Chapter 13.  The proper use of Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy laws is at the center of all good bankruptcy and debt relief legal work.  Both chapters produce an automatic stay on all collection efforts, letters, phone calls, lawsuits and legal proceedings, in favor of an organized recovery crafted in advance by your specialized bankruptcy attorney in Meriden, CT.

Chapter 7 is the predominate form of bankruptcy filed in Meriden, CT.  It protects assets while eliminating nearly all forms of unsecured debt, including court judgments, older taxes and foreclosure deficiencies.  Proper Chapter 7 filings require the knowledge and experience of a specialized bankruptcy attorney to understand the written laws, customs and nuances that produce perfect and entirely predictable recoveries with no loss of assets.

Chapter 13 is a somewhat more complex form of bankruptcy filing that provides individuals with additional protections beyond those covered under Chapter 7.  While some individuals or families may not qualify for Chapter 7, nearly all individuals and families are eligible for Chapter 13 relief.  Chapter 13 can alter secure debt in addition to reducing, restructuring, or eliminating unsecured debt.  Chapter 13 reorganizes the priority of your debts so that important bills get paid while less important bills are only paid if there is excess household income.  Chapter 13 stops residential foreclosures at any stage of the State Court foreclosure and allows homeowners to recommence regular monthly payments.

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