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WHY US FOR TAX DEBT SOLUTIONS?All tax problems are stressful and important, but each one is unique and demands customized solutions from a fully experienced expert. No one teaches you to have a tax problem or trains you on what to do. Every individual and small business that encounters any type of tax problem faces a new and challenging dilemma that needs and deserves prompt and specialized tax advice from an experienced legal professional.

Solve a Tax Debt Problem Tax problems are uniquely solveable

Tax debt problems are special in the following ways:

  • Each tax problem is unique – Different taxes, different circumstances, lots of details
  • All tax problems are stressful and scary
  • All tax problems get quickly worse in a short time due to penalties and interest
  • Tax authorities have strong statutory powers to enforce, lien, and seize property
  • Tax problems involve the government; so it’s an unequal playing field

Why Us For Tax Debt Problems

We have formalized accredited training in all forms of tax debt problems.  We hold State and Federal licenses that certify us as Connecticut and Federal tax professionals.  Unlike all other tax specialists, our office has full knowledge and experience with all the special bankruptcy laws that override local, State, and Federal tax rules.  Powerful bankruptcy provisions override State and Federal tax laws so that we can provide you with a unique avenue for tax resolution unknown to general tax accountants.  In fact, much of our work is referrals from other tax experts seeking our unique knowledge and services to solve their most difficult tax clients.

We also have critical experience and knowledge about the treatment of other forms of debt that competes with tax debt.  This is an essential advantage since all tax debt solutions involve other financial obligations which require comprehensive treatment in order to formulate the best possible tax solutions.

As bankruptcy lawyers, we are uniquely situated to understand the full reorganization skills and ability to produce tax solutions that would otherwise go unresolved.

Connecticut Tax Solutions Experience:  A History of Success

At the Law Offices of Neil Crane, we’ve been resolving local, State, and Federal tax debt problems for Connecticut residents and small businesses since 1983.  We’ve been involved in hundreds of tax solutions and we’ve practiced exclusively in Connecticut for over 35 years.  We understand State of Connecticut tax laws and Connecticut residents.  This is where we live and work.

Tax problems need special attention, the full range of alternatives for tax debt solutions, and a solid plan that incorporates all the challenges of living and working in Connecticut.

At the Law Offices of Neil Crane, we combine knowledge, experience, superior analysis, and hard work to produce a long-term achievable plan customized to your tax problem and your budget.  Call us for a free consultation to review your individual or business tax concerns at 203-230-2233, or contact us online for a swift response.  We look forward to analyzing your situation and devising an individualized plan for you or your small business.