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Foreclosure Moratorium Ends in Danbury, CT

FORECLOSURE MORATORIUM ENDS IN DANBURY, CTAs the COVID-19 foreclosure moratorium ends for federally-backed mortgages and the Connecticut foreclosure courts reopen, thousands of CT homeowners need to learn the options and opportunities available to save their homes.  Mortgagors who fell behind before or during the COVID-19 Pandemic were given a short reprieve from foreclosure through the COVID-19 foreclosure moratorium.  As servicers and banks are now unrestrained by COVID-19 mortgage protections, homeowners need to get educated about government programs, mediation and the laws in place to assist them with mortgage modification, extended forbearance, or repayment plans.

With the end of State and Federal foreclosure moratoriums, CT homeowners face the fall-out from nearly 18 months of foreclosure inaction leading to seriously delinquent mortgages with no certain resolutions in sight.  As foreclosure courts re-start foreclosure actions throughout CT, the key question is, what can I do to save my family home?  There are answers, but it’s an ever-changing landscape that needs to be properly navigated by an estimated 900,000 mortgage holders across the U.S. who will see COVID-19 foreclosure options lapse between now and the end of 2021.

Inexperienced Connecticut homeowners are destined to make mistakes, but solid options exist for homeowners who can benefit from the knowledge and experience of specialized Connecticut foreclosure defense attorneys like the legal team at the Law Offices of Neil Crane.

We’ve been saving Danbury, CT homes since 1983.  With years of specialized experience, we know how to use all the existing legal protections along with new government initiatives to help homeowners, exiting COVID-19 forbearances and even those deep into the foreclosure process in Danbury, CT.  We also understand how to take advantage of this rare opportunity to stop foreclosures and produce excellent low-interest modified mortgages through new regulations from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (“CFPB”) made effective on August 31, 2021.

With the expiration of COVID-19 forbearance protections and the reopening of the State Foreclosure Court in Danbury, CT, hundreds of homeowners will face large back-balances that need prompt legal representation and immediate resolutions with solid, low-rate fixed mortgages instead of more homes lost to foreclosure.

Self-represented homeowners in foreclosure who don’t get educated and hire affordable foreclosure defense specialists in Danbury, CT, like the Law Offices of Neil Crane, will lose homes this Fall and Winter, even when our lawyers know that there has never been a better opportunity or time to save your home from foreclosure and use the recent CFPB rulings to force banks to end foreclosures and provide “prompt and accurate ….reasonable due diligence” to avoid home loss throughout the United States.

To learn more about the CFPB final ruling or all the homeowner mortgage protection options available to you and your family, call Attorney Neil Crane at the Law Offices of Neil Crane in Danbury, CT at (203) 907-4100.  Speak directly with an attorney.  Your call is important to us – we never use voicemail.  You can also fill out our simple online Contact Form for a prompt response from an experienced Danbury foreclosure forbearance attorney to navigate the options as the foreclosure moratorium ends, including mediation, mortgage modification and forbearance agreements.