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Wallingford Credit Card Relief Attorneys

Credit Card Relief Attorneys

In this period of economic upheaval caused by all sorts of reasons beyond our control, Wallingford residents find themselves facing rising costs of living and rising interest rates on never-ending credit card debt.  The average Wallingford family faces continuing monthly credit card payments that waste large amounts of their monthly income on big interest rates, fees and other costs that create serious money problems.  Most of these problems can be tied to credit card debt.  Try as they might, hardworking individuals and families just can’t seem to reduce their credit card balances.  It takes your pay every month and doesn’t seem to get better.

Credit card companies rely on your never-ending desire to pay – no matter what the sacrifice – and extend “credit” to create the debt that keeps you poor and them in business.  They market and work to create the financial hell of the minimum payer.  Scared to miss a payment but smart enough to know it’s not ever working for them.  Despite  your discipline and your unending desire to pay, you have become the victim of the credit card industry – the stressed out minimum payer – with no light in sight.

It’s time to try something else and get educated.  There are generations of Wallingford families that have been through your nightmare and learned that there is a federal law written to create their recovery.

The Financial Repercussions of Credit Card Debt

Credit card payments prevent families from balancing their budgets and making other more important payments.  The overwhelming cost of credit cards makes it impossible to pay for life’s more important necessities, like gas, food, car payments, insurance, health care, rents or mortgages.  By stealing from your pay check every week, monthly credit card payments prevent financial well-being, balanced budgets or any hope of saving for the future.  It’s an old adage, but it’s true.  Borrow and you’ll never save.  Save and you’ll never have to borrow.  At the start, people often use credit cards to gap a temporary shortage in monthly money.  Unfortunately, this “temporary solution” quickly becomes a long-term problem that you just can’t solve.

Seeking Help – The First and Hardest Step to Recovery

We’ve all been taught to pay our bills which is still good, solid advice.  It trains us to be responsible, but it also makes us vulnerable to greed and misinformation as wealthy financial companies convince us to take on debt.  It’s sold like candy with celebrity spokespersons and snappy advertising, with easy access to a path that often leads to years of misery and helplessness.  It also leads to suffering alone as we’ve been taught that we can’t ever speak about our financial trouble or admit that we have money problems.  Instead, thousands of Wallingford residents suffer in silence – deep in guilt and afraid to seek help.

We understand how hard it is to seek help.  We also know that everyone feels a sense of hopelessness that we can solve.  The joy of our job is thousands of financial recoveries and success for our hardworking Wallingford residents since 1983.

How Can I Get Credit Card Debt Relief

While credit card debt is the number one cause of financial problems across America, it’s also the simplest form of debt to correct with the help of experienced professionals.  Many options exist, but you need to take the plunge and make the effort to seek help.

Choose local professionals.

When you do look for help, make sure you choose highly-qualified local assistance.  National out-of-state companies don’t understand the challenges of life in Wallingford, CT and they don’t treat you with customized care.  To these companies, you’re one of thousands stuffed into a single universal form cookie cutter process that doesn’t work for everyone.  Be careful – choosing the right professional for the job assures the best chance of long-term success.  Picking incorrectly can mean months or years of torturous payments, bad credits and ultimate failure.

All solutions need to be customized to your needs.

Everyone’s budget and needs for the future are different.  Without a full understanding of the details of your individual problem, you won’t get the options and attention that you deserve.  At the Law Offices of Neil Crane, we know that caring attention to your particular situation is the key to choosing the proper solution.  We prepare customized solutions for each and every client, one person at a time.  We’re fully committed to your recovery.

Understand the full plan and the full debt relief process.

Don’t just leap in.  Don’t get things started until you fully understand the beginning, middle and end of any path to financial freedom.  At the Law Offices of Neil Crane, every client knows the full recovery path in detail before we start.  We have a proven track record that starts with solid analysis and a complete plan laid out in advance.  Plan your work and work your plan.

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