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Choosing a bankruptcy lawyer in Rocky Hill, CT

Bankruptcy law is a very specialized area of legal focus. A successful filing requires the help of a seasoned bankruptcy lawyer who understands the ins and outs of all the laws and procedures in your home state.

The Law Offices of Neil Crane is committed to bankruptcy law and debt relief throughout Connecticut. Our office in Rocky Hill is there to provide bankruptcy services to individuals, families, and businesses in the Hartford area.

How to Find a Bankruptcy Attorney

Finding an attorney who is willing to handle your bankruptcy filing is relatively easy, but finding the right one for the job is a bit trickier. Your starting point should be referrals from past clients, friends, general practice attorneys, accountants and other professionals, if possible.

You can also review local listings and internet searches for local specialized Bankruptcy attorneys that live and practice in Connecticut. Read their reviews and testimonials.

If you are filing as an individual, look for attorneys who focus on Chapter 7 and 13 bankruptcies. If you are filing as a business, you will need a Chapter 11 bankruptcy attorney.

Experience and expertise

You need to find a lawyer who has as many years of experience in Connecticut bankruptcy law as possible. Filing for bankruptcy is a precise procedure, and a misfiled document or missed deadline could result in the complete collapse of your case or the loss of assets.

Inexperienced and out-of-state lawyers can easily botch your case, and cause serious legal issues for you or your family. This makes specific expertise in bankruptcy law a non-negotiable criterion in your search for an attorney.

Technically, any attorney is licensed to handle any area of law, even bankruptcy cases, but you should only choose a specialized office with an extensive history of handling thousands of successful bankruptcy cases.

The attorneys at The Law Offices of Neil Crane are focused on Connecticut bankruptcy law, and have handled over 15 thousand successful Connecticut cases.

Communication and compatibility

Even if you find a lawyer with excellent qualifications, your case is unlikely to turn out well if the two of you are not comfortable with each other. You should never overlook the interpersonal aspects of the attorney-client relationship.

Filing for bankruptcy is an emotional, personal matter, and you need to work with an attorney who understands you and your case – it’s a team effort.

At the Law Offices of Neil Crane, Attorney Crane and all our attorneys always strive to make you feel at home and important. We explain cases thoroughly; we never limit phone calls or use voice mail.

The Rocky Hill location of The Law offices of Neil Crane is located on Old Main Street across from the Rocky Hill Parks & Recreation center. Our lawyers go to this location by appointment only. Please call us to book an appointment before coming to this location

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Ferry Park located on the Connecticut River
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A bankruptcy case is not a DIY project

There are too many legal and procedural issues involved with bankruptcy for you to attempt to do it alone. You may not know which forms to fill in, which chapter or specific federal statutes of the United States Bankruptcy Code are applicable to you, what exemptions you qualify for, what supporting documents are needed in your case, or the tax consequences and other implications of your case.

Entrusting a specialized bankruptcy lawyer with your case is a must and the only perfect way to remove all the details and obstacles that you don’t even know are there.

What Should I Expect From My Bankruptcy Lawyer?

Aside from knowledge, experience, excellent communication, and high levels of professionalism, your bankruptcy attorney should be able to provide the following essentials for your case:

  • A full explanation of your case from start to finish
  • A first-rate reputation with all three Bankruptcy Courts, Judges and Trustees
  • Knowledge of all three chapters of bankruptcy relief and what type of bankruptcy you can file for
  • A full explanation of the applicable exemptions
  • Filing of all necessary paperwork and back-up documentation
  • Prompt preparation and direct contact with all creditors
  • Preparation and representation at any hearings
  • The ability to provide advice on credit and credit repair
  • Full knowledge of on any law changes or customs in the Court
  • Regular updates on the status of your file
  • Full explanation and access to future advice and information after your case is complete

With several offices across Connecticut, including Rocky Hill, the bankruptcy lawyers at The Law Offices of Neil Crane offer the ideal combination of experience, professionalism, and personalized care.  Contact Us to book a free consultation.


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