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Bankruptcy law is a specialized group of federal laws that provides legal protections for individuals with overwhelming money problems.  As a bankruptcy attorney Stratford, CT can count on, Attorney Neil Crane has a full working knowledge of all the protections and rights granted to individuals and families seeking a financial fresh start.  At the Law Offices of Neil Crane, we’ve dedicated our careers and all of the resources of our office to aggressively represent hardworking families seeking a better life.  We’re the largest team of consumer bankruptcy lawyers in Connecticut.  As Stratford, CT bankruptcy lawyers, we have the knowledge and experience to diagnose any financial mess and put together a prompt and comprehensive plan customized for your financial recovery.

All money problems feel personal and often frightening so you need to get smart and make that first frightening call.  Attorney Neil Crane takes every call to our office.  He knows how hard it is to call, how hard it is to admit you have a problem, and how much he can help.  Never feel badly about financial problems, they can happen to the best, hardest working residents of Stratford, CT.  We appreciate the opportunity to work on behalf of all our Stratford bankruptcy clients whose trust in us has been earned and respected for over 35 years.

Most Stratford residents struggle in private and don’t know that there are legal solutions to financial problems.  Properly executed bankruptcy proceedings produce all the key elements for financial recovery:

  • An immediate stop on all collection actions, phone calls and lawsuits
  • Immediate protection of all assets
  • The resolution of all debt faced by individuals and small businesses
  • Predictable certain results known in advance in our office calculated to exact numbers with organized paperwork documentation
  • Respectful process with no appearance in court, no contact with creditors and one ten-minute meeting

The bankruptcy system is perfectly equipped with strong federal jurisdiction that overrides all courts in any stage of the court process.  It assures that all Stratford, CT residents have the protection of the federal bankruptcy system and the right to protect their assets and achieve a financial fresh start.

Asset Protection Under Bankruptcy Law in Stratford, CT

Contrary to all myths, bankruptcy law is specifically written for the protection of individuals’ assets; houses, personal belongings, cars and bank accounts, pensions and lots of other federally protected “exempt assets.”  These are deemed protected and under federal bankruptcy law “exempt” from any action of creditors.  They are preserved for you and your recovery, and protected from collections, lawsuits, garnishments and even State Court ordered liens.  The entire purpose of bankruptcy is to protect what you own from creditors, preserve income and create a clear path to financial recovery with no loss of assets.  Federal bankruptcy laws offer absolute protection for:

Bankruptcy Exemptions

  1. Homes with equity now up to $250,000 per person
  2. Bank accounts and cash up to $13,900 per person
  3. Pension accounts
  4. Cars
  5. Personal belongings
  6. Alimony awards
  7. Social Security
  8. Life insurance
  9. Personal injury claims
  10. Worker’s compensation awards
  11. Other assets…

At the Law Offices of Neil Crane, we use all exemption laws to protect our clients’ assets.  We don’t lose assets in bankruptcy cases – all our cases protect our clients’ assets from loss to creditors or court systems with precision and predictably known to our clients certainly and in advance of any bankruptcy filing.  Our focused preparation is the essential element to all our successful bankruptcy cases.  Attorney Neil Crane, Connecticut’s experienced bankruptcy attorney Stratford, CT trusts, will produce bankruptcy recoveries and results one family and one case at a time.

Detailed Analysis and Services Under Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 at the Law Offices of Neil Crane

We understand and specialize in all the bankruptcy laws that apply to individuals, families and small businesses.  We’re a team of Stratford, CT bankruptcy lawyers committed to representing middle class individuals and families who need a financial fresh start.  We understand both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 individual protections and provide more Connecticut residents with Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 services than any other firm.  You need a dedicated bankruptcy attorney Stratford, CT residents have trusted for over 35 years. The attorneys and long-term support staff at the Law Offices of Neil Crane can provide proven Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy services.

Preparation and Advanced Commitment are the Key to Bankruptcy Success

All great cases are made in advance in our office under our knowledgeable guidance with your scripted assistance.  We start each case with an outline of our approach and a detailed checklist of all the documents required on your end from start to finish.  It’s predictable and it’s all laid out up front in advance on Day One.

All bankruptcy law provides comprehensive, strong federal provisions that override all other state laws in favor of an individual’s right to obtain a financial fresh start.  The laws and protections were written over 125 years ago, and they have provided a true workable solution to millions of financial problems throughout Connecticut and the United States.  Each provision works in conjunction with other laws under Chapter 7, Chapter 11 and Chapter 13 of the United States Bankruptcy Code, and all with the express purpose of creating financial recovery for individual families and small businesses.

The key elements in all bankruptcy relief processes in the Law Offices of Neil Crane are:

#1. Financial Recovery.  Every case produces a new financial future and a new avenue to a fresh start.  Under the Bankruptcy Code, regardless of your income or the amount of your debt, you have the right to rebuild, shed debt, and keep your belongings.

#2. Predictability.  Every case under any personal chapter of bankruptcy produces results known and crafted in advance.  Through analysis, preparation and in-depth documentation, great bankruptcy attorneys complete your case in the office, with all work done and all results known before any bankruptcy filing.  It’s math, and it’s paperwork.  At the Law Offices of Neil Crane, strong math and well-organized paperwork produces predictable and strong results.

#3. Respect.  It’s difficult to ask for help, and it’s difficult to accept that you need help, so it’s hard to call our office even for free advice.  The hardest part of any case is the scary first call to our office.  We know you feel bad but we respect all our clients and appreciate their trust in our office.  They are some of the hardest working good folks we’ve ever met.  They motivate us each and every day.  And the system itself respects them.  No court hearings, no explanations necessary, no inquisitions – there’s a respectful one-time meeting, not in a courtroom, we’re with you, we’re prepared, and it takes less than ten minutes.

To learn more about the entire bankruptcy process and how it can bring you a fresh start, call the Law Offices of Neil Crane and speak with Attorney Neil Crane directly.  He takes every call himself and also offers a free, in-depth follow-up consultation.  Call us at 203-334-5555.  We never use voicemail – your call is too important.