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Meriden Foreclosure Moratorium

Meriden Foreclosure MoratoriumWith the end of federal and state mortgage foreclosure moratoriums, hundreds of Meriden, CT homeowners will face renewed pressure for back-due mortgage amounts now due and once uncollectible as these state and federal protections come to an end.  These expiring foreclosure moratoriums have left thousands of borrowers in Meriden, CT in a precarious position as they scramble to try to get mortgage modifications, often on their own as novices trying to save their most important asset – their homes.

For homeowners in Meriden, CT who are behind on their mortgages but not in foreclosure, the CARES Act has provided them with federally granted forbearance agreements.  This program has allowed homeowners to take a pause on monthly mortgage payments.  Unfortunately, the mortgage forbearance protections have now lapsed and the past mortgage payments are now due.  In addition to these Meriden, CT homeowners, hundreds of Meriden, CT foreclosures that were stopped by state and federal foreclosure moratoriums are now subject to renewed foreclosure efforts by their mortgage companies and the courts.  The end of the foreclosure moratorium means reopened Meriden, CT foreclosure courts, understaffed mortgage resolution representatives at banks and servicing companies already renown as slow and ineffective long before the pandemic, are now being flooded by homeowners who are no longer protected.

It’s critical to those homeowners who are not current on their mortgages to get educated.  There may be no bigger financial decision or no more important family asset than our CT homes.  Most importantly, you need to seek experienced legal advice now to make yourself into a success story and not just another home lost to foreclosure.

Turning Forclosures into Solid Mortgage Modifications is our number one priority.  Under the recent rulings of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (“CFPB”), many forbearances in Meriden, CT can be forced into solid mortgage modifications with excellent terms and low monthly payments.  Don’t go it alone – it’s too important.  At the Law Offices of Neil Crane we know how to be certain that the end of your mortgage forbearance becomes a perfect low-payment permanent modified mortgage and not just another lost home statistic.

At the Law Offices of Neil Crane, we’ve spent our careers fighting banks to save hundreds of Meriden, CT homes. This is all we do and we’re great at it.  For our experienced foreclosure defense lawyers, this upcoming storm is an opportunity, not a disaster.  We know all the options available to fit your particular circumstance and most importantly, with our experience and expertise, we know how to make the chosen option work for you and your home.

Turning foreclosures into favorable mortgage modifications is a success we’ve been producing in Meriden, CT since 1983.  We are the number one foreclosure prevention law firm in CT for all the right reasons:

  • Specialization:  Saving homes is what we do.  We’re not general legal practitioners.  We’re specialized in foreclosure prevention throughout Connecticut.
  • Experience:  We’re a group of long-term attorneys and professionals who have been saving homes in Meriden, CT for over 37 years.  We’ve utilized every tactic imaginable to produce success.
  • Commitment:  We are entirely dedicated and committed to our hardworking Meriden, CT clients.  We appreciate their worries, their needs and their trust in our office.  Every home is essential and every client deserves the best solution available.
  • Affordability:  Because we’re specialized, experienced and fully committed to our Meriden, CT clients, we can offer affordable rates and payments plans while producing top shelf best in the industry results.

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