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Let's be honest. Bankruptcy and home foreclosure are unpleasant and stressful, affecting those involved very personally and deeply. However, the experience doesn't have to be defeating, and Neil Crane and his entire staff offer a very real, manageable, (and affordable), path through the entire process. ... You will not find a better law office, or a better group of people anywhere. Tighten your belt, take a deep breath, and sign on with Neil...There is life after bankruptcy, and these people will open the door to it.

Tom B.

When I first came to Attorney Neil Crane, I was scared because of the trouble I got myself into with credit card debt. That fear disappeared when I sat down with him and he explained how he was going to help me. Not only did I resolve and get discharged from my case but I also learned how important it was to be more responsible with credit cards and saving. With Neil Crane's guidance and that of his firm, you will be in GREAT hands!

Sean A.

My husband and I have had a great experience with everyone at this office. I had a good friend recommend Mr. Crane to me. He helped us save our house. I’m so greatful of that. Thank you! I have recommended a Friend and I will continue to recommend anybody that is in need. Thank you again for saving our home!)

Kimberly C.

I came to Neil Crane's office after my business closed and I was left with a mountain of debt. From day one Neil sat down with me and explained the process and what I could expect. When my case hit an unexpected snag he and his team of lawyers worked hard to make sure that I would not have to pay anything back to the bankruptcy court! Thank you! JM


I would like to thank Neil Crane and his associates for the way they handled my case. I was at the end of my ropes and didn't know which way to turn,and the way everyone at this law firm handled my case put my mind at ease. It was the best move I made hireing NEIL CRANE. Iwould like to thank everyone for being so professional and freindly. If anyone is in need of a top notch law firm this is the one to call. CHARLIE SMITH