If the minimum monthly payments for your car loan, home mortgage, credit card or any personal loan are becoming too difficult to manage, if you find yourself “robbing Peter to pay Paul,” it is important to seek professional counsel quickly. At The Law Offices of Neil Crane, LLC, this is what we do. We have over 30 years of history dedicated to helping a wide range of Connecticut clients with different issues and needs find personally crafted debt relief and budgeting help. We create a plan and an approach to resolve debt with practical solutions. With our dedication, knowledge and experience, we can help you restructure or discharge debt completely with all available options including bankruptcy.

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Any Type of Loan Can Be Stopped From Direct Deduction

Stopping automatic payments will not affect your standing with your lender. It is important to review automatic deductions and your overall financial issues with a highly qualified attorney before deciding which payments to cut back on. Making these decisions and significantly altering your payment schedule without the counsel of an experienced attorney could have negative consequences if it’s not done as part of a customized, overall plan for financial recovery.

Our law firm can help you negotiate more favorable loan terms or restructure debt with or without a bankruptcy filing. It is critical to consider all your options with a professional before proceeding. We can work aggressively on your behalf to protect your assets and ensure that your rights are not violated by overly aggressive lenders or unscrupulous debt collectors. With over 15,000 satisfied clients, we know all your options. Call us.

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