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Debt Consolidation Plans New Haven, CT

Debt Consolidation Plans New Haven, CTThousands of families struggle with credit card debt and monthly payments that are almost impossible to solve on their own without the help of credit consolidation and lowered monthly payments.  Many families in New Haven, CT need the expert advice of credit consolidation and debt relief attorneys at the Law Offices of Neil Crane.

Credit or Debt Consolidation is an approach to resolving overwhelming debt that relies on pooling creditors or debt into a single monthly payment.  Instead of trying to pay numerous creditors with individual monthly bills, credit consolidation plans accumulate your debt into a program that calls for one single overall monthly payment.  There are various types of credit consolidation programs with varying monthly payments and a variety of different approaches to resolving your debt problems.

Most importantly, you need to do solid research on the track record of any company that says they can consolidate your debt.  Out-of-state internet companies have been poaching Connecticut residents in increasing numbers with often catastrophic results as these ill-conceived plans unravel into lawsuits, liens and judgments.  No one seeking credit consolidation in New Haven, CT should ever embark on a program that doesn’t involve credit consolidation attorneys with a true presence in New Haven, CT.  These out-of-state credit consolidation companies often have no commitment to their New Haven clients.  They have no specialization in CT and often make unfounded and outlandish promises that never come to pass.  Instead of providing a solution, they are a trap that takes your monthly payments for their fees and costs and personal profit.  Rather than working to solve your problem, they are focused on their own profits, taking thousands of wasted dollars from hardworking New Haven, CT residents trying to find a real solution, only to end up with dying credit scores, no money, and collection lawsuits instead of true debt relief.

Never trust your future to an out-of-state internet consolidation company without completely verifying their history of success and the advice of a qualified local debt consolidation lawyer in New Haven,  CT.  

At the Law Offices of Neil Crane, we have over 35 years of experience with credit consolidation in New Haven, CT.  We understand what works and what doesn’t work.  We know that every credit or debt consolidation plan needs to:

  1. Be well-prepared:  Any debt consolidation program needs to have a solid approach from start to finish.  It needs to be well laid out in advance, fully disclosed, and make sense to you.  If it isn’t fully sensible from start to finish, don’t start – it can only end badly with lower credit scores and lawsuits against you in the New Haven courts.
  • Plans Must Be Affordable:  Every successful credit consolidation plan needs to fit within your budget.  Connecticut is an expensive state to live in with a high cost of living.  Plans sold by out-of-state companies don’t properly accommodate the cost of living right here in CT.  This means the plan will be based on fake premises and you will be destined for failure, no matter how much you pay in fees or struggle to make monthly payments.
  • Plans Need to Custom Fit You:  Cookie cutter plans don’t work.  One size does not fit all.  Every solid debt consolidation plan at the Law Offices of Neil Crane is customized to fit all the details of your income and expenses in New Haven, CT.  This involves a hard look at all costs of living in CT, fixed other expenses, like rent or mortgages or car loans, and incorporate in detail all the nuances of your budget, be it hourly, over time, seasonal or sometimes inconsistent.  Every successful debt consolidation plan needs to be fitted and customized to your needs and income.
  • Plans Need to Provide You Exact Saving Numbers:  Even if a plan might work for you, what will you save in the end?  Any program that can’t tell you what you’re going to save is a wish and not a plan.  No out-of-state consolidation companies can tell you what your individual savings is going to be.  They use averages and past information based on the entire country, not debt consolidation results in New Haven, CT.  They also never take into account all the vast number of plans that fail, so their averages are sloppy and misleading – not anything you can ever use to be certain of your financial recovery.  At the Law Offices of Neil Crane, our credit card consolidation attorneys will show you the math.  We provide solid, reliable, exact debt reduction numbers in advance.
  • Fees and Costs of Credit Consolidation:  Out-of-state credit consolidation companies charge excessive fees that are paid up front and often average more than 25% of your overall debt.  This means that $30,000 in debt could easily produce fees of nearly $7,500.  Moreover, these fees are taken by the companies with no guarantees in advance of any achieved settlement.  These fees are due regardless of any success, and they’re most often deducted directly from your checking account so you now have direct deductions going to company fees rather than creditors.  Furthermore, these fee averages don’t count all those many unsuccessful clients who bail out of unaffordable and unsuccessful plans that just create money lost to fees and no relief at all.

At the Law Offices of Neil Crane, our credit relief options often cost below 10% with affordable payment plans and proven results that have provided credit card relief for over 15,000 CT individuals and families just like you.

  • Are There Other Better Options:  Given the real pitfalls and true dangers of cookie cutter consolidation companies, all residents of New Haven, CT need to get solid advice and learn all the options.  Most importantly, credit consolidation companies have no legal experience and can’t save you once things go bad.  At the Law Offices of Neil Crane, our debt relief and credit consolidation attorneys see failed programs that end up on Court lawsuits in New Haven, CT every week.  These are sad stories of plans that were never going to work, and cost thousands in our clients’ wasted money and fees, only to end in disastrous results, dying credit scores and lawsuits that all have been predicted and avoided by our careful and experienced debt relief attorneys on Day One.

Instead, a full and experienced free analysis could have provided other solid options for debt relief, low settlements, negotiated resolutions or bankruptcy options under Chapter 7 or Chapter 13.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy produces affordable full debt relief with guaranteed results in advance for a fraction of the price of consolidation and immediate credit improvement.

Chapter 13 produces affordable, organized reorganizations of all types of debt into a single plan with precise monthly payments, known in advance, while prioritizing important monthly payments ahead of credit card debts, which receive limited payments, and no interest.  It assures a solid fresh start and rising credit scores.

Don’t rely on out-of-state internet companies.  Get proven relief from the local specialized debt relief attorneys at the Law Offices of Neil Crane.  You just need to make that scary first call.  Call us at (203) 800-3111, and let our attorneys review your situation and the options available to you today.