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Manchester Credit Card Relief Attorneys

Credit Card Relief Attorneys

With recent economic upheavals, the rising costs of living has created new levels of credit card debt that threaten budgets throughout Manchester.  Increased credit card balances that happened during a period of economic uncertainty and have been made worse by rising interest rates.  This means that the average Manchester household faces the highest level of monthly credit card debt payments since the middle of last decade.  Monthly credit card payments are preventing hardworking middle class Manchester families from making ends meet.  They try every possible way that they can make it better by themselves and most often alone.  It becomes a never-ending battle with no progress and no end in sight.


At the Manchester debt settlement and credit card relief offices of Neil Crane, we know that high interest credit card debt is the worst form of debt possible.  It’s known as consumer debt.  It’s credit cards, short-term loans and personal loans that rob you of the ability to pay much more important things like rent or your mortgage and car loan.  Often, Manchester homes go into foreclosure as a result of residents struggling to keep up with credit card debt, and never having enough money to go around.  But here’s the good news:  Unsecured debt is the easiest debt to negotiate, settle and totally eliminate.

The average consumer pays religiously until they’re overwhelmed and unsure of where to turn.  At the Manchester credit card relief offices of Neil Crane, we offer a confidential free initial consultation and an educated, in-depth analysis of your situation and options, including:

  • Common Credit Consolidation Scams
  • Legal Options (Chapters 7, 11 and 13)
  • Debt Consolidation
  • Debt Settlement Options
  • Fair Debt Collection Practices
  • Making Credit Work for You
  • Rebuilding Your Credit
  • Stopping Creditor Harassment


Because we are Connecticut’s most experienced and dedicated credit card debt relief attorneys.  Because other professionals refer and rely on us to obtain excellent results for their clients seeking debt relief.  Because we have nearly four decades of experience with the out-of-court debt settlement options, the bankruptcy relief solutions.  We have a special history of success with creditors and the bankruptcy system throughout Connecticut.   We can help you!  But don’t take our word for it – Check out our testimonials.

“Neil – I wanted to thank you for your time yesterday with my clients.  You have that perfect blend of “reality check,” good advice, humanist and prioritization.  You genuinely care about people and that shows – despite being in a sometimes rough business.  My clients were extremely relieved and comfortable after meeting with you.  Thanks for all that you do!” 

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Options for Dealing with Overwhelming Credit Card Debt

Picking any option for resolving overwhelming credit card debt is the most important choice you’ll make.  Choosing the correct option means success.

Choosing the wrong option will make matters deteriorate quickly.  It will cause you months or years of delay and truly make matters worse.  Every solution needs your specific problem in order to assure a successful, predictable result.  Get professional help.  We’ve been doing this successfully for decades.  I’ll speak to you for free for an hour just to help you be certain that you’re on the correct path.

  1. Work harder and cut back.

This is the option all of our clients have taken for years.  They put in more hours, attempt to cut back and pay religiously every month.  Unfortunately, this isn’t working and it won’t work.  Your debt is too costly.  It’s math, and it won’t work.

  1. Stop paying.

You should never just stop paying without a solid, well-developed plan in advance.  You need to know and understand the beginning, middle and end of any process that starts with not paying.  You need to learn how to “not pay” as a first step to an overall well-developed and proven plan for credit card relief.

  1. Consolidation Programs.

These are out-of-state “law groups” that solicit you and claim to settle debt through monthly payment plans.  They very rarely work unless you have:

  • Money for their fees
  • Room in your budget to make payments
  • A limited amount of debt
  • A limited amount of creditors
  • No concern about your credit score or credit score recovery

Be careful – the companies are not from Connecticut and the “law groups” aren’t licensed in Connecticut.  Hundreds of hard-working Manchester residents have lost thousands of dollars to these debt relief programs.

  1. Debt Settlement

This is a negotiated settlement with your creditors to take a smaller settlement amount through a voluntary reduction in the amount of debt owed.  Well-planned debt settlement can work to resolve outstanding credit card bills in certain circumstances.  It requires solid professional help to choose the correct debt settlement option for you.  It involves a careful analysis of the amount of:

  • The amount of the debt
  • The total number of debts
  • Your ability to have cash for discounts
  • Tax implications
  • Other options
  1. Bankruptcy Protection

Bankruptcy is a set of federal laws providing protections for individuals and families in overwhelming debt.  It has been available in the United States since 1800.  It is empowered under the U. S. Constitution of 1789 with continual revisions.  It is a borrower’s bill of rights that allows you to eliminate and alter crushing debt.  The bankruptcy laws and entirely federally funded bankruptcy system itself was put in place over one hundred years ago to provide a predictable and respectful path to a fresh start.  It has been providing guaranteed and prompt recoveries for generations of Manchester residents mostly under Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 protections.

All bankruptcy filings allow for the alteration of any type of debt in a smart and respectful system that requires legal assistance but no in-person appearance or court proceedings for you.  It’s a terrific last resort.

Call us for a FREE consultation to learn more about your options at 203-871-0062.  We can analyze your situation and help you make the correct decision for you and your family.