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Norwalk Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyer

Norwalk, CT Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyer

Thousands of Norwalk residents have worked hard to endure the challenges of the past years of health and economic upheaval.  Some have reached the other side intact, while others may struggle with debt built up during the past years of recent turmoil.  Many hardworking individuals and families have been left with overwhelming debt amounts that they just can’t survive without help and assistance.  Many struggle daily in silence and just don’t know that there is a strong legal system in place that is experienced and dedicated to providing them protection from creditors and a fresh start.  While there are a number of options available to Norwalk residents in trouble, generations of Norwalk families have found recovery through the Bankruptcy System and the full financial relief of Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.

At the Law Offices of Neil Crane, our Norwalk Chapter 7 Bankruptcy lawyers have used all the legal protection and relief available under Chapter 7 Bankruptcy to provide fresh starts to hundreds of our Norwalk, CT Chapter 7 Bankruptcy clients.

Making your first contact with a debt relief and bankruptcy professional may be the hardest step in the entire process.  Like all Norwalk residents, you may be too proud or even embarrassed to seek help.  It’s a very hard call, but it’s going to be the beginning of a certain recovery.  You have rights that ensure your ability to get a financial fresh start and the Bankruptcy Court is built for your recovery with full debt relief under Chapter 7.  All individuals and families in Norwalk, CT have a right to have the Bankruptcy System protect them from overwhelming debt with full asset protection and full debt relief under Chapter 7.

Providing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Relief in Norwalk, CT

Chapter 7 is primarily intended to discharge credit card debt and other forms of high-interest unsecured consumer debt.  Thousands of new financing companies have flocked to make highly profitable, high-interest loans to Norwalk middle-class families struggling to survive through the ever-rising cost of living.  This type of consumer debt is the number one cause of financial distress in Norwalk, CT.  It depletes families on a continuing monthly basis wherein much-needed household income is diverted from necessary spending to unnecessary and even harmful credit card debt.  Borrowing at record low rates and lending to you and your family at record high rates creates huge profits for rich companies and rich corporations who flood the middle class with unsolicited offers of economic disaster, all pre-approved based on the mythical world of credit scores.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a federally funded program and infrastructure that provides for full elimination of credit card debt.  It allows for a full financial fresh start from the debt that now threatens your family’s well-being and your chance for a financial future.

Chapter 7 Provides Full Debt Elimination and Full Asset Protection

Through proper preparation, our Norwalk Chapter 7 Bankruptcy lawyers have provided hundreds of Norwalk clients with full Chapter 7 unsecured debt elimination with no loss of assets.  Every Chapter 7 we file provides full debt relief and full asset protection guaranteed.  Chapter 7 permanently “discharges” or eliminates all forms of general unsecured debt of all types, including:

  •             Credit Card Debt
  •             Personal Loans
  •             Car Repossessions
  •             Medical Bills
  •             Lines of Credit
  •             Deficiency Judgments
  •             Garnishments
  •             Lawsuits
  •             Older State and Federal Taxes
  •             Signature Loans
  •             Payday Loans
  •             Personal Property Taxes over One Year Old
  •             And Other forms of high interest debt


Chapter 7 filings pulled all your most important assets from any actions by creditors, collectors, lawyers, or even taxing authorities.  It stops foreclosures and all actions in any stage of collection or legal process anywhere in the United States.  The protection of your property is assured by a strong set of Federal laws that protect all assets necessary for your recovery.  These asset protection laws are called “Exemptions” – assets that can never be touched by creditors, the Bankruptcy System or any legal action permanently and forever.  Bankruptcy Exemptions include:

  • Homes with equity now up to $250,000 per person
  • Bank accounts up to $15,450 per person
  • Cars
  • Pensions
  • Wages
  • Tax Refunds
  • 401K Plans
  • IRAs
  • Social Security unlimited
  • Disability unlimited
  • Worker’s Comp awards unlimited
  • 529 Accounts
  • Custodial Accounts
  • And others Federally protected

These important assets are preserved for your financial recovery by order of the Federal Bankruptcy Court with strong sanctions for anyone who attempts to attach or interfere with any of these Federally protected assets.

To learn more about complete debt relief and full asset protection under Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Norwalk, CT, call Attorney Neil Crane at (203) 871-0062 and speak directly with the premiere Chapter 7 Bankruptcy lawyer in Norwalk.  You will never speak to an answering machine – your call is too important to us.

Your Chapter 7 Bankruptcy System Protections and Procedures

The Chapter 7 System runs through a special group of Federal Judges, Trustees and Bankruptcy professionals employed by the Federal Bankruptcy System to properly protect the rights of borrowers and creditors in an organized and efficient means through stated rules and standards.  All Chapter 7 Bankruptcy work is done by specialized and experienced Chapter 7 Bankruptcy lawyers who fully understand all the clear rules and regulations that produce perfect Chapter 7 Bankruptcy recovery without any client presence in Court or Court hearing.  In order to assure your rights to a fresh start, the Chapter 7 System has clearly defined standards and procedures:

  1. The Bankruptcy Court is a Court of overriding, exclusive jurisdiction. The filing of a Bankruptcy Petition under Chapter 7 brings all collection processes or even court actions anywhere in the country into the Federal Bankruptcy Court’s jurisdiction in New Haven, CT.  This is clearly stated in the law and means that any action that wishes to continue must get express permission from the Bankruptcy Court upon Motion and a Hearing in New Haven or by your consent.  Since the Bankruptcy Court is a Federal Court of higher jurisdiction, our clients are assured of a path to financial recovery.
  2. The filing of any petition under Chapter 7 creates an Automatic Stay on all actions at any stage of collection and wherever located. It is a Federal Court-ordered cease-fire for your protection.  It is immediately granted by order for relief upon the moment of filing under Chapter 7.  It assures space to recover and no action by creditors against you from that date forward – permanently and forever.
  3. Chapter 7 Bankruptcy produces a legal order or Discharge Notice that certifies the release of all dischargeable debts in full permanently. The Order is backed by the Federal Court System and is effective within 90 – 100 days of a properly filed Chapter 7 petition.
  4. The Chapter 7 Bankruptcy System is efficiently prompt and well-run. Properly filed Chapter 7 Bankruptcy cases are effective immediately upon filing with no court hearing and the immediate granting of an “Order for Relief” and an Automatic Stay.  Debt is discharged with no Court appearances and cases are closed within 90 – 120 uneventful days.