Can I save my home?

Every week hundreds of Connecticut families are sued for foreclosure. But they don’t realize that there are solutions to be able to save their home. The vast majority of Connecticut homes can be saved. But thousands of families in Connecticut will lose their homes to foreclosure never knowing that there are laws in place to prevent this and protect them.

Will I lose my home in foreclosure?

Not unless you want to! Thousands of Connecticut residents in foreclosure save their homes every year, but it’s imperative to seek help from the best possible legal counsel with knowledge and experience gained by saving thousands of Connecticut homes. Don’t rely on a bank, government agency or out of state website to save your home from foreclosure. Get prompt, local and experienced legal advice. Other alternative end up costing you money and losing your home. Furthermore, direct discussions with your bank don’t stop the court process. Many banks give people a false sense of impending resolution while they use their lawyers to speed forward and take your house through the legal process. No amount of discussion stops the court process.

  • Connecticut law offers mandatory foreclosure mediation on all residential foreclosures. This allows homeowners to present their case for mortgage modifications to the lender at the courthouse.
  • Foreclosure is extremely dangerous and stressful, but with our legal help it is an opportunity for well-prepared homeowners to present their case for modification. Prompt, experienced legal representation saves homes. But never go it alone. The lender will be represented by a very experienced counsel dedicated to taking back your home. Be sure that you are well-represented by an experienced attorney dedicated to saving your home.
  • Don’t despair — There are many ways for our attorneys to succeed in modifying your mortgage.

What is Foreclosure?

Foreclosure is the State Court legal process whereby lender tax authority or secured creditor seeks to take back the title to your house. It starts with service by a state marshall of a foreclosure writ, which need not be served to you in hand, but instead can just be left at your property. The rest of the process happens in the county court house with notices sent by mail only. The court system requires that you file an appearance to assure notice of all actions by all parties to the foreclosure. In Connecticut, foreclosure takes between 3-6 months and can be further delayed or stopped by informed, strategic legal action.

Foreclosure is an important legal process that is intended by the lender to take your home. Seek immediate and experienced legal advice or representation if you are threatened with or presently a defendant in a pending foreclosure.

Foreclosure is just the beginning of a solvable and somewhat prolonged process. Don’t panic. Instead, get prompt, experienced help.

Should I seek legal advice if I’m behind on my mortgage or in foreclosure?

Definitely, whether you’re in foreclosure or not, our properly qualified attorneys have the experience to assist you and maximize your chances for success. Financial problems that involve your home are legal issues and an experienced attorney can save your house. Don’t rely on the assurances of non-qualified “experts,” or out-of-town companies, court mediators or “friends” who have limited knowledge or experience. All foreclosure problems are difficult. Your situation is specialized to you and needs to be treated with an importance and uniqueness that is specific to your exact problem and the proper solution.

What are my legal options if I’m in foreclosure?

Connecticut has various laws to protect homeowners from foreclosure. They include the right to decelerate your loan by back payments, underemployed or unemployed protection, foreclosure protection and mediation. Mandatory mediation in court has become an excellent option available to all Connecticut residents who take proper advantage of this state law protection for homeowners. There are also various legal defenses to combat lending and foreclosure abuses. Most importantly, there is an entire set of federal laws that are available to rescue Connecticut residents from losing their home through foreclosure.

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The Law Offices of Neil Crane Can Stop Foreclosure in Connecticut

Every week, hundreds of families are sued for foreclosure. But do not despair. There are solutions out there and an experienced lawyer can help you save your home and get the debt relief you deserve.

At The Law Offices of Neil Crane, LLC, our Connecticut mortgage solutions attorneys have been saving homes for Connecticut residents since 1983. We have the resources and experience to help you save your home through a mortgage modification or foreclosure mediation that allows you to make payments you can afford.

You Have Questions. We Have Solutions.

Whether you are behind on your mortgage payments or your lender is no longer returning your calls, you want to do everything you can to prevent foreclosure. Perhaps you have tried refinancing your home, but you do not have the equity or the credit to make it work. If you have an adjustable rate mortgage, you may be afraid that it will adjust soon and leave you unable to make payments.

These are just a few of the concerns facing Connecticut homeowners. Our firm is dedicated to solving immediate mortgage problems and creating long-term home ownership through affordable mortgage payments. We will help you consider your full range of options.