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Bankruptcy Lawyer, Norwalk

Bankruptcy Lawyer, NorwalkBankruptcy law has provided protection for individuals and small businesses in Norwalk, CT for generations.  Bankruptcy is a comprehensive group of laws or “Chapters” that work together to create a fully organized system for the protection of individuals and families who are struggling to make ends meet.  Thousands of Norwalk, CT residents have used the protections of all Chapters of bankruptcy to recover from the economic challenges of life in Norwalk, CT.  At the Law Offices of Neil Crane, we are Norwalk, CT attorneys who have been using the Bankruptcy System to provide strong and prompt financial recoveries to hundreds of Norwalk, CT individuals and local businesses in Norwalk, CT since 1983.

At the Law Offices of Neil Crane, we use the Bankruptcy System to create a smooth and efficient process that guarantees our clients the highest and best financial recovery available.  While there are various options available to our attorneys to resolve your final problems, the Bankruptcy Code contains the most powerful laws written to protect individuals and families with overwhelming debt and problems paying their bills.  The Bankruptcy Courts, the Bankruptcy system, and U.S. Bankruptcy Trustee’s Office are a highly-specialized group of attorneys and long-term professionals put in place to work for you and ensure that you get full financial recovery under the protection of the Bankruptcy Code.  It’s a powerful system dedicated to your recovery.  While it seems complicated to other lawyers, in the hands of our specialized and experienced Norwalk Bankruptcy lawyers, we have used it to deliver decades of swift and efficient recoveries on behalf of hundreds of Norwalk, CT residents.

All Chapters of Bankruptcy have certain major and powerful standard protections that assure success and a fresh start.  In Norwalk, CT the Bankruptcy Court will guarantee three important achievements:

  1. A Fresh Start: The Bankruptcy Code was first written generations ago and is periodically revised to assure a smooth system for the financial recovery of all individuals and families who seek its protection.  The laws and the process assure that every person can “start over,” get a “fresh start and return to a productive and far-less stressful life.  The Bankruptcy Code was written to create financial recovery and in the hands of specialized bankruptcy professionals, it’s guaranteed.
  2. Guaranteed Results: While the Bankruptcy system is highly complex, to a specialist it’s also completely predictable.  Perfect preparation creates perfect and totally predictable results every time.
  3. Confidential and Respectful Treatment: The Bankruptcy System operates through attorneys so that you won’t need to have any presence in Court.  The whole process from start to finish is completed by our Norwalk Bankruptcy experts without your having to attend Court.  Instead, we are there for any hearing required without any need for your attendance.  In Norwalk, CT all Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 cases only require one short 5-10-minute informal meeting that is entirely respectful to all filers with good legal counsel, with the benefit of our superb preparation in every case.  Your meeting with us there with you will start with “thank you for the paperwork” and end five minutes later with “good luck to you.”

The Process

Regardless of how we solve your problems, the debt relief bankruptcy process is logical and predictable.  At the Law Offices of Neil Crane, our system for prompt recoveries under any options or any Chapter of Bankruptcy follows a clear and concise process from a prompt start to a guaranteed finish.

First Contact

Always the toughest but most important first step is contact with a specialized bankruptcy attorney.  Email is good, but a direct and comforting phone call is by far the best.  Attorney Crane always takes all first calls directly and we never use voicemail.  If you can find the strength to call us to take that first step, we deeply appreciate the trust and want to give you immediate, personal attention from Attorney Crane.  He’ll always discuss your case with you immediately himself and give you the benefit and warmth of nearly 40 years of helping individuals and families in Norwalk, CT.  To speak with Norwalk’s most experienced bankruptcy attorney, call Neil Crane directly at 203-334-5555.

Free Consultation

We always offer a prompt and complete initial consultation with Attorney Crane to confidentially discuss your specific challenges, fears and concerns.  We discuss options for resolving all your concerns along with a full plan that best fits you.  We’ll also speak about the process, your involvement, time frames for your result, and costs of representation.  We offer affordable flat rate services with flexible payment plans that will fit your budget.  We never charge hourly or extra beyond our Court-regulated flat fees.

Drafting Your Case

Within the first three to five days of hiring our office, we will interview you at a time convenient with your schedule and do a complete draft or first galley of your case.  We’ll learn all the details for a complete first draft of all paperwork and necessary documents.  Doing this fast and smart is our way of:

  1. Knowing everything about your case immediately and in detail;
  2. Showing you immediately how hard and smooth we can work for you and how committed we all are to your prompt and full recovery. We understand it’s a very private issue, but we’ve been comforting people, working with people, and solving people’s hardest financial problems since 1983.  You can always count on our expertise and experience.

We want to guide you to success and get your case fully prepared as quickly as possible.  If you’re looking for slow or disinterested, it’s not us.  Nothing goes slow in our office.

Preparation of All Documentation

Immediately upon signing up with our office, we produce a document checklist of all the items to be prepared in your case, from start to finish.  It’s all on there, and it’s all customized to your case from the beginning to the guaranteed end.  The key to all perfect debt relief and bankruptcy practice is perfect preparation.  We are experts in understanding all that’s going to be required to start and conclude your case.  We know it all in advance and prepare your case perfectly in advance of any filing.  This produces an exact guaranteed result in all our Norwalk bankruptcy cases.  Preparation means predictability and success.

Filing and Closing Your Bankruptcy Case

Many people are surprised to learn that bankruptcy cases under all Chapters are prepared entirely in advance and completely within our offices.  From the first day of our retention, all phone calls, correspondence, lawsuits, and legal work goes through our office directly.  All paperwork is prepared in advance by our office as your attorneys.  All bankruptcy cases under Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 are controlled by math and paperwork so it is always completely predictable and certain.  It’s all done in advance in our office with your help, input and review before any case is ever filed.  Once it’s filed, it’s really over and it’s effective the moment it is filed.  You start over the next day – It’s immediate.  Perfect preparation, perfect result.  It’s totally predictable, effective, and done the moment we file it with the Court.

Your First (and Only) Creditors Meeting

Thirty days after your case is filed and effective, there is an informal interview called a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 First Meeting of Creditors.  It’s informal in an office setting with us, you, and a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Trustee attorney in an office room or often just over the phone.  The meeting is respectful and brief because all of our Norwalk Bankruptcy cases are prepared correctly in advance.  Before we even file your case, all the paperwork for the meeting is done and ready so all meetings with our office start off with a greeting by the Trustee and a “Thank you for the paperwork.”  With our office, that’s the completion of the meeting and the case, we never have a; second meeting.  We do it right the first and only time.  Being perfectly prepared for this meeting, starting on Day One of your case, has been the essential element to our decades of success under Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 in producing perfect recoveries in Norwalk, CT, and throughout Connecticut.

Meetings close up within 5-10 minutes and conclude with the Trustee’s “good luck to you.”  And that’s the end of the process and your involvement.  Your case is effective on the date filed and the meeting is only a brief chance to identify you with our lawyers by your side.  At the Law Offices of Neil Crane, that’s how we prepare and that’s how we succeed.

Discharge Date

After an uneventful meeting, an uneventful sixty days will pass and the entire system will close your case permanently, effective from the date we first filed it on your behalf.  There will be no Court appearances for you – we do all the Court work directly with the Court and any other interested parties.  All contact with the Court and creditors goes through our office and our full group of experienced Norwalk Bankruptcy attorneys.

With good help from clients, most cases can be filed and fully effective within two weeks or shorter.  The case is immediately effective on that date forever, (the “petition date”), and the case is entirely closed to any changes within 90-105 uneventful days and one five-to-ten-minute informal meeting with our office and the Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Trustee.

At the Law Offices of Neil Crane, we know that for our Norwalk, CT bankruptcy clients, if the case goes in perfect, it comes out perfect.  To learn more about Bankruptcy law in Norwalk, CT, call us at 203-334-5555.  Speak to Attorney Crane directly.  We never use voice mail.