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Branford Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Branford, CT

Chapter 7 is a federal court procedure that provides permanent elimination of high interest, unsecured debt and all credit card debt while protecting all of your assets.  A fully prepared Chapter 7 is a predictable and respectful process that allows Branford individuals and families with overwhelming monthly debt to obtain a new and lasting financial future. At the Law Offices of Neil Crane, our caring and specialized legal knowledge will provide you Chapter 7 success.

The essence of all good Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Branford, CT legal advice is choosing the proper caring legal representation that provides prompt and perfect advance preparation.  Perfect preparation is hard work for us, but it assures a perfect result for you.

If your monthly bills have become overwhelming, seek the knowledgeable advice of an experienced and specialized attorney.  We can provide you and/or your business with relief from all types of unsecured debt and credit card dependence.  Without our help, this high interest debt can destroy your debt-to-income ratio and threaten essential possessions like cars and homes.  Eliminating high interest credit card debt is often the first critical step to long-term financial health and affordable homeownership.  We are the largest provider of Chapter 7 relief in the Branford area.

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The Chapter 7 Process:  Planning and Preparation

Contacting a Lawyer at the Law Offices of Neil Crane:  The hardest step on the road to financial success is the very first step – a call for help, options and assistance from the caring and dedicated lawyers at the Law Offices of Neil Crane.  There is a common fear that everyone has about sharing their financial problems and asking about bankruptcy, especially amongst hardworking Branford residents.  It goes against everything that is engrained in our character.  But in today’s economy, even the most determined and well-intentioned Branford residents can’t survive the constant increase in the price of everything coupled with rising, unpayable credit card interest rates.

Coupled with common misperceptions about lost assets and no credit future, most people are afraid to even ask for help.  Don’t be afraid to seek help and get educated.  The federal government long ago made debt relief and a new start available to get hardworking good citizens back on their feet again.

Pre-Bankruptcy Planning:  Expert Chapter 7 practice means perfect preparation:  The key to all Chapter 7 cases is prompt, advance, well-developed preparation all done prior to any court filing.  Advance formulation of a customized plan to assure your goals is the critical element to nearly 40 years of Chapter 7 success.  All cases are completed prior to filing through perfect preparation so that all results are predictable and all Chapter 7 discharges are guaranteed.

Filing of the Chapter 7 Petition:   In the hands of our experienced and dedicated Chapter 7 counsel, the actual filing of any case is the final most predictable step in the Chapter 7 process.  With thorough preparation, the Chapter 7 fresh start begins on the filing date.

Meeting of Creditors:  One month after the granting of your case and the beginning of your new financial life, we will be with you for a short telephone meeting with your appointed expert Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Trustee.  There is no court or other appearance, just a five minute respectful discussion with us on the phone.

At the Law Offices of Neil Crane, we’re proud to have successfully completed over 10,000 Chapter 7 cases for our hardworking Connecticut clients.

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Chapter 7 Protects Your Assets Through Exemption Law

While many people are told that Chapter 7 results in the loss of personal assets, the absolute reverse is actually true – Chapter 7 protects and preserves personal assets in order to assure a prompt financial recovery.  Standard bankruptcy exemptions include:

  • Home equity up to $250,000 per person since October 2021
  • Bank accounts up to $15,450 plus per person
  • Cars, trucks, motorcycles and other vehicles
  • Small business entities
  • Personal belongings
  • Pensions and IRAs up to $1 million

To learn more about Chapter 7 exemptions for your assets and full debt relief, contact the experienced Chapter 7 attorneys at the Law Offices of Neil Crane.  Call for a free and comprehensive initial consultation at 203-871-0062, or fill out our online Contact Form.

Complete Chapter 7 Debt Relief in Branford, CT at the Law Offices of Neil Crane

Chapter 7 eligibility provides complete debt relief.  It also immediately stops all forms of creditor collections through the granting of an automatic stay.  Chapter 7 bankruptcy provides full relief from:

  • High interest credit card bills
  • Pending lawsuits on existing attachments
  • Personal or payday loans
  • Medical debts of all types
  • Mortgage deficiencies and judgments
  • Older state and federal income taxes
  • Older personal property taxes

By eliminating these forms of personal debt, Chapter 7 stops the cycle of never-ending payments and frees up your money to pay more important household expenses and living costs.

Obtaining Full Debt Relief Eligibility and Means Testing Under Chapter 7

The new Bankruptcy Code is always changing, but our dedication, knowledge and vast experience allows us to use all avenues for debt relief available under each new law.  The key to complete Chapter 7 debt relief is an expert attorney with full knowledge of all of the nuances, rules and regulations of means testing –The results are worth it.

Means testing is a somewhat complicated process that compares “allowable expenses” and “monthly income” to allow full debt relief for higher income individuals and families.  Give the high cost of housing and general living costs in the Branford area, means testing expertise is a critical component to full debt relief under Chapter 7.

As the leading provider of bankruptcy relief in New Haven County, we have the legal experience necessary to specialize in all the detailed laws defining “household income” and “allowable expenses” necessary to pass the “means testing” requirements of the new bankruptcy law.

To learn more, call us for a free comprehensive “means testing” appointment at 203-871-0062, or fill out our online Contact Form for a prompt response from an experienced Branford Chapter 7 means testing attorney.