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Bridgeport Foreclosure MoratoriumBridgeport homeowners with federally backed mortgages already in foreclosure, pre-Covid, are exiting the protection of federal moratoriums and facing resumption of foreclosure activity in the CT State Foreclosure Court in Bridgeport, CT. The end of Federal and State Covid Moratoriums leaves hundreds of foreclosures that are pending in Bridgeport, CT, with no Covid protections and serious delinquencies from nearly 18 months of unrequired payments.  While this raises the stakes and means you need to take prompt action, there are great opportunities available to press your legal rights for successful mortgage modifications and a swift answer to pending foreclosures.  It is critical that you get immediate legal advice in order to ride the wave of proposed solutions and avoid the dangers of the reopened foreclosure court in Bridgeport, CT.

At the Law Offices of Neil Crane, we’ve specialized in saving Bridgeport homes from foreclosure since 1983.  We focus our practice exclusively on borrowers’ rights, foreclosure defense and bankruptcy in order to serve the needs of our Bridgeport, CT homeowners.  Our experienced attorneys understand all the legal options available to save Bridgeport homes from foreclosure.  We also understand the importance of acting swiftly to ride the wave of mortgage modifications pushed by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (“CFPB”).

As Federal and State Covid mortgage protections come to an end, many homeowners need to scramble quickly and learn the rules, regulations and legal protections that can save homes from foreclosure in Bridgeport, CT.  There are a variety of governmental initiatives and legal protections available, but you need to get educated on all your options.  As Bridgeport, CT foreclosure defense lawyers at the Law Offices of Neil Crane, we know all the alternatives available as Federal and State Covid-19 moratoriums end this summer.

Homeowners in Bridgeport, CT with federally-backed mortgages were provided federal protection under the CARES Act from new foreclosures and any bank’s efforts to proceed with pending foreclosures.  Mortgage forbearances for those behind on their Bridgeport, CT mortgages are now expiring and the goal is to resolve these delinquencies as they exit mortgage forbearance status.  There are a variety of excellent solutions if homeowners get educated and seek prompt legal assistance to understand what options are available and how to be successful in turning a mortgage forbearance agreement into a mortgage modification that avoids the possibility of foreclosure in the Bridgeport, CT foreclosure court.

The key is to act quickly and correctly to take advantage of the special opportunities available right now as the present administration and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau promulgate new rules effective this month and through the end of the year to pressure foreclosing banks and servicers to help with even the most seriously delinquent mortgages.

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