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Windsor Credit Card Relief Attorneys

Credit Card Relief Attorneys

Credit card debt has become the biggest threat to middle class families throughout Windsor.  It’s easy to get in and almost impossible to get out.  Monthly interest payments rob us of any chance to make monthly budgets work.  It takes your pay away every month and never seems to come down.  Banks know that you will do anything to pay them n time and they use your hard-earned work ethic to take your pay through ever increasing record interest rates.

Credit card debt traps the middle class hard working families in Windsor, CT in order to create record profits for high paid Wall Street executives who benefit from your desire to pay – and your fear of seeking help.

Credit card companies rely on your good habits and the fear they create through credit scores and increasing interest rates.  They know you’re fearful, embarrassed and too worn down to seek help and even ask about or learn your legal rights to break their cycle of servitude to unreasonable credit card debt.

Credit Card Companies Target and Rely on You

The credit card industry is founded on high profits based on high interest rates for continuing balances.  The “minimum payer” is the target customer for all credit card companies.  The person or household that carries a steady balance without reductions is called the minimum payer.  Creating minimum payers is the goal of the credit card industry.  These people pay the most each month, every month for years or even decades – often without any meaningful reductions in the money they owe.  In fact, their balances often increase despite years of hard work, discipline and an unrelenting desire to pay.

Credit Card Debt Kills Your Monthly Budget

People and households who carry credit card debt often can’t make their budgets balance no matter how hard they work or for how long.  The truth is that they are paying so much in wasted monthly interest payments that they can’t ever get ahead.  Instead, you get trapped into a monthly cycle of minimum payments, minimum usage – it’s gas, it’s groceries – the regular costs of life have now been turned into credit card balances with the stress and sense of helplessness that comes from doing your best, (but it’s just not good enough)


All of our clients and our experience tell us that families and wage earners in Windsor, CT will do anything to pay their bills each month every month and that’s a great tribute to them, their work ethic and their desire to pay…but at some point, it just doesn’t work.  It’s math, and it’s beyond your ability to change it without help.

Here are some symptoms of real credit card problems:

  • Your budget doesn’t work anymore
  • Your bills exceed your money each month
  • Your interest rates are too high
  • Your credit card balances won’t come down
  • You put food and necessities on credit cards
  • Your debts are affecting your mental health
  • You’ve exhausted all other options

Seeking Help is the Hardest Step in Credit Card Debt Relief

We’ve all been trained to pay our bills.  It’s good training and it starts young, and it perpetuates a feeling of guilt if we just can’t make ends meet.  It’s stressful and it’s often done in private with no real source of help.  We’re all taught to be afraid to “admit” financial problems – So everyone lives with their own credit card nightmare alone and in private.  It’s hard to admit you need help.

We understand how difficult it is to call and make contact with our office.  So we welcome you by answering the phone, getting you on with an attorney by phone call, office meeting, or online.

The Options in Dealing with Credit Card Debt

Just keep paying:       This is the normal choice of all Windsor residents.  We want to pay, but if you are reading this, you know just paying doesn’t help and you’ve made a huge step in that you’re looking for answers.  Your budget is math and it needs to work or working harder – our number one natural reaction – won’t work.  It’s math and if it’s wrong it’s wrong, and it’s time to look for other answers.

Debt Programs:          Debt programs are all over our Connecticut landscape.  Unfortunately, it’s the biggest wrong alternative made by people in trouble.  It’s internet-driven, it isn’t customized and unless you’re the rare exception, it’s not going to work.  These companies are often called “Debt Settlement Programs” or “Consolidation Programs.”

Be careful – these are out-of-state companies or “law groups” that are never located here in Connecticut.  It’s their business to advise Connecticut residents to enroll in standardized, cookie-cutter programs that just don’t work.  They lack customization, concern or a commitment to you and your family.

Debt Settlement:       Debt settlement means a voluntary deal between you and your creditor to take a reduced settlement.  It’s a good idea if it fits you.  It doesn’t fit most people because (1) they have multiple debts to pay and (2) they don’t have sufficient cash with which to make a settlement.  Debt settlement means the voluntary agreement reduction in a debt for a one-time payment of a lesser amount.  It can happen and it can work, but it’s very rarely the best option available.  It works for people who:

  1. Have a limited number of debts;
  2. Have cash available to settle all their bills;
  3. Can’t file bankruptcy and get a fresh start.

At the Law Offices of Neil Crane, we’ve been settling debts for nearly forty years.  It takes patience and persistence, but it’s an option we use every day, if and when it fits.  To learn more about your debt reduction options, call the experienced Windsor attorneys at the Law Offices of Neil Crane today at 203-871-0062.  We are always happy to take your call.

Bankruptcy Filings:    Bankruptcy law is a comprehensive set of federal laws that provide for debt relief throughout the U.S.  It was originally empowered by the U.S. Constitution to authorize Congress to make laws to assist Windsor residents and has continued with updates and revisions to the present.  It is a full set of protection for individuals that forces creditors to allow for your financial rehabilitation.  It controls all debts of all kinds in any court in the United States.  It is a system for providing fresh starts when they would otherwise be impossible.

 Bankruptcy Law:

  1. Stops all other courts or collections wherever located
  2. Stops any actions to collect a debt or process a bill anywhere in the U. S.
  3. Provides rights to individuals and small businesses to recover, reorganize and restart

Most importantly to the average Windsor resident, it eliminates or controls all credit card debt and protects  your home, your car, your pay and all your assets.

How Do I Choose a Debt Relief Option

The first and most important step in choosing the right option for you now and in the future is to get educated.  Learn the truth about each available alternative, how it works, and how it truly benefits you in the end.  It’s one of the most critical financial decisions you’ll ever make.  To learn more from our experienced legal experts right here in Connecticut, call our office and speak with someone who cares about your life and financial wellbeing at 203-871-0062.  We are always happy to help!