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West Haven Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyer

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyer West Haven, Connecticut


Thousands of West Haven family budgets have been damaged by the pandemic’s health and economic disasters in ways that they just can’t seem to solve.  Try as they might, the economic effects of the pandemic have strained their budgets to the breaking point.  Most suffer in silence, not knowing that there are strong laws and protections created for their recovery.  The Bankruptcy Code and Chapter 7 Bankruptcy relief have been operating for generations, poised and ready to solve your exact problems.   At the Law Offices of Neil Crane, we know how proud and private our clients are and how long they fight an unwinnable battle before calling our office for answers they needed and deserved months ago.

The Bankruptcy System is created and run by Judges, lawyers and professionals dedicated to providing financial relief and fresh starts for our West Haven individuals and families.  Whatever the economic problem may be, the Bankruptcy Code addresses it and the Bankruptcy System assures your get all the protection you and your family need.  It just takes contact or a call to Attorney Neil Crane and his long-term group of West Haven Chapter 7 lawyers and veteran professionals.  Attorney Crane will personally take your call and get you on the road to recovery with free advice, free consultations, and a proven plan that will work for you as it has for hundreds of our West Haven clients who turned their lives around through the proven relief provided at the Law Offices of Neil Crane.  To learn more about the options that are available to  you, call Attorney Crane directly at 203-871-0062.  Your call is important to us, so we never use voicemail.

With the recent and severe economic upheavals, many West Haven residents have had to withstand job reductions, job loss, economic interruptions and the rising costs of living in West Haven, CT.  Many individuals have tried to cope with these changes through added borrowings just to keep things afloat.  Often these one-time borrowings work for the moment, but end up resulting in a strain on your monthly budget that’s just too much.  Despite all efforts to cut costs and work endless hours, it just seems like more work, more stress and endless bills.  Thousands of West Haven residents suffer with these same circumstances and they probably all suffer in secret – worried about their bills every day and night, and they can’t bear to discuss it with others.  They have no idea that there is an entire system of Federal legal protections in place for over 125 years that assures them a financial fresh start through Chapter 7 bankruptcy.  As the leading Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorneys in West Haven, CT, we’ve utilized Bankruptcy Court protection for our hardworking West Haven clients.  We produce guaranteed financial fresh starts in even the worst of circumstances, all without the loss of any assets and the full elimination of all unsecured debt in full – forever.

The Chapter 7 Process in West Haven, Connecticut

All good Chapter 7 bankruptcy legal work starts with a thorough and immediate examination of your full financial picture.  This allows us to review your entire household budget to determine the proper balance for each budget.  What we continue to see is that our hardworking West Haven clients have fair and reasonable secured payments, like cars and homes, but entirely irrational high monthly credit card obligations.  Good secured payments assure solid financial recoveries long into the future, but unreasonable, unsecured debt obligations are threatening the lives of thousands of West Haven residents each and every month.  Work as they may, and cut back as they do, these overwhelming, unsecured debts need the help of an expert and often the protections of the Bankruptcy System under Chapter 7.

At the Law Offices of Neil Crane, the Chapter 7 process begins with a free and in-depth analysis of the specific challenges and events that have led an individual or family to make that first scary call for help.  Most people have postponed and put off calling us for months or years.  Each case begins with an in-depth free consultation with Attorney Neil Crane so that he can personally diagnose your problems and propose the alternatives suited to your specific situation.  Many clients have never missed a payment; others are threatened with lawsuits or already have State Court collection suits against them.  Each case is different but each case is critical; and most importantly, each case needs and deserves a customized solution based on Attorney Crane’s vast knowledge and experience.  Call him at 203-871-0062.  It may be the best call you’ll ever make.

Chapter 7 is often the right recovery option, as most cases require credit card and consumer debt relief in full.  This allows them to refocus precious income to pay the most important monthly household bills and expenses.  Chapter 7’s full debt relief is the most common and sought-after Chapter of Bankruptcy relief.  It extinguishes all consumer debts and protects all personal assets.

Contrary to all popular myths and Bank disinformation, Chapter 7 Bankruptcy should never result in the loss of any individual’s assets ever.  At the Law Offices of Neil Crane, all Chapter 7 Bankruptcy filings provide a fully guaranteed protection of all your assets and full discharge of all your unsecured debt.  In all our properly prepared Chapter 7 cases, our clients are guaranteed:

  • A full and fresh financial restart
  • Forgiveness in full of past unsecured debt permanently, with a clear path for a court-granted fresh start
  • All Chapter 7 provides complete “discharge” or elimination of all consumer debt combined with the legal protection of all personal assets

Chapter 7 is a respectful and confidential process with no court appearances and no drama.  Under the law, you have a right to Chapter 7 bankruptcy relief and there is an entire Federal Bankruptcy Trustee System dedicated to preserving your right to a confidential and respectful fresh start.

In the hands of our expert West Haven, CT Chapter 7 Bankruptcy lawyers, all Chapter 7 bankruptcy relief is certain and guaranteed.  We’ve never filed a case that wasn’t granted.  All results are predictable, guaranteed and fully known in advance.  At the Law Offices of Neil Crane, all our West Haven Chapter 7 bankruptcies have been granted and successful without exception.  It’s a flawless system and we’re the most experienced and devoted Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyers in West Haven, CT.

At the Law Offices of Neil Crane, we’ve provided two generations of respected West Haven families with prompt, guaranteed full debt relief under Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.  Call our premiere West Haven Chapter 7 Bankruptcy office and speak with Attorney Neil Crane directly and promptly at 203-871-0062.  Your call is important to us, so we never use voicemail.

Chapter 7 Income Qualification in West Haven, CT

Since the amendments to the Bankruptcy Code of 2005, individuals and families seeking full Chapter 7 relief need to income qualify for Chapter 7 eligibility.  This income criteria has become the most important element to your right to obtain full Chapter 7 unsecured debt relief.  Income standards contain Median Income levels and Means Testing qualifications.  Individuals or families under Median Income levels are automatically income qualified for Chapter 7.  Higher than median income clients need to qualify for Chapter 7 under the Means Testing rules that control both Chapter 7 qualification and Chapter 13 Reorganization.

Median Income levels are set for each family size for all West Haven, CT households.  The calculation method has a number of important rules and nuances, but basically stated:  If your household income from all sources over the trailing six months x 2 is less than the following gross numbers, you’re entitled to Chapter 7 relief with all its full debt relief and full asset protection:

Family of One              –           $75,000 +/-

Family of Two              –           $93,000 +/-

Family of Three           –           $112,000 +/-

Family of Four             –           $132,000 +/-

** Please note that the family size is determined by your last year’s tax return or the number of people in your house.  Numbers are subject to bi-yearly adjustments.

Calculating median income requires a full knowledge of modern-day Bankruptcy practice but properly passing under median income guarantees Chapter 7 protection.

Means Testing allows all higher income families to qualify for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy relief.  Means Testing is a strictly regulated computation of net income vs. allowable expenses over the trailing six months. Expert Means Testing requires knowledge and experience.  At the Law Offices of Neil Crane, we use advanced Means Testing knowledge and expertise to qualify our West Haven Chapter 7 Bankruptcy clients for the greatest Chapter 7 relief available.  It’s hard work for us, but it’s worth it.  To get the maximum Chapter 7 protection available, call the West Haven Chapter 7 Bankruptcy experts at the Law Offices of Neil Crane.

Help is one call away.  Attorney Neil Crane takes all calls and welcomes the opportunity to assure you of the perfect path to a financial fresh start.  Call him at (203) 871-0062 and learn how you can turn your life around and take control of your finances.