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New Haven Foreclosure Moratorium

New Haven Foreclosure MoratoriumMany homeowners in New Haven CT have taken advantage of State and Federal COVID moratoriums on mortgage collection and pending mortgage foreclosures in the New Haven, CT foreclosure courts.  While the CARES ACT provided mortgage forbearance for all federally-backed mortgages, including those in a pending foreclosure, the CT foreclosure court moratorium stopped all pending or new foreclosure actions in the New Haven foreclosure court.  Unfortunately, both of these homeowner protections expired this summer.  This means that the foreclosure courts in New Haven, CT are proceeding forward with all previous and new foreclosure actions.  At the same time, banks and mortgage servicers, already renown for their poor responses and lack of diligence, will be swamped with borrowers seeking mortgage modifications and extended forbearance options to save their family homes.

While this may seem like the perfect storm, it has also created the perfect climate for specialized home saving attorneys to produce excellent mortgage modifications for their New Haven, CT homeowners in trouble.  At the Law Offices of Neil Crane, our foreclosure defense lawyers understand that new opportunities exist for our clients to get immediate, solid mortgage modification with fixed low-rate mortgages by utilizing old laws and new post-moratorium rules and regulations.  We know how to cut through the delay, red tape, and overburdened mortgage and servicing companies in order to take advantage of this moment to produce fast mortgage modifications from otherwise slow mortgage companies, banks and servicers.

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