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Real Estate Litigation Lawyer

Real Estate Litigation

Real estate litigation may be needed to resolve disputes when it comes to buying and purchasing real estate. Numerous issues can arise with real estate transactions that an experienced real estate litigation lawyer can assist with. Zoning, financial reasons, contractual problems, and other matters are all things that may arise with real estate acquisitions. Let’s look into more detail on how a real estate litigation lawyer can help with these issues. 


Financing for real estate and property purchases can come from a wide variety of sources. When issues arise with funding, a real estate litigation lawyer can look into the reasons why the issues are arising. They also can look into disputes over the finances of the property when a lender breaks their agreement or changes their terms illegally. Your lawyer can fill you in even more on the other areas of finance that they can assist with.


Leases, sales contracts, purchasing agreements, titles, and more are some crucial things that a lawyer can help out with. Contracts are generally very specific with a large amount of confusing terms and words that people don’t understand. By utilizing the services of a lawyer you can learn more about what a contract is trying to say and understand the terms in a more knowledgeable way. Your lawyer will ensure that the contract is fair and that you are not getting taken advantage of.


Governments designate specific areas for specific purposes. Land may be zoned for commercial purposes meaning that a business can be established there. Other areas may be zoned for historical purposes like historical buildings. Industrial and residential are a few of the other types of zones. If you or someone you know have built something on land that it was not zoned for, then legal problems may arise from this. A real estate litigation lawyer knows how to fight these kinds of cases and figure out a strategy going forward. 

Other Legal Matters

Other problems include landlord-tenant issues. When a landlord and tenant disagree on the terms of their agreements or when rent isn’t being paid, a real estate litigation lawyer can step in and work with the two parties to come to a conclusion. If one of the parties refuses to cooperate, then it may require a lawsuit to settle the problem. Legal matters can be messy, which is why it is advised to have legal counsel on your side. The legal team at Eric Siegel Law has proven experience representing local clients who are facing conflicts amidst real estate transactions.