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Frequenlty Asked Questions

About Debt Consolidation

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Should I chose a Debt Consolidation solution or Bankruptcy?

In our many years of experience, we’ve found that there are two types of credit consolidators: bad and really bad. These companies are essentially collection agencies for your creditors. They make empty promises to people facing overwhelming debt obligations, often promising to settle their debts for pennies on the dollar. They then collect monthly payments from struggling Connecticut residents who can ill afford to lose them to plans that offer no true solutions, led on by false promises and mirage solutions.

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What can I do if I am deep in debt?

Do not be overwhelmed by your financial situation. Take advantage of options that may be available to you to address this seemingly insurmountable problem.  Speak to an experienced attorney to help you decided which option is right for you.

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Should I hire a Credit Consolidation Company?

Choosing a method of resolving your debt is a decision that only you can make. It is critical however that you protect yourself from scams. Credit consolidators rarely solve a problem. While in rare cases they may be helpful, most people find they don’t have enough income to make payments.

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Will Credit Consolidation affect my credit?

Anything short of making a full payment will affect your credit score and lead to higher interest rates. Your ability to qualify for new credit may also be affected. Do your homework. Remember that there is no magic cure for debt, and any company promising one is probably out to scam you.

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