Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyer Hartford, CT

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyer in Hartford, CT

chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer Hartford, CTAt the Law Offices of Neil Crane, a chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer in Hartford, CT has experience helping people work through financial hardships. For many Hartford residents, filing for bankruptcy is the key avenue for a full and secure financial future. Chapter 7 is the most popular type of personal bankruptcy for many reasons, including the following:

  • It costs less than other types of bankruptcy.
  • It takes less time to get immediate court relief, usually days, weeks or a few months, at most.
  • It discharges virtually all of your consumer debt, such as your credit card debts.

Consequently, if most of the debt you find yourself unable to pay represents high-balance credit card accounts with maxed out balances, Chapter 7 may be the best answer you’re looking for to get you out of debt and give yourself a full new financial start.

Means Testing

As our Hartford Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyers know, you must qualify to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Even though bankruptcy is a federal procedure, each state has its own specific rules for how you qualify. These income tests look at your total household income for the six months prior to your bankruptcy filing date. If that income falls below your state’s median income amount for a household of your size, you qualify automatically for Chapter 7.  If you’re over those numbers, Chapter 7 can still be available through expert Chapter 7 bankruptcy income work by our attorneys under the Federal Means Testing guidelines. 

To obtain the fullest relief under Chapter 7 or relief under Chapter 13, our Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyers in Hartford, CT have a thorough grasp of all the options and nuances of means testing qualification for Chapter 7.  We’ve kept Chapter 7 full debt relief available for thousands of higher income clients through our specialized means testing knowledge and experience.  To get the best Chapter 7 debt you need the best team of Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyers in Hartford, CT.   Call us to learn how you can qualify for Chapter 7 relief in a free and immediate consultation.

Dischargeable Debts

As your CT chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer in Hartford will tell you, Chapter 7 or other types of bankruptcy will discharge almost all your debts; including the following:

  • Credit card debts
  • Personal loans
  • Older automobile taxes
  • State and Federal income taxes
  • Car repossessions
  • Medical bills
  • Business loans

Asset Protection Under Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Hartford, CT

The main objective in filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy is to discharge unsecured debts and protect your assets. Contrary to popular myth, filing bankruptcy protects your assets from aggressive creditors and collectors of all kinds.  Chapter 7 bankruptcy protects things like homes, bank accounts, cars, personal belongings and many other assets from creditors to allow you to proceed out of bankruptcy with all of your assets and the full chance for complete financial recovery.  In addition, exemption laws under Chapter 7 bankruptcy protect:

  • Homes up to $75,000 in equity per person
  • Bank accounts up to approximately $14,000
  • Life insurance policies
  • Cars and all household goods
  • Pensions, 401-Ks, IRAs and other qualified accounts, and more!
  • Miscellaneous other exemptions cover other assets

To learn more about Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection in Hartford, CT and all the options and asset exemptions available in your case, call a Hartford, CT Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer at the Law Offices of Neil Crane today.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and Re-establishing Credit

Contrary to popular belief and the myths created by banks, Chapter 7 bankruptcy can be the perfect tool for re-establishing long-term high credit scores.  This credit score advantage in Chapter 7 bankruptcy is especially true under today’s credit scoring standards.  Chapter 7 bankruptcy relief creates superior debt-to-income ratios and perfects the “utilization” portion of your credit score, which is now approximately 35% of your overall credit score.  Repairing credit and creating high credit scores after Chapter 7 bankruptcy relief just requires solid practices and good advice from an experienced Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney.  We know how to immediately obtain low-interest credit cards, car loans and other steps to assure post-bankruptcy high credit scores and solid financial recovery.  Call us to learn how Chapter 7 creates high credit scores.

Talk With Us About the Benefits of Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Now more than ever, our experience and dedication is critical to your full relief under Chapter 7 bankruptcy.  There are many benefits to obtaining full relief and full debt forgiveness with the best possible Chapter 7 legal counsel.  Take a moment to call us today.  Because it’s a hard call to make, every call placed during business hours is answered by a live person and you speak directly with an experienced Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer in Hartford, CT.  Call the Law Offices of Neil Crane at 203-230-2233 or fill out our online Contact Form to reach an experienced Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer in Hartford, CT today.