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Less than a month ago I was debating filing bankruptcy, I say debating but the reality is that at that point it was the only way. I was overwhelmed, scared and intimidated by the process so I decided to reach out to several different lawyers, in one day I called 6 different offices. Neil Crane was the only one who got back to me and right away…I mean not even an hour after I reached out on their website he was on the phone with me. He is friendly, kind, compassionate, understanding and explains everything to the smallest detail all while never making you feel judged or bad. I knew that first phone call that I no longer needed to look for an attorney. He and his staff are beyond incredible, they are friendly, kind, compassionate, caring, non-judgmental, efficient and just amazing. They made a once scary process easy. Sometimes in some offices you have some workers who are amazing and others who are not so much, this is not the case at Attorney Neil Cranes office, everyone I have interacted with has been amazing. I would recommend them to anyone considering bankruptcy 1000%.

The Law office of Neil Crane was extremely helpful at during one of the most stressful period of my life. The professionalism and compassion of the entire office was outstanding. I always was treated with respect and dignity throughout the process. They have always been there for me even to this date four years after my filing to answer any questions that may come up in life. My feeling is that you could not find a better team to get you through one of the worse times of your life than the Law Office of Neil Crane.


Sometimes life gets a little muddled. Like when your excellent credit rating gives you ample room to extend your credit to tens of thousands of dollars. So, stuff happens: bad economy, poor business decisions, health issues etc. No one is insulated from life’s ups and downs. I found myself in a deep hole financially paying over a thousand dollars a month just in interest with little reduction in principal in the foreseeable future. Neil’s office was close by and I felt that I needed some advice; he had some – chapter 13. Bankruptcy Court was the solution. I admit I was reticent. I was in my late 60’s and looking to retire with good not bad credit ratings.

I followed instructions as best I could. Today I was discharged from bankruptcy. Every creditor got repaid in full thanks to interest being suspended.  My wife’s credit rating is over 800 in all three major rating bureaus; my credit rating is between 790 and 808 in all three. We own our home free and clear; we have substantial savings and own 2 cars free and clear. We both have credit cards but pay the balance monthly. Who knew my drill sergeant would be right so many years later – “Just shut up and do what you are told.” Neil wasn’t quite so abrasive but the advice was clear.


Neil Crane was the best! Filed for bankruptcy with him and he and his office staff made it effortless and without worries! Cost was affordable and the filing and timing was very quick. I would highly recommend him to anyone (and have done so).

It has been a tough 5-6 years for our family financially. I can honestly say we would not able to make it without the help of Neal Crane and his staff. We even have to file extension due to Covid shut down, his office handled it without any issues. If anyone facing foreclosure on their home please please do not talk to your bank. Instead seek advice from Neal Crane. He is an honest man with a great work ethics.


The Law Offices of Neil Crane are WONDERFUL! They helped me out in a VERY stressful situation. They helped me get out of debt that was accumulating since I was in my mid 20’s when didn’t understand the value or the repercussions of frivolous spending. As I got older it was an immense pressure. Every single person in that office is AMAZING from start to finish any questions I had they were and still are available to me. I cannot recommend them enough.   It is a relief to me that I can start myself over and rebuild what matters for the future I have been working towards.  THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL OF YOUR HELP. IF ANYONE IS IN A HARD POSITION WITH DEBT GIVE THEM A CALL DO NOT HESITIATE.

Having been a client of Atty Neil Crane for several years I’ve been lucky enough to now call him a FRIEND. He is very knowledgeable kind and understanding helping people from all walks of life thru very difficult times and unexpected life changes and challenges. He has excellent work ethics as well as commitment to his legal practice that at the same time “lifts people up”

Neil Cranes staff are also excellent being knowledgeable patient friendly and kind. In ALL Mr Crane and staff are the “dream team” . They will together make your financial struggles become settled without fear and frustration ..and giving everyone a new lease on life filled with Hope and Positivity as they have done for me. Peace of mind is Priceless.

I HIGHLY recommend Neil Crane and staff without reserve and I’m sure those people searching for THE BEST will be soooo happy retaining his services and making “a good friend/s !! God bless each and every one.


The law of Neil Crane Great staff/service is great Mr Stuart response right away great lawyers I would recommend them to anyone. They deserve 10 stars.


After a successful work life my husband and I opened a business with less than desirable partners. We stayed involved for several years until we finally made the choice to get out. At that point, luckily, we decided to talk to a bankruptcy lawyer to inquire about cleaning up our debt from the unfortunate business. Thank goodness we chose Attorney Neil Crane!!! On our very first appointment with Attorney Crane, he professionally calmed our nerves and told us that “someday in the near future, we would thank him” for coaching us back to our normal financial life. He was right. We put ourselves in his hands and now, two years later, both my husband and I are back to “good credit”, no debt, credit card availability and recently refinanced our home loan to do necessary house repairs.
At this point in time, there are so few people one could trust and refer to as a “breath of fresh air”, not to mention “totally professional”. Attorney Neil Crane is that person. I would reccommend him and his office to my closes friends and family. Thank you Neil. You ROCK!!!!!  Neil, Grant and I can’t thank you enough!!!


I recently used Attorney Crane, they were phenomenal! Right from my first conversation with Attorney Crane to concluding my case. All of the staff in his office, receptionist, legal assistance and his attorneys were always available. They took the stress out of the equation. I would highly recommend this law firm.


Hands down the best attorney I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Neil and his team will do their very best to keep you comfortable and informed throughout the entire process. I cannot thank him and his team enough for what they have done for me.


There are certain moments that mark our lives, and time is divided into 2 parts, before this and after this, and the next decision that you make, right or wrong, will change your life forever!!
If you are reading this and are planning on using the services of Neil Crane, all I can tell you is that it will be the BEST decision that you have made in a long time. His team of professionals are on the complete top of there game from start to finish. I myself had one of the hardest cases that Neil had seen in quite some time and the end result for me was a brand new life. Thank you to the entire team at Neil Crane Law. Hands down the best of the best.


Highly recommend this practice! Starting at the front desk…. The administrators are competent and compassionate, will deliver in both action and kind supportiveness. The paralegals are thorough, clear and concise, and able to juggle needs smoothly, making everything work. The lawyers in the practice are universally ethical, smart, responsive, and exceedingly capable. And Neil Crane himself is a mensch — thoughtful, intelligent, creative, knowledgeable, supportive, and beyond skilled to handle whatever mess gets lobbed in your direction. To sum up, this law office helped me tremendously and I’ll always be grateful. Do your part and you are in the hands of a team that is built to support, steer, and succeed. Thank you!!


I have been working with Neil Crane, his associate Audra Buckland and other staff for quite a while and I can’t say
enough about how helpful, responsive and persistent they have been. I know Audra worked so hard, in the last
couple of weeks, and checked in with me multiple times to let me know what was going on, which I really
appreciated since it was such a stressful time.
Neil was very knowledgeable and patient with me, explained everything perfectly and always let me know my
options and what possible outcomes I could face. I think it was a difficult set of problems and I know I made things
more difficult by changing my mind a couple of times, but in the end, everything worked out and working with such
a smart, friendly, hard-working and professional team made a difficult time so so much easier for me. I’m extremely
glad another friend recommended them to me after she also had a very good experience.

Attorney Neil Crane personally advised me, always taking time to explain everything I needed to understand. Neil never failed to return a phone call usually within the day whenever I had questions or worries, and his competent and polite staff gave me answers sooner when they had them. Through their competence and long experience, Neil and his staff worked small miracles toward the successful resolution of my affairs. Fees charged for services were very reasonable, and they were minuscule compared to the large savings in the legal disposition of my liabilities while preserving my assets. So relieved and grateful, I recommend Neil without any reservation!


After surviving a difficult divorce and being left with substantial debt through no fault of my own, I decided Bankruptcy was the best way to get a fresh start. Neil Crane’s office was amazing from the start! Everyone there from Neil, to attorney Audra Buckland to Jennifer, Lisa, and Stephanie were supportive, organized and straightforward. I was always given the opportunity to ask additional questions about the process and result. I never could have done this without them! The fee was definitely fair given all the work and attention they gave me on my behalf. If you are going through a similar situation , please do not hesitate to call Neil Crane’s office. My mind was finally put at ease the moment I started working with them.


Best law firm ever. The first day I met with Attorney Crane I was anxious and nervous. I was facing a difficult situation and felt lost. Attorney Crane was very reassuring and laid all my options on the table with the pros and cons. When he looked me in my eyes and asked me, “do you want to save your home”? I replied yes. From there on I knew he had my best interest at heart and I was in good hands. Later on, I met with the other members of the firm and they were nothing short of exceptional. They were supportive, respectful and worked hard to satisfy me as a customer. I highly recommend this firm to anyone who is looking for a phenomenal team that will work with them. Trust that the end will be great. You will not regret it. Everything was great, from the consultation to the end. I was also referred to Attorney Crane by another satisfied customer who spoke very highly of this firm and I can confirm that they are truly an exceptional team.

Attorney Audra, Stewart, Stephanie, Jennifer, just to name a few, all phenomenal. The front-end staff exceptional.
Thanks to the entire team for job well done.
Lunch is on me. Love you all.


I have been so impressed by Attorney Neil Crane and his staff. I have dealt with many other lawyers for various reasons in the past, but I have never encountered a more patient and compassionate man. Attorney Crane never made me feel embarrassed for the situation I found myself in. I was always treated warmly by him and everyone on his staff. It brings me great comfort and confidence that my case is being handled by someone who totally understands my problem and is very willing to help. I wholeheartedly recommend Attorney Neil Crane to anyone who finds themselves in need of legal advice or assistance.


Neil Crane and his team of highly skilled attorneys helped us through this difficult and long process with competence, proficiency, and compassion. They kept us informed every step of the way and guided us through, with ease, from the beginning to the dismissal of our case. I would highly recommend Neil Crane for anyone considering bankruptcy.


I can’t begin to explain the huge relief this amazing office has brought me. The last couple of years have been no doubt an absolute challenge. Life threw a couple curve balls and then a nationwide pandemic came into play. I was so lost and ready to give up until I did some of my own research and came across Neil Crane’s reviews. The hardest part was getting the courage to call him and make that first step. Once I did everything just seemed to work out. The office is great!!! I can wake up and not have to worry about collection calls or having to pay that overdue balance. If your struggling and don’t know where to start. I would highly suggest the office of Neil Crane. They are life savers!!!


100% Recommend Law Offices of Neil Crane for working through any type of Bankruptcy – trustworthy, honest, kind, very knowledgeable and gets the job done right.

Bankruptcy can be scary and overwhelming at times. It can feel that one’s life is in now other peoples hands, and there are many aspects to the process. Having Neil Crane and his team on our side are the kind of hands we are grateful to have working on our behalf.

When my husband and I got advice from a trusted friend/accountant to proceed with filing for bankruptcy as the way to get out from under serious credit card debt, it was an unknown concept for us – Attorney Neil Crane was the person we were told, the one to go to and that we could trust.

The whole process can become overwhelming, Crane and his team were there for us every step of the way. We got through, got great guidance along the way and even into the future – Neil Crane continues to be there for us.

We will not do it again, but if we did, would absolutely go with Law Offices of Neil Crane! Thank you for your fine work in this type of law.


Neil Crane and his staff are unbelievable. They truly care about their clients and make such a difficult process easy and are assuring every step of the way. They answer all questions and put your mind at ease. It is such a humbling process but they are with you through the entire time. I highly recommend his office. They are amazing!


I can’t say enough about the help we received from the Law Offices of Neil Crane. Everyone there is so nice, very helpful and willing to go that extra mile to help. We were walked through the whole process and never felt alone or ignored. We highly recommend Neil Crane for your bankruptcy.


The people who work at this office were very sympathetic and understanding and helped you get through the process of a very terrifying, personal and embarrassing situation with such understanding and kindness. They made it pretty easy and I never felt that I was a failure for having to go through this process in the first place. I would recommend them to anyone in my situation – in fact, I have!

Pam P

After years of tax problems and promised solutions from professionals without results, I began to think I would never be free of my tax problems.  It was a continuing nightmare, but all of this changed from the first moment I spoke with and met Attorney Crane and his office.  Not only were they able to immediately solve my tax problems, but the office was very affordable and efficient, showing me concrete results for all my tax problems within the first few weeks.


My tax situation was an overwhelming mess.  The taxes I owed went back nearly 10 years.  They involved substitute returns with IRS and State tax debt and liens. Given my age and the liens on my home, I had nothing to look forward to.  I was defeated, and wasting years on paying a mortgage when I knew the IRS was going to take my house anyway.  With all their liens, they owned it already.

By contacting Neil Crane at the suggestion of my accountant, I was able to solve nearly a decade of tax problems, remove the liens from my house and pay off the limited remaining liens at a discounted rate through a five-year payment plan.  With the consistent knowledge, assistance and commitment of Neil Crane and his office, life is totally different today and my future bright and secure.


This is an INCREDIBLE law firm for dealing with the tough decisions in filing bankruptcy.  When dealing with mine, I felt like the entire law firm was on my side and this was extremely comforting during a very difficult time.  Not only did I speak with Neil Crane on numerous occasions, but Audra Buckland and James Heffernan were constantly responsive and helpful over several months.  If you are considering filing bankruptcy, I just cannot imagine a better choice than the Law Offices of Neil Crane and his awesome partners at the firm in Audra and James.  Thank you all!


The Law Offices of Neil Crane literally changed my life forever 10 years ago. I was out of options and feeling trapped and hopeless. Neil and his staff helped make the entire process simple and painless. They explained everything step by step. I had a lot of questions and they gave me as much time as I needed. They were always there for me. Extremely professional and knowledgeable.

Words cannot express how grateful I still am.

Thank you Neil


The Law Offices of Neil Crane have helped us in ways that you could not imagine. We were at a point in our lives that things were so low, we thought we had no options. We went to meet with them and things changed almost immediately. The process was seamless. They complete everything and walk you through step-by-step. At this point, we actually have money in the bank, minimal debt, and our lives are on track. It’s as if we started from scratch. It’s a wonderful feeling to be moving on without a load of debt and no way to get out. They followed the entire process and continue to assist with any questions or concerns you may have, even after things are complete. We cannot say enough good things about this firm. They are a wonderful, helpful group of folks. If you’re overwhelmed with debt, don’t hesitate to contact them. It’s a clean start and they treat you like a human being.


I was in a financial situation during the pandemic, with the loss of a job, two daughters to keep safe, healthy and fed. During this time, getting little sleep, I was trying to make arrangements with my creditors who weren’t sympathetic to the position a lot us are in during this global crisis. Instead of helping, they just sued me. I could not take it anymore and sought the help of attorney Neil Crane. Just speaking to him set my mind at ease and let me get some much needed rest. He is very empathetic and understanding, and makes the process very simple. You won’t need to leave your house every time a document is needed, it’s all done via the internet. His staff is extremely professional and knowledgeable as well, and will answer any questions you may have throughout the short process. Bankruptcy does not ruin your credit. It’s an opportunity for some of us that have been affected by a situation that is out of our control to regain ownership of our finances. We all deserve a fresh start, and Attorney Neil Crane and his staff is standing by waiting to help you. Don’t stress anymore, make the call!!


I was fortunate enough to find the Law Offices of Neil Crane at a time when I needed some assistance in resolving some financial issues. The office was extremely professional, prompt and efficient, and remains responsive when any questions arise. I am forever grateful that I contacted Neil Crane and took back control of my life.


I would highly recommend Attorney Neil Crane, especially in the area of real estate Foreclosures, where his talent was utilized. Within the last 40 years, I have retained no less than a dozen attorneys from Connecticut to Washington, D.C., one of whom successfully represented me in a
Connecticut “Supreme’ Court” case. During those years I found only one other attorney that stacked up to Attorney Neil Crane’s ability and tenacity. He was a labor attorney in Washington, D.C. with an AVVO rating of 10.0.

Attorney Crane brought a foreclosure action (on my wife’s and my behalf) within the speed of light (that’s 186,000 miles per “second”)!

Along with other tactics, he legally finessed the other side to settle our issue in a most favorable outcome. He is an example of pure work. Since “a lawyer’s time is her/his stock in trade,” it is important to the client’s wallet to retain an attorney who not only is extremely expert in her/his field, but also possesses a tireless work ethic and most importantly—has a high degree of integrity. If one does their due diligence, I believe one will find that Attorney Neil Crane fits that bill.

As of attorney Crane’s support staff: “birds of a feather DO flock together.” We communicated often with Debbie, Irene, Lisa and Stuart to name just a few of his staff . You can expect to be in constant contact with your appropriate advocates via email and/or telephone.


Dealing with Neil Crane and his staff was a pleasure. Neal is very personable and a true professional. If you want to save your house, there’s no one better in the business than Neil Crane. Thank you so much Neil and your staff for being so caring.


I was given some bad financial advice that not only cause me to lose out on $15,000 but put me in more debt that I could ever get out of. I was given attorney Crane telephone number and from day one he and his staff service was top of the line and exceptional!!! I was so scared and had so many questions and they were patient and understanding and made me feel 100% better and let me know that everything would be alright. I would recommend their team to anyone.


Niel crane and his entire legal staff welcomed me with open arms! Very friendly and professional they knew exactly how to handle my case! I’m so grateful I reached out to him and the entire team! Thank you all again and God bless! I highly recommend using Neil crane’s legal services! Best u can hire! Great rates too.


I will be forever thankful for Neil and Stewart from this office. They were an absolute godsend with everything that they during my time of crisis. Highly recommend.


Thank you to the Neil Crane office and Audra for the guidance they gave me in making the best decision that would change my life forever. Now I know what it’s like to have a night’s sleep that I didn’t have for so long. Thanks again to Neil Crane staff.


I’ve had an exceptional experience in dealing with Attorney Crane and his office. Without fail, any time I call, my issue is embraced with a sense of urgency and resolved immediately. Everyone I’ve dealt with in the office both by telephone or in person is friendly, welcoming, respectful and eager to help. I’ve also never dealt with any Attorney who is so accessible. Most often Attorney Crane picks up when I call ,or when he is in a meeting or otherwise unavailable, he returns my call immediately. I couldn’t be more pleased with the way I am treated as a client of Neil Crane and I couldn’t recommend him and his office more highly.


I had been scrambling for a few months in attempts to figure out how I was going to get through this financial burden! The entire staff was incredibly warming, everyone was wonderful and eager to help! I came into Neil’s office with a lot of fear and shame. They immediately put that to rest the first five minutes I stepped in. The sheer knowledge of the law with integrity and professionalism at its best, these people know what there doing and they know how to do it right! I couldn’t be more satisfied! Thank you to everyone and highly highly recommend their services hands down!


I had spoken to a dozen Attorneys and not one of them could answer my question in regards to a forclosure situation. I was than referred to Attorney Neil Crane and my question was answered in a day. He goes out of his way to assist you. His office staff is super friendly and I highly recommend his services. Thank you Attorney Crane!


Neil crane and his staff made the whole process very very comfortable and pleasant. I appreciate all that you guys have done for me from the bottom of my heart.


Neil Crane and his staff saved our lives! They provided immediate attention whenever we called or emailed. The office stood by us and walked us through every step of the process. My husband and I were felt like we had no where else to turn and were afraid to file bankruptcy. On our very first visit, Neil was compassionate and thorough. He eased our minds and we never looked back. It is almost 9 years to the day of that first meeting. Best decision we ever made.


My husband and I went to see Neil Crane about filing bankruptcy it was a very hard for us to deal with but Neil and Audra treated us so kind I couldn’t ask for a better law firm. Audra worked with me and my husband passed away during our bankruptcy and Audra wasn’t just my lawyer she was my friend.


Five years ago I walked into Neil Crane’s office thinking I was a total failure as I had a great deal of credit card debt. Neil walked my husband and I through the process whereby I could pay off my debt and be free of it after five years. As of today my case is closed and I feel such a huge weight off of my shoulders. Thank you Neil and his entire team to help me get where I am today. I would never hesitate to call upon the office for advise without judgement. My best,


If you are looking for a great bankruptcy attorney with professional staffing look no further. Make the call! I was hesitant at first fearing the worst, but after talking with Attorney Neil Crane he made me feel at ease. He was very compassionate and took the time to explain every aspect of the process, from beginning to end with great knowledge. Attorney Crane and staff works diligently for their clients and expedites the process quickly. Within 2 months I was on my way to financial freedom and sleep-full nights. Thank you, Attorney Crane, and staff for all your help.


When I first went to Neil Crane I was completely stressed out and overwhelmed with the constant burdens of my overwhelming debt. I felt like I was in hamster wheel and I couldn’t get out. From the first time I met with Neil I knew I was I was In the right place. Everyone that I have met In the office has been helping and understanding and extremely helpful. I am completely over satisfied and I now have Freedom Again and can now get back to focusing on the things that are more important in life!!


When my wife and first contacted Neil, we felt as though the weight of the world was slowly crushing us: unemployed with a business that couldn’t get going, a home under water, and the fear of what else was lurking – Neil empathized with us and quickly assured us that, although the home loss was inevitable, we had legal paths that could ease the pain and help us back on the road to recovery, which is where we now are.

Do not hesitate to contact Neil Crane and his team – it’s the right move.


Went in extremely stressed,walked out stress free.Neil and his firm were incredible.GREAT EXPERIENCE!!


I thank you for your wonderful services. When you helped me to file bankruptcy in June of 2021, you gave me back my life. I’m now 72 years old. I would recommend you to anyone and if you need me to help anyone, just show them this card and my personal review from your favorite senior client.




We are saddened to announce the passing of our long-term friend and client, Ron Dunham.

Like many of our clients, Ron Dunham showed us incredible financial bravery throughout our relationship. He was a gentle person who was always helpful, cooperative and positive in the face of any challenges. His calm and amicable demeanor was a blessing for all of us and we are grateful for the chance to have met him and worked on his behalf.